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Friday, March 4, 2011

Make your own Yummy Cheesey Wedges!


Syahmi is not well today. He's body was warm yesterday night and before he went to bed, I had given him some fever tablets, pasted the Kool Fever on his forehead and place a few damp towels under his armpits, on his tummy and under his neck. This morning, he's not 100% fit but he still goes to school as he's having his first term examinations. Told him to call me soonest possible if he thinks he needs to come home. Meanwhile, I am praying hard that his fever would go. Hate it when other family members are sick. If only I could swap places, I wouldn't mind swapping because then I know what I must do to get rid of the fever. I just hope he's okay in school.....

Yesterday evening, I had prepared these for dinner. But still, at 10.40pm, we went out to have tea! Loving it... not the 'eating and drinking' part but the 'ride at night' part! Hahaha... there's still a kid in me, whom will never grow up... i guess...

Fried macaroni

Lepat pisang....dearest hubby's favourite


When I was in Facebook before, someone had tagged me on this one product. Infact many had tagged me with their products but those that I am not interested in, I will just leave it as it is and those with many replies to the post, I would have to remove it from my wall as my email will start piling up and I had to keep deleting them. That irritates me sometime.

Those products that I find interesting and might be useful to others, I would gladly help tag my friends. Who knows they would be interested too. One of it is Ummi's Cheezy House's Jalapeno Cheese Powder. Well, I think I've made the right move to tag my friends. The Cheese Powder is just lovely. You can now have Cheesey Wedges at the very comfort of your home and you can enjoy them to your heart's content. Thank you Ummi for the Cheese Powder. They are simply marvelous!


Ingredients :

350g frozen wedges (I used Simplot Wedges with spicy seasoning)
1/2 cup Jalapeno Cheese Powder
1/2 cup mineral water (lessen it if you want a thicker sauce)
enough mayonaise

Method :

1. Fry the frozen wedges till golden brown. Remove from heat and set aside.
2. Mix well the Jalapeno Cheese Powder with water to form thick sauce.
3. Place the cheese sauce in a piping bag and pipe onto the wedges.
4. Pipe some mayonaise on top of it. Ready to serve. MasyaAllah...heaven on earth!

To those who are interested to get the Jalapeno Cheese Powder, kindly contact these following numbers :

Ummi : 013-3626742 or 01118323145
Hazlinda : 012-6082204

Have a nice day!


  1. Selamat pagi mama...moga syahmi cepat sembuh..lepat pisang tu nmpk sedapp eeh...tgok lepat terus teringat mak kat kg, pastu bila mama citer pasal mama jga syahmi time dia sakit lagi la teringat...i miss my mum!!

  2. mama..nk lepat [pisang....
    rindu sama mama...sihat ke mama?
    lama x ke udara kat FB..moga2 mama sihat yek..

    tu le pg ni mcm rasa nak masuk sini, rupanya ada bau lepat pisang..kekekekkee

  3. As salam.....hihi nice looking wedges....err baru semalam makan nie tapi kat Kfc lah. Bur lepat pisang tu mengamcam lah...ish ish bestnya kalau duk dekat rumah mama sure dapat sepiring.

  4. assalamualaikum..

    salam kenal.. suke tgk blog ni .. pandai la u masak.. btw, my son's name pun syahmi gak.. kebetulan pulak skrg pun die tgh demam, lepas kena 18mths jab aritu..

    may both syahmi get well soon ;)

  5. ma i stunt with all yr cook..macaron my fav,lepat pisang walah...the cheesey wedges is my kids kfc must..
    so all make my finger licking gd..
    lastly pls check my mail to u abt shima's wed invitation.our frens waiting for u.daaaa.
    pls ad marina mohamad n ad me too.

  6. Mamafami jelita,

    nampak sedap...tq share kat sini. potato wedges peberet anak - anak.

  7. ohh.. bagus ni... tqs mama... my fav ni..


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