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Thursday, March 24, 2011

MamaFaMi's Poll

I discovered something new today. To others it maybe nothing, but to me it's something. I was just browsing the Nuffnang widget when I came across the Create A Poll icon and decided to pay it a visit. Hmm looks interesting. Why not give it a go! So yes, I managed. And for my very first poll using this widget, the question is :


Please feel free to participate in the poll ya. Won't take you a minute to do so, willingly that is. It's just for fun sake... And to that, I thank you...

For today's lunch menu, I did not cook any gravy. Since I had a bit of leftover rice, I've decided to prepare Fried Rice for my mom.

And for the kids, Spagetti Bolognaise.

Alhamdulillah well enjoyed by them...

Erk... what did mama eat?.... hmmm.. minum air jek...

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  1. had Spagetti Bolognaise yesterday tapi org belanja pizza hut...and balik rumah buat nasi goreng... so mama, we had same menu yesterday...

    Wonder what happen to ur FB?


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