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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

LANGKAWI 2013 - Hotel and Car Hire

I kept mentioning about my recent vacation in the past two entries but had never mentioned where we went to. So in this post, I will 'talk' about our 4 days packed vacation. When MamaFaMi's family goes for vacation, it will always be about activities, especially if that is our first time going to that destination. We will make sure that everybody is fit enough to go and be able to take all the 'challenges'. And who shall be the one who enjoys the most??? ME ME ME ME ME!!!! Hahahaha.... I think all my efforts of going walking every morning and trying to achieve that 10,000 steps per day, really helps. Infact, I think it HELPED A LOT!

Okay okay, enough bragging... we went to Langkawi recently. We left KLIA via MAS on the 28th morning and stayed in Langkawi till 31st Mac. Main reason for visiting Langkawi is to watch LIMA 2013. We touched down quite early and hopped into the hired car.

Facebook :
Contact person : Zue (012-4335785)

Since the LIMA 2013 was not opened to public yet, so we watched the air show from the lookout point, Permandangan Indah, the hill facing the airport.Though we had to stand in the hot sun, but I enjoyed it very much. I have always loved aeroplanes. Seeing it taking off and landing, just gave me the WOW feeling! I should be a pilot huh? Hahahaha... saper suruh tak belajar rajin-rajin! :P

When the airshow was over, we went to our hotel to check in and hoping to get some rest. Did we? Well at least the kids did, but not me and Mr Hubby! Remember what I wrote earlier on? When we go for vacation, it is all about activities! Hahaha... Well, here was where we stayed....

Address : Lot 1922, Jalan Kuala Muda,
07100 Padang Matsirat
Langkawi, Kedah Darul Aman,
Contact number : (604) 9557007
Fax : (604) 9558007
Website :

We stayed in a standard quad room.



  1. Pssstt... darling sudah balik dari holiday kah? Ada sun burnt or suntan? I enjoyed going to Langkawi too, being there 3 times already. :)

    Have a nice day.

    1. Sudah lama baliklah darling. Sangat sun burnt sampaikan neighbours yang selalu jalan kat park every morning pun tegur.. what happened to my face! Hahaha... Kalau bukak tudung, can see the black and white line! Hahaha... I've been to Langkawi twice since we came back to Malaysia for good. Always lovely trip and looking forward to go again....

  2. mama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..mmuahhhhh50x
    borong apa ma? byk beli vintage??hikhik

    1. Muahhhhh 66x kat Meen... taukey kek ni, susah betul nak nampak bayang dah. Busy semanjang!

      Ma tak borong apa this time. Cuma hubby belikan periuk Vision je... yeeeehaa...

  3. Mf...keep on posting maa i love to read..and want to read for more hehe...bestnyer . Actualy akak pun teringin nak pergi time tu tapi Hb tak dapat cuti hoho...duk rumah la.

    1. Hi Kak Noor.... when I have the time and less kemalasan, then I will keep posting... otherwise my blog will keep FREEZING.. hahaha.... Best Kak Noor gi tengok LIMA. Nanti kita up story LIMA lak... ni baru entry hotel dan kereta sewa...

  4. Wahh..bestnyer mama..habis ronda satu langkawi tak?

  5. tudiaa....gambarq semua dah keluarq dah...seronok tu bila nampak the last line be continued....more photos ye

  6. wah Mamafami jenjalan Langkawi lah best tu dah lama gak akak tak kesana, kalau balik kampong pun tak smpat nak jalan asyik shopping je haha selesa nya tunggu balik kampong mesti jadi nak pi Langkawi hee

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