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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Asam Rebus Kacang Panjang & HAPPY CALL

Honey... I'm home! What's for lunch?
If that is how my hubby would greet me IF he comes home for lunch, I don't think I will be this lazy! But sadly, he does not come home for lunch because the distance and the traffic made it impossible for him to do so.

But then, at this time, I have to cook for lunch because mom is with me, this month. So as lazy as I can be, I can't let my own mother starve! Hehehe... So these were our lunch for yesterday. Today, mom is fasting, so I will play cheat! Hai... bilalah mama nak insaf ni? Ish ish ishhhh....


I was really happy when cooking this dish. Why? Because I had used the HAPPY CALL Pan that I bought a few months back to fry the fishes. I fried my fish with only 2 tablespoons of oil. Well, it is healthy enough to me rather than frying like how I use to fry before.

To prepare this dish, it is similar to how we prepare any other sambals, only I've added a stalk of lemon grass, bruised.


Normal way of preparing omellette plus a teaspoon of mayonaise... thaaa dhaaa....

Posted by MamaFaMi
Source : Chef Shahriah of Masterchef

Ingredients :

2 shallots
1 clove garlic
2 tablespoons dried prawns (soaked)
2 fresh red chillies
small piece of belacan (shrimp paste)
4 glasses of tamarind juice
10 stalks of long beans - cut to 1" length
salt to taste
zeal - optional

Method :

1. Pound or blend in the food processor, shallots, garlic, dried prawns, red chillies and belacan.
2. Put the pounded ingredient into a pot and add in the tamarind juice.
3. Once boiling, add in the long beans, salt and zeal.
4. When the beans are soft, remove from heat and ready to serve.

Mom used to cook this dish but she had used dried anchovies instead of dried prawns. Both tasted lovely and I don't regret trying Sha's recipe. Thank you Sha your sharing this simple recipe with us.

Have a nice day everyone!


  1. hmmmm...memang kena menu2 tu mama...
    maunya bertambah nasi..he3

    1. Sebenarnya mama tak makan lunch, mama makan terus pukul 6 petang. Ha ah Mas, bertambah ler pulak nasi. Ish... hancuslah hasrat di qolbu nak membuang beberapa gram yang boleh.. macam kurang mampu je... ahahaha

  2. Nice lunch! Your omelette looks so fluffy. And I want the sambal on the ikan goreng :) The long beans dish sound yummy with tamarind juice. I must try it!

    1. Phong Hong... when frying the omellette, I covered the wok. Tu sebab dia fluffy. Aik... you just want the sambal only and not the ikan goreng eh? Rugi you know. Yesterday's ikan goreng was nice! Hahaha... puji sendiri pulak!

  3. Mf...what a lovely asam rebus kacang...buat akak kat sini terliur saja..hehe

    1. Kak Noor...

      Paling senang buat asam rebus kacang ni, semua cebur dalam periuk... pas tu kita leh wat keje lain. Tak de tumis tumis bagai... ce terai cer...

  4. Hi Darling, ding dong, ding dong..... I'm here for early dinner. I need extra rice please to go with your delicious asam rebus kacang and the egg, sedaplicious meh... LOL

    Have a lovely evening, don't close your door too early, nanti gua mau singgah tak boleh masuk.

    1. Hi Darling...

      Lai lai lai....
      Mmmm tunggu sudah malam pun you tak ding dong? Yang ding dong, my neighbour and another 2 friends. Sekarang kena tutup pintu already. Nanti nyamuk masuk! Hahahaha....


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