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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tom Yam Campur


We had a lovely feast yesterday at BIG PLATE, 27 Jalan Alfa F U6/F, Subang Permai, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor. Hubby had Rib Eye Steak, I had pan fried fish and Ami had Kelang Steak. And for the drinks, all three ordered watermellon juice. The food was as delicious as always with very reasonable price. Promosi baik punyah ni... kot ler leh dapat free meal ke... ahahaha... We broke our fast at home with a glass of water and some dates. Performed our Maghrib prayers, then only we headed for Big Plate. When we reached there, they were serving buffet which we were not that keen on. Don't get me wrong, it's not that the food wasn't appetizing enough. It was and infact they had such variety of food served in the warmer, all looking yummiliciously good! But because our minds were set on having those western kind of food, so the buffet was out of the story. We asked one of the waitress if we could have the ordered menu and she had kindly enquired from the kitchen. Yes we may, she said! Alhamdulillah... so we waited patiently for our food to be served which doesn't take that long actually. Too bad, I didn't bring my camera along, so there'll be no photos to share of what we feasted yesterday. But just imagine, me, having 4 pieces of pan fried dori, with grilled potato wedges, a small pancake, brocolli, cauliflour, sweet corn, cherry tomato, sliced brinjal, shredded purple cabbage and the lovely sauce... all in one plate.... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......


Ibu Nor had requested me to tag her on Facebook if I posted any Tom Yam recipe. So to fulfil my promise to her, today I shall post this Tom Yam recipe which I had tried 4 years back when I was still in Malawi. This Tomyam recipe is from Forum Cari, posted by Joi-ah. Thank you Joi-ah for sharing the recipe with us. I shall also share the tips that was given to me by these two lovely ladies, Imah and Kak Yong as how to produce better taste Tom Yam. Thank you dear ladies..... I wonder, where is Kak Yong now. Can't visit her fotopages anymore as she had locked her webpage. Where ever you are sweet Kak Long, hope life is treating you well....


Ingredients :

Lemon grass (serai)
kaffir leaves (daun limau purut)
galanggal (lengkuas)
lime (limau nipis)
bird eye chillie
fresh tomatoes
Tom Yam paste or cube
chicken and beef fillet ~ cut to small pieces
onion ~ cut into rings
cauliflour ~ cut into florets
salt ~ if necessary
zeal (aji-no-moto) ~ optional

Method :

1. Boil water with kaffir leaves, lemon grass, galanggal till fragrant.
2. Add in the tomyam paste or cube.
3. Add in salt and zeal (if necessary. I didn't add any). Let it boil.
4. Add in the beef fillet, then chicken and lastly prawns.
5. Add in tomato, onion rings and bird eye chillie.
6. Lastly squeeze some lime juice for an extra tangy taste.

Tips for a better taste Tom yam :

From Imah :
Add 1 or 2 tablespoons of coffeemate or creamer into the soup. And if you're cooking beef soup or oxtail soup, add some coke into it.

From Kak Yong :
Add a few tablespoons of fish sauce into the Tom Yam.

Have a nice day!


  1. dah lama xpegi big plate... mmg big portion but the last time we all pegi org ramai gle n we have to wait.....lama gle

  2. salam mama...
    tempat kOi xda big plate la...lau ada boleh gak g try..waduh tergoda abes dgn tomyam tuh dah lama xbuat..

  3. waduh..mkn tomyam ye..pose2 ni memang msk2 lomak ni kurang skit kan ma..kuah air2 mcm tu bru best..ada lgi ke tu..

  4. salam mama...crite mama kat atas tu bkn sy lapar lagi :) * owh, letak coffeemate/creamer...blh cuba sedap tuh :) ...coke? interesting! silap2 sy minum 1 gelas dulu-oppsss!! :D

  5. alamak kena bt correction la plak: *bkn=buat...:)

  6. salam mama..dah 2,3 hari teringin nak makan tomyam..akan dibuat dalam masa terdekat..hehe..minta izin c n p yer..takut dah post x smpt bgtau sbb masalah tenet..huhu...thanks mama!

  7. Mama...mmg terliur sungguh tengok tomyam ni...kena masuk list laaa...belum buat any tomyam lg bulan pose nih...Saya Mesti Pilih!!!! hahahaha...

  8. tom yam.. em, idea yg bagus utk berbuka ni.. makan ngan telur dadar... tq mama..

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  10. alahai bigplate.... lama betul tak pegi sana. cam teringat2 la pulak. cam nak kena pegi je lepas raya ni nnt...

  11. terliur laa tgk tomyam mama...

    kita cuma makan kedai jek...hb tak gemar tomyam...

  12. salam ramadhan mamafami..dah mula buat kukis ek..akak tgh fikir nak buat kukis apa ni.


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