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Thursday, February 12, 2015


Hello everyone...

Remember yesterday I wrote in my previous entry, that I am in the midst of transfering my Fotopages into a new blog for printing purposes.... IF AND ONLY IF I can managed to get it done before anything 'unwanted' happens again. 

Well, I thought, while transfering the entries into the new blog (kept private), why don't I just post some entries here. Rather than not posting anything and leaving this blog silent. 

So for the first entry, I will just post the first entry in my Fotopage.. the scenery of my second home... 


My post in Fotopages dated 16th January, 2006
Beautiful Malawi
Zomba Road

Hello there, or Muribwanji (the Malawian way of greeting). Today is the day, when i have finally decided to emerge from my “hiding” and join this fotopages after being persuaded by a wonderful friend, Kak Liza, for quite sometime. It's just for fun actually and I would like to share the many recipes that I have tried and also other interesting stuff with you. So enjoy!


  1. pemandangan asli dan semulajadi ni Mama..

  2. rindu fotopages mama. rindu cerita cerita mama masa duduk oversea.
    rindu zaman zaman zero dan zaman teruja melihat hasil roti mama.
    post la banyak lagi mama di sini. dan kenapa private?
    nak join blog tu mama. :)

    1. Hai Izah.... mama privatekan sebab nak cuba transfer seberapa segera fotopages tu dalam blog dan kemudian kalau ada rezeki, nak print blog tu untuk simpanan mama je. So mama biar private dulu. Tengoklah nanti kot ma bukak blog tu untuk public :).

      Best kan masa dolu dolu. Tulis sesuka hati je. Gambar blur ke gambar hampeh ke... ada kita kesah. Janji kita update. Tapi yang kelakarnya kan... bila mama transfer dalam blog baru, bila ma tengok gambar lama-lama mama... hok aloh, gambar aku yang kelabu asap ni pun ada orang datang tengok! Hahahahaha....

      Ada kalanya, saat mentransfer tu, mama tersenyum... mama meleleh airmata... semua perasaan bercampur baur. Rindu pada 'kampung halaman' ku yang selama 7 tahun tu.... huhhuhu.....

  3. Hello Mama! Wow, you have been to Malawi! The photos remind me of the TV documentaries and of safaris hee..hee.. So you lived there for a while? How interesting !

    1. Hai Phong Hong my friend! Not only have I been to Malawi, but I've stayed in Malawi for a wonderful 7 years! Dah boleh mengundi kalau nak. Hahahaha...

      Yes, the safaries in the TV documentaries are exactly how it is. Been near the wild giraffes as near as 150 metres away saja tau. Thrill!


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