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Friday, August 13, 2010

Sambal abah's style


2 days had passed in this Holy month of Ramadhan. How was it? Whatever it is, I pray that we will be blessed by HIM and may we be rewarded with the best.... Amin...

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When I posted this photo in my Facebook, a few had asked for the recipe. I had seen my abah making this before and the way we love his sambal belacan is beyond words... We miss you dearly, abah....

But I made a slight adjustment to abah's version by adding the cherry tomatoes.

Sambal Belacan


Ingredients :

2 fresh red chillies
2 shallots ~ sliced
1 garlic ~ sliced
1 inch Belacan
3 cherry tomatoes
Salt - if necessary
a bit of sugar

Method :

1. Fry the Belacan, chillies, shallots and garlic separately.
2. Place the fried ingredients except belacan into a stone mortar.
3. Pound the ingredients. And once they are mashed up, add in belacan, cherry tomatoes, salt and sugar to taste.
4. Remove from the mortar and ready to serve.

Have a safe and great weekend...


  1. Sidapnyer, kompom balik kang buat! Kalau buat kang mesti teringat abah kan? Hmmmm....

  2. waaaa tabik spring sama abah ma pandai wat sambal belacan! leh cube nih len sket buh tomato..

  3. Mama,kita serupalah...sambal belacan babah mama sama dgn sambal belacan abah saya...nak baliklah minta abah buat sambal belacaaannnn....

  4. uish sedapnya rupa sambal belacan ni cam arwah nenek suami saya buat tua2 buat mesti sedap kan!.nampak sempoi tapi ish..sodap lah.

  5. salam ramadhan mau gaul nasi dlm lesung bekas sambal ni :D air tgn org2 lama lain juga rasenya kan ma.. :)

  6. eiii... terliur plak. *top mata

  7. Salam Mama

    Sambal belacan cicah ulam...sedapnyaaa

  8. salam ramadhan, mamafami,
    Saya mohon maaf atas segala salah silap ya kak..
    sambal belacan tu, buat terliur.. huhu. ulam takde ni. makan ngan nasi, masak bening, tak perasan suami saya lalu... hihihi


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