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Monday, October 10, 2011

Chinese Fried Rice and Thank You Kjee!


When I first decided to have my own website, further encouraged by my sifoo Sis Hanieliza, all I had in mind was just to admire my not-so-pretty photos (but at that time, my photos are the prettiest in my eyes!) in the Internet! What other people think of the photos, I didn't even bother. Just to see them in my own website is enough to make my day! And that's one of the strongest reason, why I am attached to my kitchen! To have more photos! Hahaha...

Besides the kitchen story, the Fotopage is more like my daily diary back then in Malawi, Africa and I am really grateful I had done that. My computer got corrupted when we came back to Malaysia and most of the photos can't be saved. Sigh... At least, I have the photos in the Fotopage to recall the memories... alhamdulillah...

Little did I know, as time goes by, I made many friends and the best thing is, my website is recognized. Though I know I am not a somebody, but when my blog's url was first printed in Sis Norzailina Nordin's novel, Menanti Kasih, I was so excited. Mind you.. just the BLOG URL... nothing else. Hahaha.. poyo betul kan? After that I was approached by Sis Lily Haslina to contribute photos and recipes in Majalah Jelita. You can read more about it here.

Besides that, friends like Che Mat Gebu and Ummi Zaihadi, to name a few, helped to promote me though I don't stand the same leve as them. They are way well knowned than me with so many followers and fans. Thank you my dear friends.

Kjee yang comel. Gambar disnap oleh Che Mat Gebu yang comel juga.. :D

The latest was at Kjee's Blog. Kjee or the real name is Fauziah Abdul Samad , a celebrity, a script writer, a journalist and pardon me if I've left out anything else Kjee. Trully flattered. Thank you so much Kjee and thank you so much to each and everyone out there. You guys are the one who inspired me to continue blogging and it's not the other way round actually. Hugs to all.....


I had some leftover rice and decided to try out this simple recipe by Sis Hanieliza. Thank you sis.

Posted by MamaFaMi
Adapted from Sis Hanieliza's Blog

Ingredients :

1 bowl of leftover rice
2 eggs - lightly beaten
fish cake - sliced
prawns - peel the top part of the prawns and remove dirt veins
carrots - diced
red, green and yellow capsicums - diced
salt to taste
cooking oil

To be minced :
2 garlic cloves
1 teaspoon black pepper

Garnish :
spring onion
crispy fried onion

Method :

1. Heat oil in a wok and saute the minced ingredients till fragrant.
2. Add in diced carrots and stir for a few minutes.
3. Add in eggs and stir till half cooked then put in prawns and fish cake.
4. Add in diced capsicums and salt.
5. Add in rice and stir to mix well.
6. Remove from heat and garnish with spring onion and crispy fried onion.

Have a nice day!


  1. wow... my salivary glands are now activated.... :)

  2. give us more more n more..gambar2 sis always put me in trouble..heh heh

  3. congratzz mamaa..u're definitely my idol & everyone else's too!! muaaah!!

  4.'re one of most wonderful person that I've ever will always be there when I need to talk, laugh and cry...muaaahhhh!! Miss you so much dear!

  5. I am always ready for a good plate of fried rice anytime!

  6. yang ini baru betul nasi goreng cina, saya suka ma..

  7. mama...
    as for me... you are the one who drag me into fotopages... still remember every time when I told or report to you I've tried your recipe.. you will remind me to update to my own website which at the time I don't have any... until one fine day.. I'm thinking of what you're always said to me.. so that's why I create my own fotopages.. so.. cooking is more fun after that.. hihi.. Not only we can enjoy the food.. but also we can keep the recipes & the food photos for our memories.. THANKS MAMA...


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