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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spiral Currypuffs


WHAT A COINCIDENCE... but it seems the coincidence is way too often... Yes, yesterday, it rained, after 6 hours I washed my car. It had not been raining for the past 5 days before this. And at night, it was raining heavily on our way to Kajang. Guess what, of all the cars at home, hubby just took mine out! Redha mama redha... hujan tu Allah yang bagi... redha insyaAllah!

Last month, I had mentioned in my facebook (when it's still 'alive') about the different prices of this Snow Brand Infant Formula Step 2. That time, I went to 4 different shops/supermarkets and I got 4 different prices. The last wholesale market was the cheapest.. if I am not mistaken, it was RM44.50. Yesterday we went there again to get the stock. Actually hubby went in to buy and the price was RM54.50! Just in one month's time! So to conclude... Speed 99 is still the cheapest, selling at RM51.50. Ahahaha dah jadi amoi promoter Speed 99 ler plak haaa


Posted by MamaFaMi

Ingredients :

200g flour
110g lukewarm water + a bit of salt

100g flour
60g margarine ~ to produce soft dough

Method :

1. Mix all the ingredients in A until the dough does not stick to your hand. Divide into 5 small balls. Leave aside.
2. Mix all the ingredients in B till a soft dough is formed. Divide into 5 small balls.
3. Flatten 1 dough from A. Wrap around B. Repeat the process till all 5 are done.
4. Take 1 dough and roll flat. Roll as swiss roll.
5. Roll out the dough lengthwise again. Roll as swiss roll.
6. Repeat the same procedure (4 &5) with the other 4 remaining doughs.
7. Take 1 rolled pastry and cut into 1/2 inch thick. Roll flat.
8. Put the filling in the middle. Fold over and pleat the ends of the pastry to seal in the filling.
9. Fry till golden brown

Please click HERE

Have a nice day!


  1. salam ma...hihihi...tak tau lah nak cakap ape...itu rain manyak sukah pada kreta mama!! have a nice raining day!!!

  2. panas lagi karipap ni.
    hihi...dah mmg musim hujan kot... agaknya it happened to everyone.

  3. rajinnya mama buat karipap pusing...
    mas selalu beli jerk..

  4. saya memang suka karipap ni, tapi buat tak penah jadi elok...

  5. cantik kejadian currypuff Mama...
    kita mmg suka giler kat pusing2 tu..ermmmm kena buat gak nie

  6. mama.. suka makan curry puff..btw.. fb deactive again kah.. miss you lah..hiiks

  7. karipap! karipap!...sedapnye tgk..bile tgk karipap ni terasa mcm dh la pulak xmkn karipap...cntik kejadian karipap tu...

  8. buat minum ptg, mkn panas2....sedapnya laaaaaa....

  9. mokwo® s :
    Waalaikumussalam warrahmatullahi wabarokaatuh Mokwo... tu la pasal... nak wat cemana kan... redha....

    MAK TEH :
    Karipap tu masa kita snap photonya, memang masih panas lagi...

    Mas :
    Dulu kan, mama tak reti buat karipap biasa (kononnyalah kan...ahaks), hanya tahu buat karipap pusing je... bukan apa, sebab kawan yang ajar, dia terus ajar yang pusing.. yang tak pusing, dia tak ajar... hehehe

    Emma :
    Practise makes perfect dear... teruskan berusaha... chaiyok chaiyok!

    Kak Asma :
    Terima kasih Kak Asma. Pada kita tak berapa cantik lagi ni sebab bila goreng, tak merkah kat pusar tu...

    Melly Octaviana :
    Ha ah Melly, deactivate again. Time is not on my side... :(

    Qasey Honey :
    Hihihi.. jual karipap ke tu? Ahaks...

    Mas :
    Mama kalau karipap, tak kira minum pagi ke petang ke siang ke malam ke... on je!

    My Fadelicious :
    Hihihi Kak Wan... habis sudaaaaa..... bagi Saerah sikit..

    Mat Gebu :
    Sorrylah abang hensem... saya tak amek order la... :D:D:D

    misshannajr :
    Ce terai ce terai

    geraugebang :
    Any karipap memang best pada mama walaupun tak sesedap mana... janji... nama dia karipap. Mmmmmm....

  10. Uh uh uh....rajinnya memusar karipap pulak...mengelim lg satu org teror cam Mama ni no hal kan..sambil mengadun sambil bancuh kopi...sambil mengelim, sambil minum kopi...kaaann..


Please feel free to drop a comment or two... much appreciated... thank you!