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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Journey to Tambun, Ipoh, Perak

Last weekend, we went to Tambun, Ipoh, Perak. Not to The Lost World but to an old time friend's house who stayed somewhere inside the Sunway area. We had a swell time.... chatting, eating, laughing till late! It had always been that way everytime all of us meet up, no matter where.

Anyway, that was not what I wanted to write about in this post. What hubby doesn't know that time was, deep down,  I was actually feeling so sad. Why? It's neither because of the friend's family nor mine but the scenery along the highway. Full of greenery, full of mountains which reminds me a lot of Malawi, Africa.... if not because of the smooth road ride and if it's not because of the number of cars on the road, I will surely think that I am in Malawi... I really really really miss Malawi so much... and the feeling was unbearable that time...

Looks like in Dedza Malawi...

Along the highway to Tambun, Perak...

Zomba Road look alike... :((

Nostalgic ride...unbearable....

Sigh.... will I be able to visit Malawi again? Only Allah knows...........................


  1. salam mama...maaaa esok2 kita kalau merajuk, jomm pi tambun pulak, nampak macam ada guaa kann sebab berbukit bukau...mesti wifi pun ada...

  2. Ma...
    kalau saya tau malaysia je ma...kampung halaman saya lagiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii byk gunung n sungai2 yang menarik....... wah ma dah shot gmbr masa keta dok jalan ni.....dasat dasat....goodjob ma


  3. salam mamafami's
    aduss teringat kenangan balik kamoung hubby
    bila mama shoot gamabr2 ni
    take care

  4. mamafami...rindu kat mama.lama tak jenguk sini.cantik gunung ganang tu..

    mlm td kan..saya wat mee kuning resipe mama.Alhamdulillah menjadi walau cam cacing..kurang mahir la mama..hehe.qatar kan takda mee kuning.lepas la gian nak mee goreng mamak.

  5. hihi mama teringat kat Malawi lagi ke. ..insyallah mana tau esuk lusa rezeki Allah. Semuga mama dapat kesana lagi ...Amin.
    emmmm masak apa hari ini.


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