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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Chocolate Nestum Cookies



We're rich!

Silver In The Hair
Gold In The Teeth
Crystals In The Kidneys
Sugar In The Blood
Iron In The Arteries
An Inexhaustible Supply Of Natural Gas.

I Never Thought we would accumulate Such Wealth! :P

Life is short.
Live it to the fullest.
It has an expiration date.


When I saw these Teddy Bear Cookies, I fell in love at how cute those teddies look. Whats more, the photos displayed in Masam Manis Blog by the talented Puan Azlita are just awesome. I was confident I have the cutters, so why not have something cute to serve on the table.

Last weekend, dear Mr Hubby was kind enough to drive me to one of the bakery supplies shop to get the stuffs I needed. When THE day came, I confidently prepared the dough. Ok... no problem there..... And when it's ready, I went to my 'treasure chest' and start digging for the teddy bear cutter. I think I've 'ransacked' my cupboard no less than twice but the cutter are no where to be found. Dang! I DON'T HAVE A TEDDY BEAR CUTTER! Accept it mama! Huhuhuhu....

Dough is ready, no teddy bear cutter. Life goes on. Yeah so... I will just use whatever cutters I please right? The police won't arrest me for that, I am sure. So yeah, I ended up with these square cookies. And since I've bought the heart shape sugar deco, why not use it as well. Nothing goes to waste then. ;)

Dear Puan Azlita,

I am so sorry I just have to change the name of your lovely Teddy Bear cookies. How can I call it Teddy Bear cookies when they are rectangles! Hahaha... Jangan mare ya! Thank you for the lovely recipe. They are easy to prepare and crunchy too. Thank you.

Posted by MamaFaMi
Edited from : Biskut Teddy Bear at Masam Manis

Ingredients :

300g butter (I used Buttercup)
20g vegetable shortening
180g icing sugar

30g cocoa powder
200g cornflour
40g Nestum cereal
200g flour

Egg white
Nestum cereal
Heart shape sugar deco

Method :

1. In a big bowl, cream butter, vegetable shortening and icing sugar till soft. 
2. Add cocoa powder, cornflour and nestum cereal. 
3. Last but not least, add in flour a little at a time till a soft dough is formed. I used up all the flour. 
4. Roll dough about 0.5cm thick. Cut using the cutter of your choice and arrange the cookies on a baking tray. 
5. Brush the top of the cookies with a bit of egg white. Sprinkle some nestum cereal on top and place a heart shape sugar deco on top. 
6. Bake in a pre-heated fan oven at 150 C for 25 to 30 minutes. 
7. Once baked, let it cool and keep in an airtight container.

Have a nice day!


  1. Sekadar berkongsi info...kawan saya beli acuan teddy bear di DAISO Mid valley.... dengan harga 5 ringgit boleh dapat acuan dengan beberapa size....

    1. Terima kasih banyak atas info yang diberi. Nanti mama pergi melawat Daiso ye. Tapi kalau masuk situ, macam BAHAYA sikit la. Banyak benda-benda comel dalam tu! Huhuhuhu....

  2. Alahai Mama.....kesian! I saw Pn Azlita's cute teddy bears. Geram! Never mind Mama. Your cookies still look good with the heart in the middle :)

    1. Phong Hong... macam ni la... kalau I cut using the teddy cutter, surely very difficult to arrange inside the bottle kan? Better use this rectangle cutter, senang kerja kan.... HAHAHAHAHA... I pujuk diri sendiri okay. ;) What's more important is the taste! Hahahaha.... The hearts look good eh? Because I bake with love.... ahaks....

  3. Hi Mamafami,
    I loved your little rambling above... made me smile and reflect that we are at that age when 'METALS" enter our body, instead of decorating our body!!
    Thanks for making my day...and Ramzan Mubarak :-)

    Datin G Singh, Ipoh

    1. Hello Datin G Singh,

      Thank you for dropping by and thank you for taking some of your time to drop some kind comments in this entry. And thank you for the wishes too...

      The above rambling was copied and pasted from the so many emails forwarded to me by my circle of friends. Have a nice day!

  4. Hi MaMaFami, yes, we are indeed rich in every way and should be proud that the younger generations don't have such wealth! Life is short and just enjoy it... Your Chocolate NestumCcookies look so sedaplicious no matter how you shaped it. The love deco is so beautiful...menarik dan comel lah...Cheers :)

    1. Hi Ivy... sejukkkk sikit hati I bila you kata my cookies look comel. Though not in the shape it's supposed to be :D Thank you dear...

  5. merah itu cinta....byk ke cookies for eid this year mama?

    1. Merah itu cinta ye... Hmm ye la kot. Cookies this Eid....nantikan kemunculan MEREKA soon ya... ;);)

  6. Mesti rumah mamafami banyak jenis cookies raya tahun ni :)


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