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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Suji Salju

I am so relieved! Alhamdulillah.....

I had planned to do this and that soon after sehri... goodness, where did that energy come from! Hahaha.. but till now, 13.05 pm to be precise, I had done only about 20% of what I had planned. Thanks to a piece of paper! I had been looking for a letter that was addressed to me, regarding my abah's Takaful claim. I was named the beneficiary and had to collect the cheque from them in Malacca. I 'ransacked' the areas I think that piece of paper might be but to no avail. Finally I sat down to take a break (cannot take Kit Kat as it's fasting time.... hahaha... that's what you get when you watched too much advertisements!!!) and decided to give mom a call. After the how are you and what not, I asked her, "Mak, surat takaful....." (translation : Mom...that Takaful letter). She cut me there and said, " Ada dalam handbag mak" (translation : It's in my handbag). GOD.... that time, I felt like a big boulder was lifted up from my shoulder. Huhuhu... All the time wasted... if only I had made the phone call much earlier, it'll make a difference...
Moral of the story : Mama... get yourself organised! Hahaha...

Yesterday I had mentioned about the cookies that I had done, so today, I'll just post the photos... here they are...

Biskut Tapak Kuda

Denmark Cookies
Biskut Dahlia
Biskut Cornflakes
Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Recipe to share today, was kidnapped from Mak Lang Azie's Blogspot . Thanks Mak Lang for suggesting me to try out this recipe.

For the recipe.......

Source : kak ita

Ingredients A :

150g Ghee
100g butter
100g castor sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1 egg yolk

Ingredients B :

100g cornflakes - grind finely
100g cornflour
50g sugee flour
280g flour (the amount may differ)

For coating :
75g milk powder
25g icing sugar (lessen or omit if your milk powder is sweet enough)

Method :

1. Mix together ingredients A.
2. Add in ingredients B until you get a soft dough.
3. Roll to about 1cm thick and cut with a cookie cutter of your choice.
4. Arrange on a baking tray lined with parchment paper.
5. Bake in a preheated oven at 150 C for 25 minutes (every oven differs)
6. Once baked, coat with the mixed milk powder and icing sugar.

Warmest regards,


  1. Hi...u got a very lovely blog and thanks for dropping by and giving ur valuable comments....All the cookies look very delicious...will try each one at one time....Nice click as keep in touch...take care

  2. kakliza pun kkdg ada masalah emncari barang..
    udah tua..mmg pelupo habis..
    apapun tabik spring kat Mama sebab rajinnya buat cookies..
    kakliza belum ada semangat nak buat any cookies..due to dealine yang buatkan akak macam saperti deadmeat ni...

  3. mula2 ingat nak beli je cookies.. tp tengok cookies mama cantik2 teringin lak nk try wat sendiri!!! tiup sket angin rajin mama tu!

  4. nih yg rasa teruja nk mengukis lagik nih! hikhikhik...

  5. Assalamvalkeum Mama Fami. How r the fasts going on? Wow u made so many yum recipes.....waiting for your entry for my event.....If possiadd the logo in the sidebar dear....send in u r entry as soon as possible....

  6. Mama, byknya dah wat kukis eh..ish ish..sedap2 pulak tu..Ummi pun baru je wat Denmark Cookies tu..sedap laaa..puashati! Tp rasanya x buat dah pasni, sbb ofis dah sumbang kuih raya smpai 5 jenis dah, cukup la kot..hehe

  7. cantiknya bunga dahlia tu, kita punya hilang bunga bila dah bakar. tenggelam kelopak... cornflakes kita pun tak lawa... segan nak tunjuk, tp bila makan sodappp...

  8. wow mama..mengancam habis..rajinnyerrrrrr.

  9. ehh ma tak tau dah wish slamat berpuasa blum? adeh laaa dah nak sparuh ramadhan haa baru nak ingat ehehehh tak snunus btul. ahaks sekapal la kita ma slagi tak jupe barang tuu tak senang duduk skali depan mata jek ahahhahha. adehh tido tak lena laa teringat kuih ma nihh

  10. Mama, your cookies are all splendid! We are all busy women and forgetting things are becoming a normal phenomena nowadays...hehe not too worry!

  11. Byknya biskut mama dah buat. last week farina buat lah samprit tu. mula2 guna cookie press, pastu after 2 press, dia refuse to press properly. ntah dah keras sikit kot the dough so last2 guna ajelah cookie cutter. nak buat lagi dah takde custard powder. sedih. sedih. lol.

  12. Mama, menarik la semua cookies tu.. Boleh tak nak resepi biskut kerang tu... Nampak macam sedap je... Lina -

  13. Berderet dah kuih raya kat rumah mama...akak tak start buat lagi, esuk kot. Lepas anak upsr baru lah relex sikit haha.

  14. Kita masih dok terhegeh-hegeh fikir nak buat cookies apa...muahahaaahahaha......

  15. wah ini tahun mama raya sakan la dgn kukis-kukis dia.....

  16. Hello Mama, thats what I call, lintang pukang, kelentang kelentung and kelang kabote, haha ha.
    You have fun and jagan panic.
    Hey, love your cookies. You best la! Lee.

  17. bestnya biskut raya MamaFami.Kalau dapat free mesti lagi best ni.

  18. Sushma Mallya :
    Thank you Sushma for your kind words. Do feel free to drop by anytime.

    hanieliza :
    Biasalah kak, kalau dicari memang tak jumpa, kalau tak dicari bersepah merata. Biskut tu untuk order la kak. Kenalah buat cepat.

    linahilmin :
    Dah semput meniup ni... dah rajin ke belum? Hihihi....

    hana :
    Udah-udahlah Mak Yong, bawak berehat!

    Kitchen Flavours :
    Waalaikumussalam Lubna. Fast is ok. I am so sorry to keep you waiting, but I have the hunch that I won't be able to participate this time as time is not on my side. My sincere apologies my dear....

    Ummi :
    Kalau ma jadi Ummi, tak yah dah buat cookies lagi sebab dah office bagi tu... hai untungnya badan!

    Anim :
    Mungkin adunan Dahlia Anim tu terlembut tak? Ala Anim, asalkan rasanya sedap oraitlah tuuu...

    Datin El :
    Bila mood dah mari... hehehe...

    kuchai :
    Dah separuh jalan dah pun Kuchai... hehehe.. tak apalah, kita selamat berpuasa untuk yang baki tu eh... hihi.. Mama tak leh tidur kalau benda yang dicari tu, disuruh oleh hubby. Aduhai, tak larat kena soal siasat nantinya!

    HomeKreation :
    Thanks Along... well actually my mom yang buat kes naya tu... hehehe... sabor je la! But my mistake was, I didn't file it up when I received that letter. Serves me right!

    Salt N Turmeric :
    I think your adunan is a bit too hard tak? That's why you can't press it through the cookie press. Tak apa, nanti cuba lagi ok... The taste is lovely tau...

    Lina :
    Mama dah email pada Lina resepinya. Kalau tak terima, Lina boleh check di entry biskut kerang ini ye...

    noor :
    Anak 'merdeka' periksa, kita sebagai parents, laaaaagi rasa merdeka kan Kak Noor. Kita tahun ni relax, tak ada yang ambil periksa. Tapi tahun depan, sorang PMR, sorang SPM... by the time habis selesai semua, mama dia yang knockout!

    rinnchan :
    Tak pe, buat je list dulu. Pas tu on kan enjin turbo pas tu zoooommmmm dan jangan pandang belakang... hihihi...

    ana :
    Ini cookies order la Na...

    Uncle Lee :
    Hi Uncle Lee. Betul like you said, memang kelam kabut. At times, when I am in that situation, barang yang I tengah cari was actually right infront of my nose tau! Masa tu, hati happy jumpa barang, but at the same time, sakit hati juga sebab wasting time cari!

    geraugebang :
    Aiyoo kalau semua nak kasi free, gamaknya rumah mama tak de biskut ler... sebab dah tak sempat nak buat.. hehehe...

  19. wow nice click ...
    you have an awesome blog dear !! with yummy recipes to try on .
    pls check my blog if u get a chance do keep in touch

  20. Ma... biskut dahlia dan chocolicious tu jid tak tak sempat rasa. Jid tengok2 sekali dengan balang2 hilang. Rasanya ada orang 'baham' sekali dengan balang rasanya. huhuhu...

    Kalu dah lepas raya mama amik order lagi tak? hehehe...

  21. :
    Thanks for your kind words...

    Jid :
    Laaa... awatnya? Kesian Jid. Tu la, lenkali guna enjin jet turbo, biar laju sket. Ini Jid guna enjin kereta lembu... tu yang melepas semuanya! InsyaAllah kalau lepas Raya, kalau tak ada apa-apa, mama boleh buatkan lagi kalau Jid nak...


Please feel free to drop a comment or two... much appreciated... thank you!