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Monday, August 2, 2010


2 days in this new world of FB. How am I taking it? I am I had predicted! The wall kept changing with lots of friends' activities. Not to mention the comments that came in. But frankly speaking, I kind of enjoying it...feels like I have soooo many friends 'talking' at one time and nobody's listening... meriah gitu! Hahahaha...

When my sister visited my FB after a few hours I registered for one, she had said, my wall is full with entries and the number of friends are growing. I noticed that too. Among those who had added me, are my silent readers to this blog. Thank you to all of you for finally emerging from behind the curtains! Haha... May my blog be more lively after this....thank you...


Last Saturday, I thought of just ordering some currypuffs to bring to my hubby's cousin's tahlil. But then, Kak Timah had refused the order because she was not free to do it for me. So I had to do it myself. Since it's been a while since I last make this plain currypuffs, I am not so sure about the recipe. All these while, I always do the spiral currypuffs. To go hunting for the recipe, it'll take time and I had just little time to spare. Finally I just follow my heart...wah... Here was what I did.....


Ingredients :

Curry Puff fillings
500g flour
200 g margarine
cold water (from the refrigerator)
salt to taste

Method :

1. In a large bowl, rub the flour and margarine to resemble bread crumbs.
2. Mix together salt and cold water and stir till salt dissolved. Pour a little at a time into the breadcrumbs.
3. Mix till a soft dough is formed.
4. Roll thin, cut using around cutter or using the brim of a cup, depending on the size that you want.
5. Place the filling in the middle and fold into half moon.
6.Seal the currypuffs and fry till golden brown.

Yesterday we went to visit Fatin at her hostel. She had requested for some brownies. Alhamdulillah well enjoyed by Fatin and the gang! All the best in your exam girl. My duaas are always with you. Love you loads.....

Brownies for Fatin

Take care everyone!


  1. uiks.. nape lak mama xdpt nk komen eh? xkuar frame komen tu ke mama>> ehehe

  2. salam mama...tgk karipap tu teringat pastry mama bt tu...keliling cari ready made pastry-x jumpa...kena usaha lagi! :(

  3. cantik mama buat claim karipap tu..

  4. kita sukaaaa tgk seni kelim karipap mama tu...kita tak reti nak buat...hb jek yg pandai kelim mengelim ni...tak minat betui laaa sayaaa...

  5. sedappnya makan karipap panas2.. arghhh!! nak jugakkk!!

  6. mama,
    aduhaiiii, kelim yang sangat kemas!

    makcik dah buat 'pepper pastry' ke apa yg mama potong pastry kawan 4x4 jadi 4 tu...cuma tak letak entry je lagi..TQ

  7. Salam Mama...uish nampak sangat sedap karipap tu..dah lama tak buat kulit karipap cara yg Mama buat tu..Terima kasih ambik resepi ya:)

  8. cantik karipap tu...nampak sodap gitu, musti try nih.

  9. wow! very smooth kulitnye... mesti nak try...

  10. Dah gi tengok along tu, ape le salahnyer kalau singgah n antau brownies spotong 2... :D Saje melawat blog mama, takde keje kann.... Ma sehat?????

  11. How much water do you use?

  12. mama, ni kuih peberet ni... bulan pose sanggup buat sendiri ..baru puas..time tak pose malas plak... mama taruk inti apa tu ekk?

  13. Miss Izah Mohamed :
    Tu la tu.. saja dengki. Tapi yang tak bolehnya kalau komen dari laptop mama. Dari laptop Syahmi, no problem plak...

    Deliah's Deli :
    Waalaikumussalam Deliah. Pastry mana Deliah? Readymade pastry banyak kat Giant. Kalau tak de pastry tu, guna je roti canai Kawan tu...

    lina :
    Dah biasa buat, cam tu la jadinya. Tapi masa baru baru belajar kelim tu..Ya Rabbi...macam macam pesen adaaaa....

    mommy anis :
    Kelim ni tak susahlah mommy anis. Just need practise. Ma cadangkan, kalau mommy anis nak practise, cuba practise guna plastesin. Best oo kelim karipap...

    Jiya :
    Memang sedap Jiya...makan lak dengan kopi o panas...kaw kaw oo...

    makcikkantin :
    Terima kasih sis. How did you find the pepper pastry? Suit your taste tak?

    cikmanggis :
    Waalaikumussalam cikmanggis...Mama pun sebab dah lama tak buat karipap stail ni, sampai tak tahu mana ma letak resepinya. Resepi yang ma letak kat sini, yang hentam keromo je...tak tahulah sedap ke dak kat tekak orang lain...

    StarAnise :
    Terima kasih...

    Aishamirafiq :
    Thanks dear. Harap-harap Aisha akan berpuas hati dengan hasilnya nanti...

    Makcu :
    Takkkk semmmpaaaattttttt....

    Joyce H :
    Just enough to produce a soft dough. About 1 cup if i am not mistaken.

    Mama Nazhan :
    Tu la kan, buat sendiri baru puas makan. Nak nak mama ni yang memang kuat makan karipap.. hehehe...leh kopak kalau asik nak membeli je...

  14. salam ,mama..i hv been visiting your blog quite often it's amazing..can i substitute butter in place of shortening..

  15. sumai...

    Waalaikumussalam Sumai... thank you for your support towards my humble blog. Appreciate it very much.Yes, you can substitute butter in place of shortening.

  16. Hey sister, how do you do the pleats so perfectly??


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