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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pandan Layer Cake


I told my neighbour Saerah, that MamaFaMi is in her 'summer mood' now. And the 'flowers' are blooming nicely in her 'garden'. Confused? Well, to make it clear... Mamafami is in her good mood when it comes to cooking and baking!

Yesterday I made two types of cookies, a cake and another lopes recipe. In between, I was in and out of the house and doing house chores as well. Did my laundry, trice! I forgot to take my lunch... no wonder the tummy was playing this 'hard rock' song at 7pm! Hahaha....


I tried baking another sponge cake after failing twice in my previous attempts. I still don't know what went wrong. I was so frusterated to the extend that I think I need to 'mandi bunga'. Hahahaha! Mak Lang Azie felt sorry for me and suggested that I try out this pandan sponge cake. The cake turned out much better. Am I loosing the dreadful spell already? If so, alhamdulillah!!! Thank you Mak Lang and Sweet4ever for the sponge cake recipe. Since it was a pandan sponge cake, I was thinking of transforming it into something nicer (haha... lupa diri jap!). Browse through the internet and landed on WendyinKK of Table For 2.... or More's blog and decided to give her recipe a try. I've made the right choice. Thanks Wendy for the 'makeup' recipe! Though my cake is not perfect, but I am happy! I should have put the first layer at the bottom to avoid that dark line from being so obvious. Next time perhaps.... or will there be a next time????


Posted by MamaFaMi

Source : Sweet4ever of MyResipi

Ingredients :

150g superfine flour
150g castor sugar
5 eggs (grade A)
15 ml / 1 tablespoon ovalette
5ml / 1 teaspoon baking powder
80 ml pandan (screwpine leaves) juice - I just mixed some pandan essence to 80ml water, stir to mix
5ml / 1 teaspoon pandan paste
a few drops of green coloring (if necessary)
80 ml corn oil or melted butter - I used corn oil

Method :

1. Grease the base of an 8" round tray and line with greaseproof paper
1. Place flour, sugar, eggs, ovalette and baking powder in a mixing bowl. Beat on high speed for 5 minutes.
2. Reduce the speed and add pandan juice, pandan paste and food coloring. Beat on high speed for at least a minute or till the mixture is really light and fluffy.
3. Pour in the corn oil or melted butter and fold using a wooden ladle or a spatula.
4. Pour into an 8" round tray and bake for 45 minutes.
5. Immediately upon removing the cake from the oven invert (turn upside down) the pan.


Posted by MamaFaMi

Source : WendyinKK of  Table For 2.... or More

(1) 2 cups water + 200gm sugar. Cook sugar until dissolved. Leave to cool down. Do this in advance.
(2) Mix 50gm cornstarch and 1 tsp pandan paste into 150gm coconut milk. Set aside
(3) Bring 2 cups water + 1 tbsp agar-agar powder to a simmer.
(4) Pour in (2) into (3) and cook until mixture thickens and boils. Remove from heat.
(5) Pour (1) into (4) and combine well.

To assemble:

It depends on the mould you use. If you want to assemble it upside down, then put 1/3 of the pandan layer in first, then cake, then another 1/3, then 2nd layer cake and the last 1/3 of pandan layer and last layer of cake.

If you want to do it upright, then cake in first, then 1/3 pandan, then 2nd cake and pandan and cake again and pandan layer.

Chill in fridge till cold and set. Decorate with some icing and dessicated coconut.

Have a nice day!


  1. WOW... I just left yr blog, then when I saw the info, there you are...I likeee so so much.apa khabar dear sis?

  2. kakak dini baru je tanya minggu lepas.. ibu pandai tak buat kek pandan yang lapis2 dengan puding tu.. (kwn bagi dia rasa sikit yg mak kwnnya beli hehe..) dlm hati ibu berkata.. dah lama ibu simpan resepi tu nakkk.. dari zaman berfp lagi.. lom sampai seru nak membuatnya.. hehe... nampaknya kena try gak buat sbb anak dah bertanya so maknanya adalah yg akan tolong perabis nnt.. heee...

    masalah sy kdg tu buat kek sponge selalu dia turun sikit masa proses nak sejukkan tu.. taktaula ngapa.. padahal ikut resepi chef anuar deraman tuu...

  3. eh.. sama la menu kite.. zura buat jugak pandan layer cake ni kelmarin.. tp kastad dia x cantik.. huhuhu..

  4. mama.. sukenya saya tengok tang pandan tu. nampak smooth licin lembut je ye mama. ritu saya ada buat tang pandan tu guna tepung hongkong. agak kental sikit. saya suke smooth mcm puding ke agar2 sikit. insyaAllah nak try resepi ni pulak. ;-)

  5. sedapnya tgk kek kastrd pandan ni...sya mmg suka sgt kek ni...suka dengan bau pandan tu...cuma blum bksempatan lg nk mcuba...resepi mmg dh lama simpan...kena cuba jugak ni cepat2...hehehe

  6. huhu sedapnya.... kenyang mata ni memandang... heheh favourite sy ni mama..

  7. mama....jom tuko ngan kek coklat cheese mas..
    nak tak..he3
    cantikkk la nengok kek tu mama....

  8. very beautiful blog
    greetings from Turkey

  9. Assalam...salam kenal mama,iza disini,
    cantik... terletak je kek pandan mama.
    Iza pernah buat,tapi yg atas tu tak secantik yg mama buat.Jomlah singgah blor iza yg x seberapa ni..,follow ye.....

  10. teringin .... rajin nya mama...

  11. Baking sponge cakes has never been easy. Many times I wanted to bang my head on the wall, LOL.

    thanks for the linkback :)

  12. Assalam Mama cayang...amboiii rajinnya kek layer2 pandan camni...kita dah malas tahap gaban dah ni... Apa kata, mama hadiahkan untuk kita sikit... ^__^

  13. salam mamafami...
    selama hari ni kkida jengah senyap-senyap aje...tapi kali ni tak tahan tengok pandan layer cake ni...nak buat tak rajin...kalau boleh nak sikit...:)

  14. alhamdulillah.. dah menjadi kek pandan layer saya mama.. mekasih byk2...


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