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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What's for lunch?

What's for lunch today mama?
Something simple and quick...

Like what?
Like these.....

Sayur campur

Anything for tea time mama?
We'll see....Pray that I am not too lazy to update! *wink*


  1. Hi my cayang, your this, this and this lunch dishes sure look delicious. Simple comfort food is better than tapau.

    Since lunch time sudah over, I'm coming back for tea break. Will be right here waiting for you.

    With hugs and kisses to you. Have a lovely day, rajin sikit main main kat dapur. :)

    1. Hello my darling kakak...

      The 3 'this' are actually for my mom. My son and me still tak lunch. Maybe skip lunch kot coz semua sudah kenyang breakfast. Jimat kan? Makan satu kali cater for 2 meals! Hahaha....

      Wah, since I know there is at least one person waiting for tea, I must make extra effort to serve tea la today! Hehehe...

  2. Parpu telurrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....i likeee....esok nak buat lah...errr kalau sempat...

    1. Kalau takat Mat Gebu nak masak parpu telur ni... ish sambil tutup mata pun leh siap!


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