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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Goodreads 2014 Book Challenge


According to Dictionary dot Com, challenge is er... gosh, there are so many ways how they define challenge. You can read for yourself HERE.

If you asked me to describe CHALLENGE, to my ownself that is, well, all I can say is, it is something that invites unnecessary stress and tense to me. It is because, once I've challenged myself or being challenged, I will try my very best to conquer it. And if I managed to do that, then it will be sweet victory to me and the feeling of satisfaction is just so great!

This year, for the first time, I've joined the Book Challenge at GOODREADS. Thanks to Chokni for provoking me. She had challenged herself to read 26 books this year. And I've challanged myself to read 27, a book more than Chokni because I must be more than her in anything! Hahahaha.... penyakit gak ni!

So, since early this year, I had been trying hard to accomplish my goal. You must be wondering, why I didn't bother to fight against my sister, right? Well, she is not in our class! She is way way way ahead from us and there is no way at all, we can manage to win! She would challenge herself to a number of books, which is way way way more than 27, and not even half the year, she had read, double the number she had put in her challange!

Finally, on the 13th October, 2014, in the car, near the traffic light to my house, at approximately 3pm, I'VE COMPLETED MY 2014 BOOK CHALLENGE! If only I was not seated and straped at the car seat, only Allah knows what I will do at that particular moment! Hahahaha.... So yes, I am done this year, alhamdulillah.

To Chokni.... all the best. 2 more books for you to complete your challenge. You can do it! But bear in mind dear, I WON! Next year, we are still going to join the Goodreads 2015 Book Challenge. Chokni has decided to challenge herself to TEN books and me, of course, a book more, ELEVEN! Hahahaha... All the best to us!


  1. Memang penyakit, pada saya lah...kalau dah layan buku...kerja lain letak tepi semua
    boleh capai 7 buku jer dalam sebulan..

  2. Ha ah, betul tu. Masa awal tahun dulu, mama gagahkan habis 3 buku satu bulan which is really out of the norm for me! Bukan apa, terpaksa kayuh laju macam tu sebab ma tak yakin boleh habiskan 27 buku setahun. I am such a slow reader because when I read, I really put my heart and soul into the story. Achewah! Mama baca dalam erti kata membaca dan bukan scan. Kadang-kadang, autobiografi penulis pun mama baca, cemana nak habis cepat satu buku! Hahaha...

    7 buku satu bulan? Ohhhhh ho ho... tak mampulah mama! Tabik kat Nasa!

  3. My dear sis,baca buku recipe kira baca buku , boleh?

    1. Ah..I like this Mak Teh punya suggestion :)

    2. Hahaha Mak Teh, good idea kan? Baca buku resepi bukan lama sangat pun...ahaks... mesti suggest pada Goodreads la cam ni...

    3. Phong Hong, kalau ikut Mak Teh punya suggestion... I rasa kalau reading recipe books boleh diambil kira in the book challenge, agak agak in a month, you boleh finish how many books eh?

  4. I say, Mama! You read 27 books? I can't even finish one :( I used to read a lot during school days but now I don't seem to be able to find the time. I know this is not a good excuse but seeing that end of the year is coming, maybe can make reading one of my 2015 resolution? hee..hee... Anyway, well done to you. So next year camna? 30 books? hee..hee...

    1. Ha ah Phong Hong, rebah bangun rebah bangun I nak kasi habis that 27 books oooooo! But come to think of that, it actually boosted my spirit. Hey look, I AM CAPABLE if I put my mind into it! Hahaha... thanks but no thanks, this will be the first and the last la...27 books! Yeah, we are going to join the next year's book challenge.... and it will be ELEVEN books! Hahaha... orang lain, makin meningkat, I kasi downgrade! Hahahaha....


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