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Thursday, April 11, 2013

What Mrs Busy Bee did...

Heyyy... who said MamaFaMi is lazy???
Erkkk.... nobody said, is it?
Oh oh oh... I was the one saying it just now...
Hahaha... Thousand apologies to all...

I think I was struck by the hardworking angel with it's invisible arrow. I spent most of my time today in the kitchen. Baking and cooking. We will leave the baking part for later ya... psstt... new recipe coming okay... stay tuned... *wink*

Anyway, these were what Mrs Busy Bee cooked today. But can you believe it if I said, I haven't eaten any of them... time checked 21:05. Maybe after this...

FRIED RICE - for dear hubby

FRIED MACARONI - for mom to break her fast. But she had the fried rice too because she can never resist fried rice and so can't we! Hahahahaa...

FRIED EGG NOODLES - for my son...

Me? I am flexible... any leftovers will do.... makes me a happy lady!

Till then, good nite!


  1. wah banyaknya masak Mamafami, ni mmg terlebih rajin ni sapa kata Mama malas kan?? hahaa biasa sehari satu menu je ni sampai 3 confirm rajinnnnnnnnn

    1. Tu la kan Kak Noor... saper pepandai kata mamafami malas! Hahahaha... Kak, musim rajin kita ni datang, sebulan tak sekali kak... Jadi bila kala dia datang tu, kita kenalah abadikan di sini...muahahahaha....

  2. Replies
    1. Hihihi... pinggan arwah nenek husband mama. Dia sedekah kat mama untuk amek gambar..

  3. Bg zila ne mmg btl2 rajin more thn 3 dishs..yunmyyyy

    1. Ha ah Zila, rajin yang SEKALI SEKALA je bertandangnya...

  4. Hi MamaFami, Wow! I love the dishes, and your excellent photographs really enhances the food...can practically dapat the ponderous scent. The bawang and Chile itu la la maduk mulut satu spoon, hbis lupa nama mak, ha ha.
    Have a nice day.....oh ya, love that beautiful plate.
    Macham ni kena pakai necktie ke bila jemput datang makan?

    1. Hi Uncle Lee...

      My snapshots are very simple and very straight forward with less props. If i put more props, it always make the photo messier! Lama-lama headache! Hahahaha...

      Don't come to my house wearing necktie or then I will have to serve you like the 5 star hotels style which I KNOW NOTHING OF! Kalau datang casual, then you won't put any pressure on me! Hahahaha.....

      Take care Uncle Lee!

  5. Hi Darling, I nak order one plate each and DHL to me. Then tonight I not need to masak. LOL
    Rajin nya.... turut turut a few posting? Lepas holiday sudah ada semangat? Then have to ask your darling bring you go Langkawi more often. :)

    Take care, have a nice day fooling around with golf balls.

    1. Actually, things to post ada, but time tak ada. So bila ada time yang i curi-curi here and there, bolehlah I post entries. Just pray that I lagi pandai curi masa. Hehehe...

      Next trip, not to Langkawi kot... somewhere else... jeng jeng jeng.....


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