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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nyonya Prawn Porridge



I've seen this phrase quite often but I have no idea what it is all about. Does it mean, we can't write anything in out blog on Wednesdays? Or, 'only photos allowed' on Wednesdays? Can anyone kindly explain to me, please....

Anyway, I am not writing much today. Not that I am wordless or something, but because I am rushing. There are still chores to be done... endless...


As mentioned in my previous entry, my mom is not keeping well. But now, alhamdulillah she is much better. While she is in the state of recuperating, I just prepared soft menus for her. And today, I had cooked this Nyonya Prawn Porridge, made famous by Mr Mat Gebu. Thank you Mat and Chef Florence Tan for the delicious recipe. My mom enjoyed it very much.

Posted by MamaFaMi
Source : Che Mat Gebu

Ingredients :

1 cup rice
12 cups water
1 screw pine leaf
2 pieces tofu - sliced, fried and set aside (I didn't put this in)
1 anchovies cube (I used Maggi brand)
3/4 teaspoon dark soya sauce
2 1/2 tablespoon sweet soya sauce
1 tablespoon sugar (I omit this)
1 tablespoon chopped garlic
salt to taste
diced carrots - I added
frozen corn kernels - I added

To be marinated :

500g medium sized prawns - cleaned
pinch of salt
pinch of sugar
1/4 teaspoon pepper

Garnish :

spring onion - cut
Fresh red chillie - chopped
Chai Po (pickled turnips) - cut to small pieces
Crispy fried onions

Method :

1. Wash the rice and place in a pot together with water and screw pine leaf. Boil till the rice is soft.
2. Add in the tofu, anchovies cube, dark soya sauce and sweet soya sauce. Add in diced carrot and frozen corn kernels. Stir well and cook till the rice turned to porridge.
3. Meanwhile, heat a bit of oil in a wok. (I used olive oil). Add in chopped garlic and fry till fragrant. Add in the marinated prawns and fry till the prawns change color.
4. Pour the prawns into the porridge. and cook for another 1 minute or so.
5. Scoop the porridge in a bowl and garnish with spring onion, fresh red chillie, chai po and crispy fried onion. Serve warm.

Have a nice day!


  1. Assalammualaikum yeaa Mai Tuan...ishh terguda yeaa bila melihatnya...kagumesss ai...sini hujan, jadi ada rasa sedikit kebuluran sudahh....

    1. Waalaikumussalam yeaa Ai Chu...
      Ai Chu mana boleh kebuluran sebab Ai Chu kan sentiasa rajin memasak. Tapi tak tahulah lepas mengemop tu, effect kebulur leh hinggap pulak ye... hehehe...

      Terima kasih daun keladi
      Sebab sudi kongsi resepi
      Sangat sedap untuk dinikmati
      Kenyang perut mak, mama suka hati...

  2. hujan ya kat sedenak che mat, pg pun..nak le jugak moi ni

    1. Mak Teh...

      Senang sangat nak buat moi ni.. Dap ooo... ce cuba ce...

  3. Hi my cayang, knock, knock, ini ari bukak pintu tak? I dah bawak tupperware nak tapau. I want extra prawns too, if it's not too much letak taugeh sekali.LOL
    Your moy very sedap...tengah lapar leyyy.......

    Hope your mother get well soon, my warm regards to her.. muahhhhzzzz...

    Ini wordless Wednesday I pun tak faham, izzit suppose to let the gambar do the talking without writing anything? Tapi wordless or not, I sudah merepek banyak. hahahaha

    With lots of love and hugs to you, muaahhhzzzzz....

    1. Hello darling...
      Ini hari bukak pintu, but then hidang air kosong sajalah eh. Moy sudah habis. I masak pun for my mom saja, using less than 1/2 cup beras. Haha.. kalau moy sudah habis, taugeh lagilah tak de! Thank you for you wishes ya. Nanti I sampaikan your regards to her. Mesti dia tanya, Amoi mana pulak send regards kat mak ni? Ahahahaha... Amoi cun la mak...ngeh ngeh ngeh...

      Bila cerita dengan you kan, that WORDLESS Wednesday sudah tukar jadi ENDLESS Wednesday la... ahahaha....

      You take care too dearie...

  4. salam Mama..
    wah ada moi la sini sedap oooo tengok udang beso tu, kaler2 moi nya macam nak try je copy resepi ya anak2 suka ni walaupun sebenarnya anak2 dah besar gajah semua nya heeee

    1. Waalaikumussalam Kak Noor...

      Memula masa tengok resepi kan, ingatkan dak Mat ni ada tertinggal bahan. Ye la, tak de bawang tak de apa.. sedap ke? Bila dah masak, baru tahu... dap ooo.... ce terai kak... :)

  5. looks really yummy! new kind of porridge i must try :)

  6. Salam, Mamafami..long time didi in touch with you but you always in my mind especially your food and recipe. The nyonya porridge it's good and simple I like it..:)

  7. salam mama, do u still take orders for brownies n cupcakes. If u do, can u please pm me at my email add Tq! :-)


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