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Friday, September 24, 2010

Rolled Blueberry Tarts (cookies)


Jumaa Mubaraq....

When was the last time I updated my page? Let me check.....5th September???!!! And today is the 24th September already!!! OMG, it's been like almost 20 days this blog was left untouched! Goodness me, what had happened? Is this blog closing?

Well, life had been VERY HECTIC for me since the last 2 weeks of Ramadhan and still is till today. During Ramadhan, I was busy baking tart shells, cookies, brownies and cupcakes for orders. I was very thankful that Eid was on Friday and not Thursday! That Friday, I just had to freeze my baking activities and concentrate on clearing the upside down house first. I wiped the furnitures as much as I could, swept the floor, mopped the whole house and change the curtains! And would you believe it if I said, I baked another cookies after Isyak that day! Well this year, I've learnt my lesson the hard way. I must stop delaying my work even if it seems like there's not much to be done because once you start doing it, you'll be surprise how much the load of work is! Remember that MamaFaMi!!!!

At the moment, I am still busy baking another batch of tart shells for a few ladies who had placed their orders earlier on. I do really appreciate their understanding. Besides baking tart shells, I am my hubby's loyal chaperone. I am always on standby mode. So, to all my YM and SKYPE gangs, sorry all, I hardly go online nowadays......

Note : I still have two Eid cards to collect! Oh gosh, hopefully I would be able to do so, soonest possible....


The recipe that I'll be sharing today comes from the ever famous chef in Sedenak whom I managed to drop by his place during the first week of Eid, accompanied by dearest hubby, MamaZieza and her lovely daughter, Diana. Thank you so much Mat for your warm hospitality. Not to mention, our heartful thanks to Mak Yah, Bak and Brother Mat for keeping us company throughout our stay. It was such a pleasure to know all of you in person and hope to meet again one day. At least, now, when I mentioned Mat, I don't have to imagine anymore....

Blueberry tart


Ingredients :


150g ghee
100g butter
50g icing sugar
2 egg yolks
1 teaspoon vanilla essence


40g custard powder
400g flour
Purple food coloring

Blueberry jam
Egg yolk ~ for brushing
Enough colourful chocolate vermicelli

Method :

1. Cream ingredients A until just combined.
2. Add in flour until a soft dough is formed.
3. Press the dough through a pineapple tart mould.
4. Place the filling in middle and roll. Place in a small papercups and arrange on the baking tray.
5. Brush with some egg yolk, mixed with a drop of yellow food coloring. Sprinkle with a bit of colorful vermicelli.
6. Bake in a preheated oven till done.

Have a nice day!


  1. Salam Raya maaa...rindunyerrrrrrrr!!!..muaahhhh30x....
    Ma, kita buat gak tau tat initi rasa intinyer...yang ADO...masemmmm...x besttt

  2. mamaaaaa...really miss uuu!! selamat ari rayaaaaa..... kue raya banyak lagi kan kan... tapau dua balang! kekekee

  3. Jasmeen Home Delight

    Salam Raya buat Meen sekeluarga juga. Tu la kan, kalau dah selalu kena sakat, bila mama lama tak menyakat, kan dah rindu-rinduan.

    Masam? Meen beli inti tu kat mana? Mama punya sedap je...

  4. Hana :
    Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri buat Hana sekeluarga juga. Ha ah, mama ni MIA lama betul. Tak berkesempatanlah nak update. Kalau pun ada masa terluang, sure dah terbaring letih. Nak wat cemana..sejak umur bertambah 'muda' ni kannnn... kuih ada lagi, tapi dah ciput ciput je ler, sebab buat pun ciput je...hehehe..

  5. Mama, mana lg gambar makan2 time..alaaa..Haha..dah xyah imagine lg Mat dah ek...agak2 ala2 hero negara mana yea..hindustan ka, pakistan ka, afghanistan ka..go head go stan kaaa...Kita pun x sabar ni nak jamah n sembang2 sakan dgn budak tu..hahahaa

  6. Ummi :
    Ummi... dah dapat update gambar dua ketul ni pun dah besar rahmat tau! Kita tak sempatlah Mi... kerja banyak... Kita ni asyik cakap kerja banyak, tapi sempat lagi bertonyeh kat FB.. ahahaha.. sabor je la

  7. Hi Mamafami!!! Still remember me??? ahahaha :D

    Wish U had a blasting Raya. No cookies for me uh? sad..;)

    Blueberry tarts, yumm yumm...

  8. salam mamafami..

    dgr gossip pi umah chef fofolur tu ek masa raya bersama dengan chef dari utara..tentu best dapat makan masakan dari dia..

    nanti kalau jadi akak gi rumah maz ek..kita lepak kat situ dgn kak liza.

  9. woish mama ni, lepas raya pon dok mengukis lagi...rajin rajin.

  10. Selamat hari raya ma... wahh bz..nyer wonder tak nampak mama for some time )

  11. Hi MamaFami, wow! Very nice the cakes. Ada lagi?
    You sure very good at creating, baking these delicious cakes.
    I guess one spoon in the mouth, habis cherita, nampak bulan naik, ha ha.
    You have a pleasant week, best regards, Lee.
    ps, guess who came for dinner?


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