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Saturday, September 29, 2012


I received a comment in this entry from Desperate Housewife asking if I still have the Fagor Built-In Oven manual. I am sure I still have it, only at that time, I was not sure where it was 'hiding'! Hence the delay in replying to your comment. My sincere apologies. Since I've scanned the whole manual, so why not let me just share it here with all of you and also for my back up, incase my manual decided to play hide and seek again.

Click HERE for the full manual

Note of thanks... 

Thank you to sewBOLD for the tutorial or otherwise, I wouldn't know how to attach this pdf documents into the blog post. Your help is much appreciated.

Have a nice day!


  1. Salam dear mamafami...ceewaahh...Nak tumpang baking kat rumah mama boleh kee...tiba2 oven mama nampak very the lawa laaahh....mama dah beli ILUS novel Melur Jelita?...

    1. Waalaikumussalam Mat. Marilah tumpang, tapi syaratnya, apa yang dah dibake tu, kenalah ada habuan tuan rumah ye.. ahaks... Mama lom beli lagi ILUS tu.... Mat dah mula baca ke? Tebal kussssmangat!

  2. Hi, 1st time to visit your blog, looking for my 1st build-in oven, do you mind to share with me how good is this oven, I am from S'pore not sure can purchase here, is this costly? I just start to learn how to bake? is it easy to handle? how to register to view some of your site?

    Thank you for your advice

    1. Hello Soh. Thank you for visitng my blog. Well, I think this oven is similar to all the ovens available in the market. Depends on what you are looking for actually. But this oven of mine, it comes with quite a number of functions making it very reliable and flexible. I can't remember the price that hubby had to pay for the oven because we bought it a few years back. But I think, it is around RM1000 plus. The oven is easy to handle.

      You don't need to register to view my site. It is open to everyone. Just sharing the little that I know in baking and cooking...

      Have a nice day Soh...take care!

  3. Thank you MamaFami, I will go round to look for this oven.
    Have a nice day!

  4. Hi MamaFami

    I do have the old Empress Breadmaker, the problem is when i used it recently. It does now fully mix the flour and other ingreadient well. It started to bip in less than 5 mins after i load in all the ingredients.
    It does generate heat but does not move after that.

    Is there anything wrong with the machine. Would appreciate your advise.


Please feel free to drop a comment or two... much appreciated... thank you!