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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Roti Naik

I am going nuts over bread. I just can't resist baking bread, whenever I saw someone posting photos of bread! Gosh.... I need to get help now! Hahaha... I am breadaholic! Hahaha.... is there any such word as that! Well, as long as it's not against the law, I think the police won't bother to come and get me!

Anyway, yesterday I had promised to share this newly tested recipe. Made it yesterday for my brother to bring home. Whenever my brother said he's coming, that was like my golden opportunity to try out whatever recipe that I had in mind. My nieces and nephew good eaters, unlike my kids, slightly choosey. But now they are much better compared to before. So yesterday, I was in the kitchen very early. Made for them a chiffon cake, bread and also serimuka. Wanted to bake more, but ran out of time!

Okay, back to the bread story... when I came across Nana's bread photo in her facebook wall, I had asked for the recipe which she had kindly tag me in her notes. And I said to myself, I must give it a try one day and that day was yesterday. Well, my honest review of this bread, it would be the loveliest, if I had omitted the ghee. To me and also to those whom I had given the buns to taste, had the same opinion that the ghee gave a funny taste to it. But the texture is so soft and lovely. InsyaAllah I will try again this recipe without the ghee and see how it goes. My heartiest thanks to Puan Asmahan Hanim and Puan Nana Samat for sharing this recipe with us... Allow me to post it here for many others to try. Whatever I've posted in English was how I had made the bread. The original recipe is the one in Bahasa Malaysia... May Allah bless you both....

Source : Puan Asmahan Hanim via Nana Samat

Ingredients :

500g flour
1 egg yolk (grade A)
180g sugar
2.5g instant dried yeast
113g margarine
37g ghee
1 cup lukewarm water

1 egg + a bit of fresh milk (for egg wash the buns)
a bit of butter for glazing

Bread Maker method :

1. Pour water, egg and sugar into the bread maker pan. Top it with flour and yeast.
2. Set the breadmaker to Dough function.
3. Once the dough is just combined, add in margarine and ghee. Leave the Breadmaker to continue doing it's job. This process will take about 1 1/2 hour including prooving.
4. Divide the dough into 20 equal portions. Form each into a ball and arrange on a baking tray.
5. Cover the buns and let it rise until double in size (it takes another 30-40 min) Brush the buns with some egg wash.
7. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 200 C 15-20 minutes or until golden brown.
8. Once out of the oven, brush with a bit of butter. Place on a wire rack to cool. Keep in an airtight container.

Roti Naik

Sumber : Puan Asmahan Hanim via Nana Samat

Bahan-bahan :

1kg tepung gandum
3 biji telur – diambil kuning sahaja
375g gula halus
5g serbuk ibu roti
225g marjerin
75g minyak sapi
Mentega untuk disapu ke atas roti
2½ cawan air

Cara memasak :

Larutkan serbuk ibu roti dalam air. Kacau dan biarkan sebentar.

Pukul gula halus bersama kuning telur sehingga sebati. Kemudian masukkan marjerin dan minyak sapi sedikit demi sedikit. Pukul sehingga rata. Gaulkan tepung ke dalam aduan dan tambahkan air sedikit demi sedikit. Uli sehingga sebati. Adunan dibahagi tiga. Uli dan lambung setinggi 1/2m adunan tersebut sebanyak 100 kali bagi setiap adunan.

Setelah siap, satukan ketiga-tiga adunan tadi. Perap selama satu jam di tempat yang tidak berangin tetapi panas sehingga adunan naik.

Setelah itu, bulatkan adunan tadi setiap sebesar telur ayam dan aturkan ke dalam loyang. Jangan terlalu rapat kerana adunan tersebut akan naik lagi. Letakkan adunan tadi di tempat yang berangin tetapi panas untuk beberapa jam supaya adunan dapat naik lagi.

Bakar roti pada suhu ketuhar 190c untuk 15-20min. Sapukan sedikit mentega di atas roti sejurus dikeluarkan dari ketuhar.

Have a nice day everyone!


  1. wowww lembut gebuuu! nak buat jugak lah... amik resepi er ma...

  2. wow mama i like...i like..sgt gebu...i pun dh jadi breadaholic ....first time tengok mama tunjuk kan cara nk buat roti...terus berminat....lepas tu tengok kat blog mat gebu....ramai lg like izah, nieza, yatie, hana....

  3. mama, lembut & gebusnya...! geramnya roti tu, kita kan antu roti..!

  4. Thanks for the mention. I also used your resipi as a reference :) The thing with bread making....the ingredients always need updating!

    I'm yet to get back in gear with my breads...tapi tu 7 bulan ni agak hyper :)) so...timing, timetable, tuning semua lari hahahah....but i'll be back ;))

    Thanks again for the mention :)

  5. salam mama...lenda minta izin cnp resepi ye mama...tq byk2 muah2...

  6. akk..saya amik resepi ini ea..thax..

  7. mama naper tak buatkan tuk Ain.. ain nak order roti naik dgn mama... inform ler ain ye kalau buat lagik.. ain amek depan umah mama ye... sedapnyaaaa

  8. salam mama, saya pun dh mabuk meroti...hehe btw suka tgk roti mama buat...gebus...:)

  9. gebuss nya ... kagum dgn kehandalan dan kepakaran Mama. i craze for bread too. tapi untuk makan je la. Selalunya buat sausage roll je tp x sempat nak jamah sb jd rezeki anak2.

  10. Salam Mama, waaah lama x kedengaran khabar berita muu...aku rinduuuuu..huhuuu...Tp roti mu itu lg wat diriku remuk redam memendam rasa...hehe...berserat2 teksturnyaaa...harus dicobain...muaaah 1000 tuk Mama ku cayang..!

  11. Mama....tak leh tahan...harusla menggerakkan BM ku untuk menjalankan tugas menguli......teruja la

  12. Salam Mama....

    Gebusssnya Roti Tu....Pos Laju ke Sini Maaa....

  13. ishhhh mama, jelesnya, cantik tu. I did my roti (fm yr resepi gak) yg ada water roux tu on wed, jadilah jugak, dok tunggu nak posting sj, now i see a slightly different one pulak.....


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