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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Entry yang terlewat......

It is 19th Syawal today. Alhamdulillah hubby and me managed to complete our Sunnat Syawal yesterday.
And this year, I realised that I had not put any Eid Cards nor wish all of you a happy Eid before 1st Syawal. As mentioned in the previous entry, I was pretty tight up.

Since we celebrate Eid for a month, I think it's not wrong for me to still wish all of you a Happy Eid, right....

Thanks to Dr Inahar and Leen Hussain for passing me these Eid cards. Sorry for taking such a long time to collect them.

This year's Eid was full of surprises. Normally, we only visit our relatives' houses for Eid. But this year, hubby and me, even went to our friends' houses. And mind you, friend with an 's' a.k.a plural! Not only one friend but a few! I like!!! And not only that, some friends even came by my parents' place. It sure is a HAPPY EID! Thanks to Lea and family for dropping by. We surely had a 'loud' day, don't we! From my house, we went to Mamazieza's house and the loudness continues! Haha...happening oo kalau orang Melaka jumpa orang Melaka di bumi Melaka! Hahaha... betul tak Mamazieza?.

The next day, hubby drove both Mama Melakas (Mamazieza and me) to meet the ever so famous Mat Gebu and family. Thank you dearest darling hubby for driving us there. It was my first and Mamazieza's second time meeting Mat, but it feels like we've known each other for ages. We had a wonderful lunch at Mat's place and hubby really enjoyed the meal...

Thank you Mat... agak-agak...nak ajak lagi tak kami ke sana?


  1. Ma, makanan je kee, orang yang menghabiskan makanan xnak tunjuk jgk semua P n C punya kategori..x aciii..huhuuuu

  2. Salam Lewat Raya jugak Ma,
    Ayoiii.... sampai Sedenak ya. Itu Mama yang satu lagi tuuuu.... lepas ni ada pulak kali ketiga , keempat, kelima and so on apaaaaa...he he he.
    Hebat raya mama ekkk. Kami rasa kali ini adalah raya kami yang paling tak best. Lepas raya tiga empat hari hubby dah outstation for 2 weeks !!! Hmmmm...memerap kat rumah aje lah kami nii. Apa pun, maaf zahir batin ye maa.

  3. Salam aidilfitri ma...pohon maaf ada ada salah silap budi bicara...
    Sakan gak ya raya...lagi2 dpt beraya kat sedenak..

  4. stil dlm bulan syawal ma..lambat pun xpe...

  5. Hi mama,
    lama tak sampuk walau dok jengok rumah mama.
    salam lewat lebaran dari makcik juga ye...

  6. salam ma... kangen sama mama... sekut raya ade lg tak ma? nak dtg raya nih! jeles sumer org dpt jumpa mama peyuk peyuk... eee biler nak jumpa mama erk???! hihihi

  7. Selamat Hari Raya to u too Mama.. Syukur dah selesai Puasa 6

  8. ma...
    jelesnya dgr. taun ni kita raya kelate. tapi taun dpn kat melaka, so nk booking la geng mama jalan2.. boleh?? ^_^

  9. Salam Ukhwah, Salam Jumaat, Salam Rindu Khas Utk MamaFami Tersayang....

    Wah! Mama....Sekrg Dah Selalu Jalan2 Menziarahi Rakan2 Blog Yer...Bila Pulak Nak Kerumah Lin? Hehehehe

  10. salam mama...lama x jenguk dapur ni..apa kabar? hrp sihat2 sll :)))

  11. Salam mama. Lama nya tak dengar berita. Hope everything is well despite your busy life. Just to let you know I tried mama's style of decorating cupcake (yg ada rossette tu) tapi mine huduh ler... thanks ya!


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