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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

An evening by the seaside...

Salaam to everyone....

Hope all of you are in the best of health. Happy holidays to all the school children in Malaysia. May you have a wonderful and safe holiday. To the parents though it may be quite handful to have a full house, but nevertheless, do make the best of it ya...

Sorry for the long silence. We went back to Malacca last Saturday. Had a wonderful time back home. We left home at around 12 noon and was caught in a traffic jam just before Nilai. So we turned into Bandar Bukit Mahkota and took the Highway Lekas till Seremban tol. It was our first time going through that highway and I must say, the scenery along the way, reminds me of Malawi...

That night we went for ikan bakar treat at Crystal Bay. We've tried eating ikan bakar at a few places besides Melaka, but everyone in my family agrees that Melaka's ikan bakar is still the best! Hahaha... no offence! No photos of food taken as we were just too eager to dig in! We had ikan siakap, crabs, prawns and cockels. Not forgetting the lovely otak-otak! Mmmmmm....

Hubby's favourite activity whenever we are back in Melaka is to go by the seaside and watch people fishing. And who will obediently tag along? Non other than yours trully! Whenever we asked the kids to come along, they simply refused. They prefer to stay at home. Fatin even said, let mama and ayah go dating! Hahaha...what a sport my daughter is! In the afternoons after lunch, we'll be near the Masjid Selat and at night, we'll be near the Eye On Malaysia. These were the few photos that I managed to snap while sunset near The Masjid Selat. I still have to learn a lot, how to use this camera of mine.... as for now, these are the best that I can manage.....



Till we meet again, take care.....


  1. salam mamafami,
    sungguh syahdu pemandangan senja... cantik gambar tu kak.. ;)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. wah mama coti balik kg. zana coti balik bandar baru bangi kik kik kik... sonok kan dok tepi laut..zana suka.

  4. Salam Mama cayanggg...waah waahh cuti pi mana tu..main pasiaqq kat tepi pantai kaaa? Amboiihhh tgk sunset ka dgn cik abang tu..hehe..lomantik gituuu...

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. remang - remang senja.
    sangat retrotik.
    cantik sungguh ciptaan Allah nih.

  7. Salam r u???

    absolutely love those pics... :)

  8. I love that first photo. It has a great composition!

  9. Salam Ma..

    Lama x bertanya khabar..sihat? :) high five kat Fatin n chance ma tu..good catch too.. :)


  10. salam mamafami..mcm an evening in paris la-honeymoon eyh?fishing ke..ada f/rod tu dlm pic :)wah!ada lagu tamally maak la kat dapur mama ni...lg amr diab yg baru pun ok gak ma-baadem albi :)

  11. salam mama..owh,TAMALLY MAAK tu lagu amr diab ma(egyptian singer)..mawi pun pnh nyanyi lagu amr diab ni (NOUR EL AIN) ms konsert af.BAADEM ALBI ant lg baru amr diab :) *ur rite ma,2 thumbs up 4 sharir! ;)

    tamally maak :


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