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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Roti Naik Mertua Rozi


Over these past 45 years of my life, I've used so many brands of shampoo. Every time someone else uses a good smelling shampoo, I'll ask for the brand name and will give it a try. But then, that doesn't last long. I still like the one that is my favourite and that would be the Clairol Herbal Essence...tak memasal je dah tolong promote kan...haha....

Speaking of this shampoo, I remembered my roomates when I was studying in ITM Shah Alam a good 28 years ago. I think they must have admired my hair..ok.. kita masuk mode P.E.R.A.S.A.N ye tuan tuan dan puan puan.... because then, everyone was using the same shampoo! Hahaha...

Why all of a sudden the story of shampoo?
Because, yesterday I bought my favourite shampoo after all these while! Hahahaha....


This recipe was mentioned to me by MamaZieza sometime back. And so, i had CSI-ed it at her Fotopages. Thanks to Mamazieza and also to Rozi's mother-in-law for sharing.

Posted by MamaFaMi
Source : Rozi's Mother-In-Law via MamaZieza

Ingredients :

290g water
180g soft brown sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
yellow food coloring
400g bread flour
100g superfine flour
40g milk powder
11g instant dried yeast
100g margarine/butter

Bread Maker method :

1. Into the breadmaker pan, pour in the water, brown sugar, vanilla essence and food coloring.
2. Top it with flour, milk powder and instant dried yeast.
3. Set the bread maker to DOUGH setting and press start. When the dough is just combined, add in margarine. Leave the bread maker to finish the cycle which will takes about 1 1/2 hour or so.
4. Remove the dough from the pan and divide the dough into 20 equal portions. Roughly about 49 to 50g each.
5. Form each portion into a ball and arrange on a baking tray. Spray with a bit of water. Leave to rise for another 30 minutes or so.
6. Spray with a bit of water on the dough surface before putting the tray into the oven.
7. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 180c for 30 minutes or till golden brown.
8. Once out of the oven, brush with a bit of butter. Place on a wire rack to cool. Keep in an airtight container.

Have a nice day!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I was browsing through the internet yesterday to look for something that I can make, to bring to Abang Ngah's Tahlil yesterday night. Came across this donut recipe that I've never tried before, at Rima's page which she got it from HaSue. The donuts turned out to be soft and lovely. I made it into bite sized donuts. Thank you to these two lovely ladies for sharing the recipe with us. Since I was running out of time, I just coat it with fine sugar.

Posted by MamaFaMi
Source : HaSue via Rima

Ingredients :

500g high protein flour (i used half bread flour and half all purpose flour)
1 packet of instant yeast (11g)
50g Margarine (i used unsalted butter)
1 tbsp Shortening
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp condense milk or milk powder
1 egg (lightly beaten)
1/2 tsp salt
200ml warm water
Fine sugar for coating

Method :

1. In a big bowl, add warm water, yeast, sugar, milk, margarine and shortening and stir using spoon lightly and let it rest for 8-10 mins.
2. Once yeast mixture starting to bubble, add half of sifted flour into bowl, add egg and salt too... continue to stir using spoon (in one direction)
3. Once mixture incorporated and not sticking to your spoon, add another half of the sifted flour, mix lightly with spoon and quickly continue to knead dough using your hand till dough no longer sticking to the bowl (you will know if dough is ready when ur dough no longer stick to your fingers)
4. You don't have to let dough rest but if you want a much much more rounder donut, you may do so for 5 to 10 mins
5. Roll dough to about 1/2" thick and cut with donut cutter
6. Heat oil and deep fry donut on medium heat till golden brown (if u prefer a much more fluffier, do rest it for 10mins or so, the more lighter ur donut is, the more fluffier it will be)
7. Once cool, coat donut using fine sugar or melted chocolate..

Bread Maker method :

1. Pour water into the breadmaker pan. Add sugar, condensed milk, egg and salt.
2. Top it with flour. Select the dough function and press start.
3. When the dough is slightly incorporated, add in margarine and shortening and leave the bread maker to finish it's process which will takes about 1 1/2 hour or so.
4. Remove the dough from the pan.
Steps 5 till the end, is similar as the above.

One of the brownies ordered by Madam Saerah. Thank you neighbour!

For Nubhan FC's event. Thank you Zai, Angah, Harney and Kikey... (2 boxes)

Cupcakes ordered by my sister in law for her neighbour... Thank you.

Have a nice day!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Abang Ngah dalam kenangan


Last Saturday night, at around 11.25pm, I received a sad news from my hubby's late cousin's family. Another member of the family, MOHD ARDLAN ALDA BIN ABD RAHMAN (26 years old) passed away peacefully, after being warded at Hospital Kuala Lumur for almost a month.

Abang Ngah as we used to call him, among the family, was such a nice boy. Very polite and very helpful in whatever way possible, just like his late dad. May Allah bless his soul… forgive him of his sins and grant him the highest levels of paradise….. Ameen.


Posted by MamaFaMi
Source : Cupcakes Bite Size Treats Book

Ingredients :

230g flour
230g sugar
1 teaspoon salt
2 large eggs
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon soda bicarbonate
170ml water
170ml fresh milk
1 teaspoon vanilla essence

110ml melted chocolate (I didn't use this)

Method :

1. Preheat oven to 180 /350F/Gas mark 4. Line a cupcake baking tray with paper liners.
2. Place all the ingredients (except the melted chocolate) into a large bowl and mix with a hand mixer for 30 seconds, on low speed. Scrape the bowl and mix again, this time at high speed for 2 1/2 minutes.
3. Spoon the mixture into the paper liners, up to about 2/3 full. Place in the centre of the oven for 20 to 25 minutes. Remove from the oven and allow to cool for 5 minutes. Remove the cupcakes in their paper liners, and place them on a wire rack to cool down completely.
4. Once the cupcakes have cooled, melt the chocolate and allow to cool for one minute (don't let it set). Top each of the cakes and leave for at least 10 minutes to set. (I didn't make this. Instead I just decorate it with buttercream for Fatin's friends)

Have a nice day!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fatin's Sale

For this semester, Fatin and her group had to do some business to fulfil their course requirement. One of the merchandise that they are selling includes food. Fatin had asked me, if I could help them out and of course, I'd be very happy to! And these were what I had sent to her yesterday...

Chocolate Chips Muffin

Crunchy Chocolate Chips Cookies


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Butter cake


I had a good laugh yesterday night.

I was actually exhausted towards the end of the day after doing all the house chores and also running some errands as well. I wanted to just relax infront of the laptop and tried to update my 'abandoned' blog but then came my sister in the yahoo messenger and we started chatting and she had asked me to find this oldies. Guess what, I got hooked with oldies! I listened to one after another. And that carried on till my facebook. I just wanted to share one song, but then came Nazrina Zamani. From one song, it became like 5 oldies on my wall... and the comments on those posts really made me laugh! Thanks for making my day! Hugs to all of you......


I wanted to bake something, and I need something easy and fast to bake for my nephew and nieces who came by last Monday with my brother to send my mom. Didn't have much time to browse through the internet or my printouts. Came across this recipe at Rima's blog and started baking right away. I made the right decision. The cake is nice. But I omit the sultanas as I don't think the kids would like it. According to Rima, she took it from Yat Maria's blog who got it from VG's closed blog. Thank you to all you lovely ladies for the recipe ya.

Posted by MamaFaMi
Adapted from : Yat Maria's and Rima's Sultana Butter Cake

Ingredients :

5 eggs
180 caster sugar
200g self raising flour - sifted
250g butter - soften
1/2 teaspoon orange oil

enough chocolate rice

Method :

1. Grease baking tin. (I used foil, so I didn't grease)
2. Pre-heat oven at 170C
3. Beat butter and sugar till creamy and light.
4. Add egg one at a time and mix until well combined.
5. Mix in orange oil and mix evenly.
6. Add flour and fold in slowly.
7. Pour mixute into baking tin and sprinkle with chocolate rice on top.
8. Bake for 45 - 50 minutes.
9. Remove and cool on rack.

Have a nice day!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Apple, Carrot and Orange Coleslaw


Last Tuesday morning, I put up a post in Facebook, asking how to get to Hospital Kuala Lumpur via commuter from Subang Jaya. Alhamdulillah, there are a number of friends who is more than willing to help. For that, I am very thankful. I am blessed to have such wonderful and helpful circle of friends around, just like Eiffa Fourgy had said....[quote] untung mama ramai kawan.... x sesat jln...[unquote]. Thanks to Nazrina a.k.a Bunga April, Nor Aliza Abdul Aziz, Zana Abd Majid, Rahman Roslina and Eilla Zalila to name a few, for all the suggestions. And not forgetting to my dearest Sister and her Arjuna for trying their best to help! Arjunaaaa??? Ahaks... mama pun dah sengal....

We took the commuter from Subang Jaya straight to Sentul Station. And yes, I ENJOYED THE TRAIN RIDE... ahaks.. kesian tol orang tua ni.. lom grow up lagi gamaknya!. When we got down at Sentul Station, we took a cab just outside the station. When we reached the hospital, hubby paid RM12.00 and we went straight to third floor to see Abang Ngah at the ICU unit. The moment I saw him, felt like bursting into tears but knowing that the family needs to be strong, I just held back the tears. It wasn't easy! My duaa, may Allah blessed Abang Ngah with the best, only HE knows what.

After like an hour or so at the hospital, we made our way home. We waited at the taxi stand in the Hospital area and none stop for almost 10 minutes. Then we decided to walk out of the hospital area and in less than 10 minutes time, we were in the cab to the commuter station. This time, the driver had the meter on. Guess what was the fare? RM6.80 and I actually enjoyed the music that he played on his cd player. Uji Rashid songs, my favourite artist. Just count how much the first taxi driver took as his 'TIPS'. Ish... how could he? Anyway, we just make halaal for all the 'extra tips' or otherwise, he'll be giving his family something not halaal right?

Hubby and my son, seeing how happy the mama was on the ride, decided to join in the happiness! Hahaha... We all had fun, didn't we guys?! Must do more often huh? Hahaha.....


I came across this coleslaw recipe from Wendy's lovely blog and decided to give it a go. Had it with frozen Chicken Chop (Ayam Madu Brand), brown sauce (made from the brown sauce powder given by my neighbour Saerah) and fried some frozen fries to complete the menu. I just love the coleslaw. Thank you to Wendy for the simple yet lovely recipe. Allow me to share it here.

Posted by MamaFaMi
Source : Wendy

Ingredients :

2 cups thinly julienned carrots
1 red apple, cut into thin matchsticks
1 green apple, cut into thin matchsticks
1 orange, segmented
1 smallish lemon, juiced


2 heaped tablespoons mayonnaise
1 clove garlic, grated
1 heaped tablespoon chopped fresh herbs (parsley, dill or whichever combination you prefer)
1/8 teaspoon salt and black pepper to taste

Method :

1. Cut both apples into matchsticks and toss with lemon juice. Chill in fridge.
2. Slice carrots with a fruit peeler or mandolin, then julienne the slices. Cover and keep in fridge.
3. Peel orange with a knife. Cut the skin off until you see the flesh. Then run a small knife between each segment's membrane to retreive the flesh.
4. Combine ingredients for dressing, taste and adjust if needed.
5. Before serving, toss everything together and sprinkle with some extra chopped herbs.

Have a nice day!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Basic Bread Recipe (a keeper)


I had such a wonderful weekend. Alhamdulillah.

On Saturday, hubby gave me his permission to have Girls' Day Out with my sister and her 'happening' friends, Suryani and Hazlinda. We went to watch Ombak Rindu, the lastest Malay film in the cinema, on Suryani. Thank you dearie...bolehlah belanja selalu, murah rezeki you... i like..... We chose to watch at the TGV at Sunway Pyramid. Goodness, to find a parking space there, at 11 am, is very challenging. We had to go round and round the parking lot. Luckily it was Mak Chu who's driving and us (me and Hazlinda) giving her the moral support she needed.... hahahaha.... Finally we managed to find parking at the 5th floor. Then the 'challenge' to find the cinema begins as all of us are not that familiar with Sunway Pyramid! What a good excercise we had! Managed to reach TGV to find Suryani waiting patiently (ye ke?? Ahaks.. siap cekak pinggang bagai kooo... sorry beb..traffic jam... ahaks... alasan klise) for us. We entered the cinema just 5 minutes before the show begins. Right on time!

I have not read the novel by Fauziah Ashari, so I don't really know what to expect. But I was all ready to shed lots of tears as I understand, the movie will be a very touchy one, from the reviews that I had read. I brought a face towel and a packet of tissue with me. But guess what, it didn't happen at all and I am amazed with myself for being so strong! All thanks to ONE of us who really cried her heart out while watching! Hehehehe... I didn't use my face towel, only the packet of tissue. Not to wipe my tears but HERS. Hehehe..... It was a lovely movie... sad, funny, angry, romantic.. all in...

After the movie, we had lunch at Penyet Express. My first time eating Ayam Penyet and it was not disappointing. Then we went to Popular Bookshop and I managed to grab one new novel... haven't read yet as I have quite a pile waiting in queue! I'd like to thank Mak Chu, Suryani and Hazlinda for the lovely day out.... I'm refreshed now! Thank you girls... muah muah muah....

And yesterday... my lovely day out with darling hubby... thank you love......


Made these buns for my sister and her two buddies. Started preparing the bread soon after Fajr prayers and managed to get it baked before we leave for Sunway Pyramid. Guess what, I didn't keep the buns in an airtight container till we got back after 4 pm because I took the buns out of the oven, just before leaving. But the buns stayed soft! I just love this recipe. Posted it once before, but I'll post it again here with a slight change. THIS RECIPE IS DEFINATELY A KEEPER, one of the best to me. Thank you to Puan Roshayati Johari for this WONDERFUL Basic Dough recipe.

Posted by MamaFaMi
Source : Puan Roshayati Johari

Ingredients :

500g bread flour/high protein flour
100g sugar
1 teaspoon salt
30g milk powder
1 teaspoon bread improver (optional)
1 teaspoon bread softener (optional)
4 teaspoons instant dry yeast

250ml water
1 egg (lightly beaten)

80g margarine

Coarse sugar to sprinkle

Method :

1. Mix well all ingredients in (A)
2. Add (B) into (A) and knead till smooth.
3. Add (C) and continue kneading till smooth and shiny and dough does not stick to your hand.
4. Leave to prove for 30 - 40 minutes.
5. Punch down the dough to let the air out.
6. Divide the dough according to the weight you wish. Make into balls and leave to rest for 10 minutes.
7. Shape accordingly.
8. Leave to prove for 40 minutes - 1 hour.
9. Bake till golden brown.


Bread Maker method :

1. Into the breadmaker pan, pour in the water, egg, salt, sugar and bread softener.
2. Top it with flour, milk powder, bread improver and instant dried yeast.
3. Set the bread maker to DOUGH setting and press start. When the dough is just combined, add in margarine. Leave the bread maker to finish the cycle which will takes about 1 1/2 hour or so.
4. Remove the dough from the pan and divide the dough into 20 equal portions. Roughly about 49 to 50g each.
5. Form each portion into a ball and arrange on a baking tray. Spray with a bit of water. Leave to rise for another 30 minutes or so.
6. Sprinkle the top of the dough with enough coarse sugar. Spray with a bit of water on the dough surface before putting the tray into the oven.
6. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 180c for 30 minutes or till golden brown.
7. Once out of the oven, brush with a bit of butter. Place on a wire rack to cool. Keep in an airtight container.

Have a nice day!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Coffee Pecan Muffin


In case any of you are wondering, why I had been missing from the cyberworld, here are the few excuses reasons that I can think of.

1. Towards the end of the school term, the whole family was not keeping well. Infact Syahmi didn't go to school on the last day of the term because he was down with flu. I had to pump myself with lots of liquid, vitamins and whatever possible suppliments in order to avoid myself from catching the virus.
2. I went for a minor lipoma removal operation at KPJ Selangor last 21st November. Stayed at the hospital for 3 days. Thank you to Dr Askandar, Dr Suraya, all the staffs at the 5th floor and also those at the admin and X-Ray section. Alhamdulillah, at the moment, I am still taking it easy on everything, though many didn't think so! Hahaha...

3. And while being in this situation, I took the opportunity to read as many novels as I can. Some I've managed to upload on my other blog, MamaFaMi's Journey of Life.


Posted by MamaFaMi
Source : Jo's Deli Bakery via Nurdia

Ingredients :

180g all-purpose flour
195g superfine flour
5 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
210g castor sugar

2 large eggs, lightly beaten
300ml milk

3 tablespoons instant coffee powder
130g butter, melted and cooled

200g pecans, toasted and chopped

Method :

1. Preheat oven at 200 degC. Line muffin tray with paper cups.

2. Sift flours, baking powder and salt into a mixing bowl. Add sugar into the flour mixture. Use a whisk to lightly blend the mixture.

3. Dissolve instant coffee powder in milk.

4. In another mixing bowl, combine egg, coffee solution and melted butter.

5. Make a well in the middle of dry ingredients. Add the wet ingredients and mix just until all the flour is moistened. Fold chopped pecans into batter. The batter should look lumpy. Do not overmix.

6. Divide batter into 12 muffin cups. Reduce temperature to 180degC and bake muffins for 25-30 minutes or until well risen.

7. Transfer to wire racks to let cool.

Note :

1. Chewy texture is undesirable in the preparation of muffins. Therefore, only minimum mixing is required to produce tender products. There are two methods in the preparation of muffins, namely the muffin method and the creaming method.

•The muffin method - Dry ingredients and wet ingredients are prepared separately in two mixing bowls. They are then mixed until the dry ingredients are just moistened by the wet ones. This method is easier and faster than the creaming method. However, there is a tendency of overmixing the batter which results in tough texture.

•The creaming method - Fat, sugar and salt are creamed until light and fluffy. Eggs are than added, one at a time. Add liquids and finally fold in flour and baking powder. Mix until just smooth. Although this method is time consuming, possibility of overmixing is actually low.

2. Basic baker's percentage of muffins:

•Flour 100%
•Sugar 60%
•Baking powder 6%
•Salt 1.25%
•Egg 20%
•Milk 80%
•Fat 30%

Have a nice day!