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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thousand apologies!

I realised that I've been neglecting my own blog for way too long. But I really don't have a choice. I had not tried any new recipes for like ages! I don't know where my baking mood's been hiding of late. But thanks to Badariah and Hanita for helping me to at least summon back my baking mood.

Thanks to Badariah for the order.

Thanks to Hanita for her repeat orders. Normally by the time I am done with Hanita's orders, if I were a kindergarden child, I would have mastered my alphabets! Hahahaha...

Made this for Saerah and her family

Thanks to Maz, the proud owner of Ilhamdapur dot Blogspot dot Com for the lovely gift all the way from Bahrain.

The lovely macarons...yummy....


  1. Salam mama....betul tu lama tak nampak kat sini...kita nampak dlm fb saja. Cantik deco brownie tentu budak budak suka hihi ..akak suka yang ada lolipop.

  2. Hi Kakak,

    How do you cut your brownies into equal shapes like shown in your photo in this entry?


  3. Salam mama, i'm ur silent reader. suka tengok ur bread and cake. so luvly. Dah lama dok tunggu mama masuk resipi baru tapi x kunjung tiba. Pagi ni baru ada.

  4. Nice posting! I always love to read your blog. Thanks mama.

  5. great mind theraphy with yr lovely cakes it :)

  6. Salam mama,
    Thank you for your visit to blogresipi. I haven't been here for quite sometime too. Love the choc cake especially the choc toppings. Yummy! :)

  7. telan air lior tengok topping mama tu...

  8. cmne wat alpahabet tu sume? tq


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