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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Chicken Cordon Bleu, Mashed Potato & Mushroom Gravy

A few days back, I received an unpleasant comment in one of my entries. A someone by the name of ELLE just wrote JALANG!!! (translation : BITCH). When I first read it, I was sort of angry and irritated. What have I done to deserve that title? But after a while, when I got back my senses, I just deleted the comment so that it won't scar my blog with that unpleasant phrase. I said to myself, if I see Elle's action as being a useless thing to do, why must I be like him/her? Then I will be someone useless as well. I should thank him/her for at least having a heart to visit my blog and again for taking his/her time to leave a comment. By doing just that, he/she has contributed at least 2 clicks in my blog. Thank you Elle, whoever you are... I am not sure it's a he or a she because when I clicked at the name, it seems he/she doesn't have a blog.... This action of mine, is what I call, taking something unpleasant, the positive way! Hahaha.... True or false... you tell me!

Yesterday, I was given an assignment by my Honey Bun Junior. Actually I was the one asking for 'trouble'. Hahaha... I had asked him, what would he like to have for lunch. And he said CHICKEN CHOP! Oh me oh my.... haven't tried any Chicken Chop recipe so far, though had been wanting to prepare it for quite sometime. So yes, I started my 'research' in the net. Came across a couple of recipes. I had to mix and match the recipes, according to whatever's available at home. Let me just thank these ladies and gentlemen for making this combo possible.....

KMal, taukey Western Food and Cakes, for the Chicken Cordon Bleu recipe.
Hana for the Mushroom & Blackpepper Gravy and also the Mashed Potato recipe
Naseem, my dear friend in Malawi, who taught me how to prepare the dressing for salad.
Hubby dearie, for teaching me how to fry the chips
Last but not least... Honey Bun Junior, for making me prepare this meal!

Syahmi's feedback....with his dramatic face.... I thought he's going to say that it doesn't taste good, judging from the face mimic he gave me.... But then his face changed when he said... IT'S DELICIOUS MOM AND THE MASHED POTATO TASTED JUST LIKE BIG PLATE...our favourite Western Food Restaurant... and that makes the mom kembang sana sini happy and all the effort worthwhile!


Ingredients :

2 pieces of chicken breast
2 sausages
2 pieces sliced cheese
oyster sauce
egg ~ lightly beaten
bread crumbs
oil for deep frying

Method :

1. Clean chicken breast. Wrap the sausage with the sliced cheese. Make a slit in the middle of the chicken and insert the wrapped sausage.
2. Rub the chicken with salt, pepper and oyster sauce. I marinate for 2 hours.
3. Coat the marinated chicken with flour.
4. Dip in the egg.
5. Roll into the bread crumbs.
6. Fry till golden brown.


Ingredients :

2 cups chicken or beef stock (I just dilute the chicken cube in enough water)
1/2 cup fresh milk (I used low fat milk)
crushed black pepper
2 inches celery stick ~ sliced
1/2 onion ~ diced
2 tablespoon sweet soya sauce (more if you want the color of the gravy to be darker)
1 tablespoon oyster sauce
1 tablespoon butter
1/2 can button mushroom ~ sliced (I used less because Syahmi is not into mushroom so much)
2 tablespoons flour ~ mix wit water (as a thickening agent)
salt and sugar ~ if necessary

Method :

1. Pour the chicken/beef stock in a pot. Add fresh milk, diced onion and sliced celery. Let it boil.
2. Remove from heat and put through a sieve. Place it back on the stove.
3. Add black pepper, soya sauce, oyster sauce, butter, button mushroom, salt and sugar. Stir.
4. Last but not least, add in flour mixture to the thickness you desire. Remove from heat.
5. Pour onto the chicken and mashed potato.


Ingredients :

3 potatoes
Fresh milk (I used low fat milk)
finely crushed black pepper
a dash of salt

Method :

1. Wash the potatoes and boil till soft.
2. Remove the potatoes skin.
3. Mash the potatoes with the back of a spoon, together with milk, butter, black pepper and salt.
4. Scoop the mashed potato onto a serving plate and pour the gravy on top.


  1. ma...npe xsmpai putra permai ye...hihi..npak creamy la mshed ptato ma tu..mcm nk buat jgk la..

  2. assalamualaikum mama..

    huhuhuuu..ini la menu nak makan last week ajak hubby tapi tak dapat..buat sendrik camsenang je la..senang ke? mama..yg leleh tu tak tahan..

  3. Salam MamaFami....hahaha...yes...Moms always find the time for troubles they get themselves into.....surely my kids will love this set of meal...but I don't have chicken in the magic box....!

  4. mama, so nyummy laaa.. tak tahan tengok. :D

  5. ma looks cam kat restoren ler hihhihi nak cari kayu nak cari kayu

  6. Salam Mama Fami..
    lost in the yummy food ..

  7. mama pun dah buat ye ma.. chicken cordon bleu ni kalau mkn kat secret recipe... tak tau berapa ler kena ni ma.. wt sendiri jimat byk...!! memang sedap kan ma.. tp bergantung pd gravynya la juga kan ma.... sy buat aritu ikut resepi sendiri jer.. hehehe...

  8. Mama sian kOi..teringin nk mkn benda alah nie..boley anto 5 pinggan he3...mama my sifu jgk terkena mcm mama tapi bukan perkataan mcm tu la..sabor yea mama..

  9. waduh maa..terliur sehh..plg best tgk die punyer gravyy..mesti sodaap!

  10. MT rasa blogger boleh trace comment tu....I too would like to give that person some piece of easy...dia tu jealous kot..I'm sure green with envy kat you ni sis.hmmm...MT ada 2 chic breast tuck away in the freezer,agaknya boleh cuba mlm ni kot...tapi celery n mushroom x dak pulak,terlioq MT tengok potato ituuuuu.nasib baik Don belum tengok lagi....tidak,habih la mak teh !!!!!!x boleh nak tepih dah karang.bye khuda hafiz-lama x komen tu yg panjang lebar nih.

  11. maz :
    Sebab dah habis kat dalam rumah ni je... tak dan bawak keluar pun! Hahaha...

    izahdaut :
    Waalaikumussalam Izah...Izah buat sendiri je set ni. Dahlah senang, murah lak tu. Leh makan puas-puas. Mama rasa, modal nak buat 2 set chicken chop ni, tak lebih RM15. Silap haribulan, tak lebih RM10 pun! Nanti Izah buat ye... sedap!!! Yang meleleh tu memang sedap banget. Syahmi sampai menjilat pinggan!

    Watierman, rmanbkr :
    Waalaikumussalam Watie.Yup, we like to get into 'hot water' and then starts struggling. But if the result is a perfecto, then we'll be on top of the world! Typical moms we are! Hahahaha....

    HiDEr :
    Thanks HiDEr... kalau tak tahan tengok, jangan tengok dua mata... tengok sebelah je, kot kurang sikit godaan tu... hihihi...

    Chik Mimi :
    Oh alahai Chik Mimi... tak yah susah susah cari kayu Chik Mimi, goreng atas dapur gas pun boleh... mulalah pulak...nak cari tong gas...nak cari tong gas.... hahahaha... lawaklah Chik Mimi!

    nadnye :
    Waalaikumussalam Nadnye...Meh kita semua tolong cari si Nadnye... kat mana dia lost ni? Celah mashed potato ke, celah ayam ke? Hehehe.. just kidding...

    MaDiHaA :
    Sedap dan senang resepi ni Madihaa. Mama ada tengok gak kat Madihaa punya. Ingat nak ikut resepi tu, tapi ada guna HP sauce pulak. Bendaalah tu tak ada dalam stok. Tu yang ma 'terbang' ke Jepun, godak kat rumah si Hana pulak. Alhamdulillah memang sedap betul gravy ni.

    mizwa :
    Oh alahai kOi...buatlah sendiri kOi.. janganlah dikau bersedih hati... hehehe... drama queen betullah.. hahaha... Tentang komen tu, mama buat tak reti je la....Lagi layan, mama yang sakit hati. wat hapa!

    inahar ali :
    Sabor sabor Ina... tapi kan, gravy tu memang best!

    MAK TEH :
    Thanks for supporting me Mak Teh. Tapi kan, better not strain yourself to think of anything to say to this fella. Buat penat otak jer berfikir. Tak de makna pun. Biarlah dia dengan dunia dia.... we'll carry on our healthy life style.
    Buatlah Chicken Chop ni untuk Don. Mesti dia suka. Tak susah pun nak buat. Take care Mak Teh.

  12. Emmm...bukan namanya MamaFaMi kalau dia x suka ambil cabaran dan godam sendiri sampai jadikk!! Ha, amik nak Syahmi, kenyang belahaaqq makan eh, berapa punyer banyak orang mama Ami refer to turn it simply delicious!! So next time, Ami you better mentioned all foods that you've been wanting for...Let us see, how she digs high n low..hahaa

  13. correction sikit Ma :

    "mentioned" = "mention"...kang cikgu grammar cek susah lak..hehe

  14. Eh lupa nk komen satu lg la Ma..pasal di ELLE tu hehe..bagus Ma, at least Ma berjaya mengawal tekanan darah yang akan membuatkan kita marah dan cepat tua...hidup Mama..caiyoo, caiyooo...Ma telah berjaya mengurangkan 10 kedutan dari muncul di muka Mama..muaaahhh!!

  15. adei... favourite ni.. nak mama... nak sikit..!!

  16. kalau intan dok umah ma seminggu pun jadik..tambah laa selera makanku..hihi..kalah SR camnih!!

    nama kemain lagi..ELLE ye..berani ye menggelar yg bukan2 kepada MF kepunyaan ramai ni..kalau dia mai lagi biaq pi kat dia..nak attention saja la tu..sbb dia x dpt chicken cordon bleu MF buat..hahaha okeh? cool...


  17. Mama....baru boleh tgk CGB mama ni...dr siang td intenet KO... mama dapat tak sms kmal yg last tu..kalau nak sms adress ye...

  18. cedapnya!

    Bila cheq dok berdua dengan Elsa, memang takdak selera nak makan. Hari ni dapat pulak berita yang all flights from UK are cancelled due to the volanic ash in the atmosphere. Nampak gaya Hazzim tersangkut kat Aberdeen lama sikit... cedeh!

  19. Wow, what a nice meal...great pictures as well :-)

  20. oooh sodap! tapi kena buat sendiri, kalau kat secret recipe ke, mcm kering semacam je...

  21. salam mama..kita dah siap ni tunggu mama pelawa je..tak tahan ni..

  22. Everything in this meal looks really good.

  23. Salam. Sbg insan biasa tak mampu nak puaskan ati semua orgkan. Abaikan je msg2 spt itu...

    Yg penting ati pengunjung2 blog mama gembira dgn story n menu2 yg mama jamu kat cni.Tgk menu ni dah buat saya kenyang utk lunch today. Take care...

  24. Ummi :
    ~ Tu la kan, MamaFaMi ni bukan saja suka ambil cabaran, tapi suka gak nyusahkan diri sendiri. Abnormal betul! Hahaha... Tapi demi anakku yang terchenta, ku redahhh juga...Wah... Not to worry, this mommy is like a bulldozer, leh gali leh sondol, leh sodok... semua boleh! Hahahaha... ganasnya bunyi!
    ~ Hihihi..siap betulkan grammar tu... lawaklah Ummi...Ada ke cikgu grammar yang datang check?
    ~ Ha ah Mi, wat dono je... tak luak pun kita dia cakap macam tu... cuma sikit sedih dan terkilan je la. Ada orang sanggup buang masa untuk membuat orang lain terasa hati sedangkan, banyak lagi perkara berfaedah yang boleh mereka lakukan. Wallahualam.

    "MULAN" :
    Alaa... naper mintak lambat... kan dah habis dahhhhh....cemana nih?

    Yat Maria :
    Very very true! Tak percaya? Kenalah cuba sendiri... *wink*

    ♥peachkins♥ :
    Yup... simple and yummy. Not to mention, filling too!!!

    -nabialishad :
    Meh Intan meh... ma stuff Intan banyak-banyak, biar berisi sket badan Intan tu... hahaha.. ni pakat jeles la ni tengok orang slim, kita tak! Hahaha...
    Mama memang cool la Intan..... PEACE!

    Kmal :
    KMALLLLL... thank you sebab share resepi ayam tu. Sedap sangat. Dahlah tu, senang pulak nak buat. Naperlah kita tak cuba dari dulu lagi. Selalunya kita ingat, benda ni susah nak buat. Tu la kan, lom cobak lom tahu! Oh ya, mama ada terima sms Kmal tu. Terima kasih banyak-banyak atas offer KMal tu ye. Tapi rasanya tak payahlah kot. Bukan apa, takut nanti, jarang guna, membazir pulak.... thanks ye KMal...

    Muna :
    Memang sedap wei... tak caya, nanti buat tau! Oh aloh... patutlah entry hari ni, gambar lonely je... ropanya ada makna nooooo..... Anyway hope your hubby will be safe there. Don't worry Muna... he's a big boy. Mmmm big boy lagi nak kena worry ke? Hahaha... No la... just kidding...

    Juliana :
    Thanks for your kind words Juliana. Great to have you here....

    kucingorengemok :
    Mama tak pernah rasa yang kat SR. Masuk SR pun tak pernah, inikan lagi nak merasa! Hahaha...

    Datin El :
    Waalaikumussalam Datin El. Oh, dah siap tunggu eh? Nak ke mana kita? Kenny Rogers? On you? Hahahaha....

    Cynthia :
    Not only it looks good, but it tastes delicious!!!!

    Eliza :
    Waalaikumussalam Eliza. Betul cakap Eliza tu. Lain padang lain lalang. Lain orang, lain pe'el lakunya. Tak leh lah kita nak ikut rentak semua orang kan. Mau tergeliat nanti. So I'll be who I am...habis cerita... But I do hope, tak ada entry-entry mama yang mengecilkan hati semua orang....Andai ada yang terguris, maaf jua yang mama pohonkan. Semua yang baik datangnya dari Allah, yang buruk datang dari mama jua...

  25. mama.. thanks for e resipi...
    nanti balik nak cubaa.. nmpk mcm sedap jee hehe

  26. Splendid recipe Mamafami, my sons would love this. Minta izin tempek recipe kat my blog boleh?

    Really adore yr blog.


  27. hi fwen,

    loves your recipe very much!
    dah ciplak dah pon..
    thanzxs for sharing ek..
    balek umah nak try!

  28. mama fa mi,
    kat mana u beli button mushroom?sbb kebanyakan yg i tgk kat giant or jusco semuanya made in i agak was-was disitu.

  29. Diny :
    Go ahead dear...

    SyidaGorjes :
    I used the fresh button mushrooms, bukan yang canned ones...

  30. Dear Mama, forget about the ungrateful person who wrote rude word in your blog. i kind of like your blog. if i have mental block of what to cook, i will surely browse yours. Keep the good work and help people like me a novice in everything.

  31. Anonymous :
    Thank you for your kind words dear. Yeah, I took it the positive way. And insyaAllah will keep posting and sharing the recipes that I had tried in my kitchen. Not only for others, but also as my future reference...thanks for coming!

  32. ni dah pasti nak buat for dinner....dulu kan dah buat sekali, so ni 2nd time lah, tu yg mai sini, refresh balik resepi, apa2 resepi pong x penah ingat, mesti nak kena tgk buku...hihi...dah antique kot...oh yes, last nite wat yr puding roti caramel, i dont know for umpteenth times dah, yg ni resepi dah ingat dlm kepala otak ni....selalu wat doubled la....happy sunday


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