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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Blossom Steamed Cake


I was down with flu on Friday night. I didn't go to any clinics but I knew I was having flu because I can feel the pain at my joints. I took hubby's flu pill, pasted the Kool Fever on my forehead and off to Dreamland. But as you know, the effect of taking the flu tablet last for quite sometime. The next day, I felt like dragging myself everywhere! Dragging here meant.... I went to Subang Parade, to Puchong and also Cyberjaya! Hahahaha..... terbaekkk punya dragging! Weekends are the days where I enjoyed going out with dear hubby, and I won't miss it for anything... hahaha...

Yesterday,... I lost my voice! I was croaking, but definately mine sounded much nicer compared to the toad that is... hahaha... But the way my sister and my son laughed at me when I speak... noty Mak Chu and noty Boboi! I was tired everytime I speak, but being a Mrs Chatterbox, I just won't stop... kinda like that 'rock steady' sound effect! Hahaha....


Made this easy to prepare recipe yesterday. Fell in love with the colors when I saw this recipe at Paty's Kitchen and decided to give it a try. I liked it. Thanks to Paty and Dapur Ipoek for sharing the recipe with us and allow me to do the same here. Thank you dear ladies...

Posted by MamaFaMi
Source 1 : Dapur Ipoek
Source 2 : Paty's Kitchen

Ingredients :

1 large egg
115g sugar
125g flour
1/2 teaspoon double action baking powder
1/2 teaspoon ovalette
75ml evaporated milk
a few drops of rose essence (i added)
Food coloring of your choice

Method :

1. Heat up steamer and ensure you have sufficient water
2. Insert papercups in the mould.
3. Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl and beat (using the balloon beater) on high speed for about 10 minutes till fluffy.
4. Divide mixture into 3 portions and add the food coloring. Mix well.
5. Spoon some mixture from each color into the papercups till 80% full.
6. Steam for 10 to 15 minutes.
7. Remove from heat and ready to serve.

Have a nice day!


  1. wahh..senyummm mekar apam tu mama...
    nampakkkk gebuuu....

  2. Mas :
    Gebu memang gebu Mas, tapi sengih dia tu over la pulak... macam tak berapa sopan je... ahaks...

  3. amboi mama... apamnya kembang setaman.. hehe.. kalau orang T'ganu kan.. kalau apam senyum terlajak gitu kitorang panggil kembang berjebok... hehehehe...

    p/s: the cake that i tried that day was nice.. so soft.. I love it! tapi rasanya sukatan kek dgn puding tu kena ejas sikitlah mama nak bagi sepadan.. hehe.. coz kek sy aritu guna 2/3 jer (lagi 1/3 sy bakar dlm loyang lain & mkn kosong gitu jek) & puding tu kena tambah lagi half adunan sbb tak cukup.. maybe saya terbuat lapisnya tebal sikit kot.. anyway rasa memang marbeles... thanks ye mama share resepinya.. actually dulu pernah simpan resepi yg Jasmeen share.. tp dah lupa mana letak duduknya.. kekekeke...

  4. cantik nye kembang semangkok makan sebiji pun kenyang tu..

  5. mekarnyer senyuman apam tu ma.. :)

  6. Salam...mama.Mekar sungguh apam mama,baja apa mama pakai?...he he...

  7. mmg senyum sepanjang zaman apam ni ma.. kiki

  8. senyum2..xperlu kata apa2...harus terus ngap aje ni...geram tgk...setaman kembangnya..hikhik

  9. Maaaaaa darling...dah sembuh ke belum tu...tekak jgn jerit Fa n Mi kuat2 sangat tauuu...nnt diaorg xkasi mama guna nama tu lg kat blog ni ha...hahahhaha... Amboii main sibab pil cik abg dia jer...baik2 nnt tumbuh misai...hahahhaha... Adeeii aiii guraauu je heart feeling k...muaahh muaahh...kasih ku mekar untuk jugak seperti apam canti muuuuu... Adeeh x tahan nengoknya Ma... Sapa yg berani ketawakan mama bila ma cakap tu...meh sini nak cubit tekak org tu lak..hehe

  10. Mama....apam tu mcm bunga tengah berkembang kan? Comel :)

  11. Salam Mamafami..
    apam yg sungguh mekar n sweet kaler :)

  12. memang terlebih sengeh apam ni mama.. ekeke.. tapi yang penting rasa dia tu.. mestiii sedap!!

  13. Assalam MamaFami...dah lama tenggelam kini Watie timbul kembali...moga Mama dah sihat dari flu tu....wah memang senyum mekar se blossom apam tu!! Dah lama pulak rasanya tak buat apam!

  14. Assalam mama, apa khabar? lama tak singgah sini. berkenan tgk apam mekar ni..cantikla:)

  15. salam kenalan mama..sedap apam mekar setaman tu..teringin nak minta satu..

  16. Aslmkm. Walaaaa mama super kembang lah mama... ni yg buat Along terpanggil2 nak buat juga ni!

  17. wanna try this recipe today, just got the double action baking powder, all set....:D

  18. Salam kenal... gebusss apamnya... get well soon ya..

  19. salam dear sis, where are you,so so quiet without yr umrah ke?hoping to find you in the best of health ya...busy facebooking? or pinning?

  20. hello i wanna make these but they don't sell ovalette here in florida is there any sub for it??

    1. Hello Angel. You can use Quick 75. Ovalette is cake emulsifier.
      Take care.


Please feel free to drop a comment or two... much appreciated... thank you!