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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sambal Daging


Yesterday, I cooked for Iftaar. A simple dish of Sambal Daging and hardboiled salted egg. When everyone were seated at the table, hubby had said,"Wah sedapnya. Lama tak makan masakan mama" Translation would roughly yummy...had been quite a while since we eat mama's cooking.... And would you believe it, it was only the day before that I didn't cook! Haha... hubby misses his dear wifey's cooking already! But the way the boys enjoyed their Iftaar yesterday, made me really happy! Thank you boys for making my day.....

And for sehri, we had Mamee Goreng Indonesia... yumm.....

Mamee Goreng Indonesia

Today, I'll try to fulfill my mission with all my might! Wish me luck... go go MamaFaMi......


Will share this Sambal Daging recipe that I got from hubby's late grandma. Her cooking was simply superb. I remembered those good old days when she's still around... how I really enjoyed her cooking especially her Sambal Daging and Asam Pedas. The taste is just so yummilicously srumptious.... mmmm... Really miss uwan so much.. May her soul rest in peace.. Al-Fatihah...

Sambal Daging

Source : Uwan

Ingredients :

4 tablespoons chillie paste
4 shallots - minced
1 cm shrimp paste (belacan) - minced together with shallots
1 onion - sliced
2 tablespoons tamarind juice
1/2 cup coconut milk
salt to taste
zeal - optional
cooking oil
Beef (preferably topside) - boil in a bit of water and a bit of salt till tender

Method :

1. Heat oil and add in the chillie paste. Fry till fragrant.
2. Add in minced shallots and belacan. Stir.
3. Add in the tamarind juice.
4. Put in the tender beef, coconut milk, salt and zeal. Mix well.
5. Lastly, add in the sliced onion. Stir for a minute or two and remove from heat.

Have a nice day!


  1. Salam Mamaaaaa....
    Waaaah dapat pujian sakan la nooo..mmg nampak sungguh sedap sambal daging tu....terliur jek tgk..simple tp sedap..tu yg laku kat rumah kan..

  2. salam simple tp sodaap kan maa!! kena masuk list nih..selamat berpose mama!! kita berbuka kt klinik je minggu tunjuk2 la tu..uhukss!

  3. betul tu.simple tapi mmg yang ni la jadi kegemaran..

  4. maa... sambal daging mmg fav kita. kalau masuk serai yg diketuk lagi best. ishh... telan air liur je nengok mama punya ni.


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