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Friday, May 28, 2010

Blueberry Pancake (Rach15689)

Hufff and pufff... I am just exhausted.... will leave you guys with this.....

Blueberry Pancakes

Was bloghopping the other day, to find any simple recipes that I can prepare for Syahmi, Iddin and the tuition teacher to enjoy after class. And it must not a time consuming job as I was in the 'laziest-mode-ever' at that time... Infact, I am still 'suffering' from it till now, only a little better I can say. Why did I say that? Because for today's lunch, I made Chicken Cordon Bleu for the kids and Asam Pedas Ikan Parang for dearest hubby! It's not everyday you find me this productive you know... so, enjoy while it last! Hahahaha.....

Opps.. back to my story. After much bloghops and since time was running out, I have to stop at this blueberry pancake recipe from AllRecipes. Well, the taste is not bad. Perhaps next time, if I were to do it again, I'll add a bit more milk as the pancake is a bit dry if eaten just like that. Unless you eat them with Icecream, then the recipe is fine. That's just my opinion. Perhaps others will think differently then. So thank you Rach15689 and AllRecipes for the recipe...

Blueberry Pancake Allrecipes

Source : rach15689 of AllRecipes

Ingredients :

2 large eggs, separated
5 tablespoons milk
100g (4 oz) self raising flour
4 tablespoons caster sugar
pinch salt
100g (4 oz) blueberries (I used blueberry pie filling)
1 tablespoon vegetable oil

Method :

1. Place the egg yolks and milk in a medium bowl and mix thoroughly. Sift over the flour, caster sugar and salt and combine well.
2. Whisk the egg whites in a glass or metallic bowl until they form soft peaks, then fold into the flour mixture gently. Carefully fold in the blueberries.
3. Heat the oil in a frying pan over medium high heat. Drop 2 tablespoons of the mixture into the pan for each pancake, and cook for 2 minutes or until golden brown.
4. Flip and cook for a further minute on the other side.
5. Enjoy!

Have a safe and nice long weekend.


  1. Salam mama! waaahhhh...kita mmg antu blueberry hihihi... boleh buat tuk bf esok! mekaseh ma! amboiii itu benda bulat kat atas yg tertonggeng tu harus abis dulu hihihi...

  2. Salam Mama..uiiihhh komain setonggok letak eskrem atas pancake tu ek...aiihh kita betul2 tergoda jadinya...aihh belaka2 tergoda..bila la nak kurusnya ummi ni..huhuuuu

  3. Thanks so much for linking to, and we're so glad you liked the recipe! It would be great to see your photo and review up on the site as well. Thanks again! Diana, editor,

  4. kiter suker pancake gebu gemok2 gini! perghhh! dapnyerr..tambah plak aiskerim tertonggeng tuh! nak carik aiskerim dululah!!

  5. salam lepas mkn tghari kat rmh ummi..mama lak bt pancakes ngan eskrim tp mkn eskrim je yerk..pancakes taruh tea nnti :)

  6. Yuhuuuuuuuu....lagi menggoda

  7. ijayuji :
    Waalaikumussalam Ika. Rajin tol Ika buat breakfast ye. Mama ni sejak balik Malaysia, esh menjadi-jadi malasnya. Sarapan selalu beli je. Kalau ma sensorang kat rumah, madang je miss sarapan!

    ♥peachkins♥ :

    Ummi :
    Waalaikumussalam Ummi. Kita pun attack yang tertonggok tu dulu sebenarnya...hahaha...

    Diana :
    Most welcome Diana. Your website has provided me with so many ideas for cooking and I thank you so much for that. Will try to put the review soon. Thanks....

    hana :
    Hihihi... ni dah gi cari eskrim, mesti lupa wat pancake nanti!

    Deliah's Deli :
    Waalaikumussalam. Tu la, lunch rumah Ummi, tea rumah mama pulak! Dinner agak-agak rumah saper la pulak ye?

    kak rus :
    Auwwww tak rela i....


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