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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Apam Snow White


Just when you're not in your best mood, someone should place a nice comment on your entry.

Dear Mama,
Thank you so much for sharing the soto recipe .... Hv tried many other recipes but this is definitely the Best !! ....even my bibik bilang ... Maam, sedap bangat !! Seperti di kedai ... Thks again.

Winnie - Johor

Thank you Winnie for making my day and cheering me up again. I am glad the Chicken Soto recipe suits your tastebuds.

I hope as the day goes by, my mood won't go down the drain again. Huhuhu...


Since I have some leftovers rice, I decided to make some apam for Iftaar. And I was right to choose this recipe as it turned out to be soft and lovely. I made half the recipe and managed to get quite a lot. So I shared some with my neighbour Sae. Thank you to qnq910 of MyResipi for sharing this recipe with us. I reduced the amount of sugar though and it was just right to me.

Posted by MamaFaMi
Adapted from : qnq910 @ MyResipi

Ingredients :

3 cups rice flour (I used Teratai brand)
1 cup flour
1 1/2 cups white sugar
11g instant dried yeast (I used Mauripan)
2 cups cooked and cooled rice
*3 cups water

Method :

1. Mix rice flour, flour, white sugar and yeast in a container.
2. Blend together rice and water very well to make a batter of dripping consistency.
3. Pour the rice mixture into the flour mixture and mix well. Cover the container and leave to ferment for about an hour.
4. Prepare the steamer. Grease the plastic cups with a bit of cooking oil.
5. Pour the mixture into the prepared cups and steam for 10 to 15 minutes. You may put a bit of coloring into the mixture if you like.

* Note :
Do not add more water to the recipe as the amount mentioned is just nice. The mixture may look thick at first but after an hour, it'll become runny.

Have a nice day everyone!


  1. wah! Apam cantik molek. I like this apam.

  2. Mat pagi Mama..rindunye ngan apam snow white yang sedap ni..petang nanti nak gak buat..

  3. lama dah mas tak buat apam snow white ni..
    sedappnya tengok..
    lembut gebu jerk...

  4. Salam mama...
    sgt2 lama xkomen kat blog mama nie...apa kabar mama, kenapa down ni rileks yea...
    xpernah try buat apam cenggini xtaw la kenapa nk ckp xsuka apam xjgk apam ni mmg nmpk menarik lak

  5. Salam Mama,
    TQ for sharing this...yes, its me Yati from US yg tetiba muncul...hehe. actually I've been more of a silent reader...but this time you put up something I've been longing for... apam WITHOUT the ovallete...mak aihh, untuk kami di US bila baca recipe guna ovallette, buat termenung ajelah...hahaha. Salam Syawal to u n family....

  6. dah snow white pulak dah....hai tak terkejar!

  7. These looks fabulous! I am drooling here.

  8. gebusssss giler apam mama! sgt sesuai utk saya mkn time2 cengini

  9. Look so beautiful. Would like to clarify one thing. When you said "leave to ferment for about an hour", does the batter need to double in volume? I live in NZ where it is a lot cooler, and I am afraid one hour may not be enough.

  10. Tammy :
    When the batter is well fermented, it will have lots of bubbles on top and light when you scoop . Then you'll know if it's ready to steam.

  11. mama,knp i x leh tgk pic apam snow white ni :( ?am i the only one having this prob or the photos were removed from blog

    1. Nit dear, bukan Nit saja ang tak boleh tengok gambar apam snow white ni seblum ni tapi semua pun tak boleh sebab mama dah 'tergatal tangan' delete gambar dalam handphone tanpa menyedari, gambar-gambar tu sync dengan blog.... huwaaaa... sampai hari ni tak tahu dan tak kuasa dah nak buat apa... nanti perlahan-lahan mama masukkanlah balik mana mana gambar yang ada.... huwaaa.....


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