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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Chinese Style Rice Porridge

Yesterday, my entry was about MOM, I AM HUNGRY!! Well today, the words are more or less the same but with a great different meaning.

My entry today is about MY MOM IS HUNGRY!

In the first situation... it is the kids asking for food. But in the second one, it is my mom's dish that I have to prepare. Mom is still on soft diet and being a not creative kind of person, I have to google for new recipes. What will I do without the internet! Huhu.. it's not only me who will suffer but also my mom who will have no choice but to survive on the same taste everyday! Hahaha....

Anyway, for today, I've decided to try something from my favourite forum... FORUM CARI (where my journey in this cyberworld actually starts!). Thank you to Dealova_fan for the recipe.

Posted by MamaFaMi
Source : dealova_fan of Forum Cari

Ingredients :

1 piece chicken fillet - sliced
a bunch of dried anchovies
1/4 chicken cube (I used maggi brand)
enough water
1/2 cup rice
1/2 carrot - diced
1 potato - diced
spring onion - chopped
chinese celery (daun saderi) - chopped
2 garlic - chopped
fresh red chillie - sliced

Method :

1. Place chicken fillet, dried anchovies, chicken cube in a pot of water and bring to boil. Put through a sieve and pour the stock into a pot.
2. Add rice, carrot and potato to the stock. Cook till the rice turns to porridge.
3. Add spring onion and Chinese celery to the porridge. Let it simmer. Remove from heat.
4. Meanwhile, heat a bit of oil in a wok and add in the chopped garlic. Fry till golden brown. Set aside, the garlic together with the oil.
5. Fry the boiled anchovies and pound. Set aside.
6. Shred the boiled chicken. Set aside.
7. To serve, scoop the porridge into a bowl. Top it with the garlic and a bit of garlic oil, anchovies, chicken, spring onion and fresh red chillie. Serve warm.

Have a nice day!


  1. wooooo.... sedapnya! Slurrrpppp...sluurrrppppp! Tambah lagi semangkuk!

    1. Hihihi Amie...

      Lajunya makan. Bebaik... nanti tersedak!

  2. baru je buat your nyonya moi, now this pulak..kalu yg gini2..bisa diatur mbak...bertuah yr mom dpt anak like you...hari ni wat old fashioned donut[ yg x naik punya]utk dibawa ke Mersing..x dan nak tangkap gambarq, nak tunjuk donut yg cun melecun tu..hihi

    1. It is my responsibility sis to prepare food for my mom. What's more, she's in the recuperating mode. Kalau nak masak the same thing over and over again, bukan kata dia yang jemu nak makan.. i pun jemu gak nak masak. So, kenalah dipelbagaikan. Cuma tulah, kenkadang pening gak kepala nak pikir. Unless kalau ada orang dah siapkan resepi, kita tinggal masak je, then by all means i leh masakkan... hehehe.. Tak apalah, kotlah with extra effort, I'll get extra pahala kan... hehehe...

      Ish ruginya tak ambil gambar donut. Mana si budak Don ni tak ambil gambar untuk mamanya!!!

  3. I cant look everything:( I have to wait...:)


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