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Monday, August 16, 2010

Biskut Bintang Hazel (Sis Rossya)


Mama had been missing from her blog for these past few days. Is this because of Facebook? Well, not 100%, but it had it's share in it! Haha.. Well, last weekend we were busy with the children. Sending our son to tuition and then headed straight to our daughter's hostel to visit her and not forgetting to 'top up' her cupboard with foodstuff! And one of the food requested...brownies. Only this time, I didn't snap the photo to share. Guess you guys had enough with my brownies photos huh? Hahaha...

Besides that activity, we watched the Korean movie Stairway to Heaven. It was such a heartbreaking story that I ended up with sore eyes and somebody else ended up with 'sinus'. Hahaha... But what a relief, it was a happy ending. At least I am happy with the ending and I don't have to make my own ending for the story, like what I did with Summer Scent! Hahahaha.....


I will re-post a cookie recipe that I had tried long time ago. The recipe was posted in my fotopages before. Thank you to Kak Rossya for sharing it with us. Miss you Kak Rossya.... Hope all are well with you that side...


Ingredients :

100 g peanut butter
80 g icing sugar
200 g butter
1 egg yolk
60 g cornflour
1 tablespoon rice flour
230 g flour
60 g Horlicks with chocolate flavour (I don't have Horlicks, chocolate flavour, so I used Ovaltine)
40 g Hazel nuts ~ grinded finely
1 - 2 egg yolks ~ for brushing (I just used the leftover egg white because I'm stingy! Hihihi!)
chocolate rice/vermicelli ~ to sprinkle

Method :

1. Cream peanut butter, sugar, butter and egg yolk.
2. Add in cornflour, rice flour, Horlicks and ground Hazel nuts.
3. Add in flour, little by little till a soft dough is formed. Need not finish the whole amount of flour. Just use whatever's needed.
4. Roll to about 4 mm thick and cut using a star shape cutter.
5. Arrange on a tray.
6. Brush some egg yolk on top and sprinkle with a bit of chocolate rice/vermicelli.
7. Bake in a preheated oven at 160 C for 15 - 20 minutes or till done.

Have a nice day everyone!


  1. I love anything with peanutbutter...

  2. kahkahkahkah mama dah kena sampuk dekat FB ehehe... wahhh! ada peanut butter ni sure sedap! masuk list untuk test2 biskut raya kat album kita hihihi maceh ma!

  3. salam mama..
    dah siap biskut raya nie..tuk raya ke tuk kudapan tengahari oppppppsss...hahaha mcm best je mungkin try nnt sb kOi mmg malas buat cookies...

  4. assalamualaykum sis,tak terlambat kot utk mak teh mengucapkan selamat berpuasa ya....selamat to all ya.


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