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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Knock knock, who's there?

Last Monday night, I was in my room reading a book when there came a loud thud just outside the window by the bedside. Mr Hubby who was downstairs doing his office work, heard it too. I went to the window and push the curtain aside to see who had 'dropped' by.  And hello.... look who's here.....

I don't know how she got up there but one thing for sure, she doesn't know how to get down. I am not quite an animal lover but neither am I a hater. I just can't play around with living creatures besides human! Or otherwise, pity my kids!!! Hahahaha.... Mr Hubby tried to get hold of her, but she refused. The only way is to let her in the house on her own will. OMG...I LET A CAT INTO THE HOUSE!! It is so not me! Hahaha... but never mind, this is a totally different situation. 

When Miss Kitty, as we called her, came in and went downstairs, Mr Hubby quickly closed the window and went downstairs to look for Miss Kitty, while Mrs Wifey locked herself outside the house! Hahahaha... I GAVE IN TO A CAT! Hish!!! 

When Mr Hubby got hold of Miss Kitty and she looked calmer, Mr Hubby asked me to come in and take photos and video of our guest....from a distance that is. Hahaha... After about 10 minutes in the house, we opened the door and let her out... 

Bye bye Miss Kitty. Thanks for dropping by.....


  1. hee..hee...hee...cute lah that cat! Ada gaya pulak (second photo)! My grandma would have cabut lari because she has a phobia for cats.

    1. Tak dinafikan, she is cute la... It is just I can't afford to do extra job by having a pet in the house... huhuhu...

  2. You are just so like me....takut & geli of cats.....

  3. the cat must have followed the smell of your delicious food sampai tersesat, or maybe buat-buat tersesat. If I'm the cat, I akan sentiasa sesat to house especially lunchtime :)

  4. Awwwww... schumelllll.... Should have kept herrrrrr..... :(

  5. sy nk bela mmg x minat sgt..he hee

  6. Assalam mama,
    Wow..this is the situation I am facing right now..
    The kids & mr hubby wanted to adopt a cat..Alah community cat..
    Entah siapa punya lah.. But I said no no.. Cause I ni allergic dgn bulu Kuching..
    I told them kalau they all pergi sekolah & work..siapa yg nak jaga..
    Mama now the cat only allowed outside the house...siap beli kan makanan Kuching lagi..huhu

  7. Hahaha saya dah terjebak mama.. tak pernah simpan hasrat nak bela kucing. Lebih sebulan lepas saya kalah Pilihanraya Rumah 5-1 ;). Tapi tetap letak syarat, kucing hanya di luar rumah sahaja dan kids kena bantu mama juga untuk uruskan kucing. Seronok juga tengok perkembangan kucing tu, dari anak kucing terbiar yang comot dan sakit kini membesar sihat :)

  8. so cute mama....kalau saya dah amik bela...tapi tengok mcm dia pakai rantai leher.
    mcm org punya je. tersesat lah ni...


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