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Friday, March 25, 2011

Stuffed Tofu


Jumaa Mubaraq to everyone..

When I woke up this morning to the sound of my handphone's alarm, I felt slightly wobbly. Oh oh.. that's not a good sign. I had a restless night actually. It was so warm and I can't on the air-condition nor the fan because as much as possible, hubby had to avoid those two or he'll start sneezing. When I can't take the heat any longer, at 2.45am, I went to Syahmi's room and slept there. After sometime, I went back to my room. So I think, that contributes to the wobbly me this morning. But the best part is, no matter how many times I woke up during the night, when my head touches the pillow, I will doze off instantly. Lucky me huh!

I can't afford to be sick today. I have cupcakes to bake and to ice. I have brownies to prepare. Fatin's documents to get photocopied, house to sweep, clothes to wash, lunch to cook... bla bla bla...endless... Hopefully, in the middle of doing all the chores, I'll forget totally that I woke up feeling wobbly! All the best mama...chaiyok....


For yesterday's lunch, since I've just fried rice for my mom, I thought it'd be nice to serve it with something else. And just my luck, I came across this tofu recipe from Dayang Jack's Blogspot. Thank you Dayang for sharing this nice recipe with us. My mom likes it. Allow me to post it here for the reading pleasure of my visitors and also for my future reference. Thank you....

Source : Dayang Jack

Ingredients :

2 pieces tofu - rub with a bit of salt
4 medium prawns - boiled for a few minutes and peel off the shell
1/2 onion - diced
1 inch carrot - julienned
1/2 teaspoons ground blackpepper
1/2 fresh red chillie - chopped
2 pieces (?) spring onion
1 teaspoon pepper
salt to taste
1 egg - lightly beaten

Method :

1. Boil the prawns for a few minutes. Peel off the shell and diced.
2. Fry the tofu till golden brown. Cut into half and 'dig' out the tofu meat. Keep aside.
3. Mash the tofu meat and add the prawns, diced onion, julienned carrot, red chillie, spring onion, black pepper and salt to taste. Mix well.
4. Stuffed the tofu shells with the filling.
5. Heat enough oil.
6. Beat the egg with pepper. Dip the stuffed tofu into the egg and fry till done.
7. Remove from heat onto a kitchen towel. Serve with chillie sauce.

For the recipe in Bahasa Malaysia, please visit Dayang's entry on Stuffed Tofu.

Have a pleasant weekend everyone.
Stay safe. Take care of yourself and each other.


  1. sukaa sesangat.... sedap!!.. baru tgk dah sedap.. lom makan lg tu... pasti sedap sedap sedap... terliur sudah

  2. salam mama....

    thanks for trying the recipe. dyg pun terfikir nk buat tauhu tu esoknya sb my daughter suke n suruh buat byk2 ..nk cecah dgn sos cili...hehe. anyway, tqvm.

  3. hahh.. kalo benda2 gini... bagi jelah kat cik abang saya.. pasti tak tolak punya... hehe.. feberet dialah ni kalo yg savoury gini... sy pun suka gak mama.. ada lagi tak?

  4. ooo sedapnya..saya mmg suka makan tauhu...
    how come i terlepas pandang resepi neh kat rumah dayang yer...seb bek mama bwk keluar semula...boleh saya copy n paste n save dulu...hehehe...

  5. Assalamualaikum MamaFami

    Sedapnya! Kalau Lin seorang yang makan pasti tak cukup..intinya tu buat Lin tergoda!


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