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Friday, March 26, 2010

Bingka Ubi (CMG)

Jumaah Mubaraq to all....

Bingka Ubi

I wrote about Golfing in my previous entry and I think I'll write just a bit more about it today. Oh no... I am not a golfer...yet. I am still the loyal companion to my golfer hubby.

When hubby first started playing golf, he spent most of his weekends at the golf course.That's a norm because I think I would have done the same if I were in his shoes. It's proven actually because I still remember, when I just had the hang of baking better-than-before cakes, there will ALWAYS be cakes on the table! My poor family, had to suffer, eating my cakes! Hahaha....

Okay, back to the golf story, it was so boring to be cooped up at home during weekends. That time, I just don't have the guts to drive and we only had one car. That's when all these crazy thoughts came to mind... I often have this crazy thinking whenever I am so bored dan makan hati tak dapat pergi jalan-jalan.

"...I'll start learning to play golf from a pro at the club, without my hubby's knowledge. And I'll practise to be the best of the best...then I'll enter the same tournament that hubby's playing but will ask for a different flight, so as not to bump into him at the golf course... and wallah, at the end of the day, I am the champion of that tournament... During the price giving, hubby will get a shock of his life! My wife is a Pro golfer!!! No more Paula Kramer!

Hahahaha...does any other golfer's wife feel that way before? Please put up your keyboards!Hahaha... Well, all those crazy thoughts no longer exist. Nowadays I will persuade him to go golfing, at least to get the work stress out of his mind...............

Now let's move on to reality.... I've tried this recipe quite sometime ago. Came across it at the ever famous Cik Mat Gebu's Blog and decided to give it a try. Made half the recipe. I didn't bake the Bingka in a tray but I used the silicone ring trays and also the small cupcake casings, just to give it a different look. At least, if I can't snap a good photo as Mat's, I will be satisfied as how my Bingka looks! Hahaha... sorry Mat, bukan nak lawan tokey ye... hahaha... When I gave mak to taste, she had asked me, what was it that I am serving. When I said it's Bingka Ubi, she said, why does it look different! I said, it's a modern version! Hihihihi..... Thank you so much Mat for sharing this nice recipe with all of us and allow me to repost it here.....

Bingka Ubi

Source : Mr. Mat Gebu

Ingredients :

1kg tapioca ~ grated finely
650 ml coconut milk
100g palm sugar/jaggeri/gula melaka ~ sliced
2/3 cup sugar
2 screwpine leaves ~ knotted
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon ghee
a few drops of brown coloring (optional)

Method :

1. In a pot, place the coconut milk, jaggeri, sugar, salt and screwpine leaves. Place the pot on the stove on low heat and keep stiring till sugar dissolves (the mixture doesn't have to be boiling). Add in the ghee and remove from heat. Set aside to cool.
2. Place the grated tapioca on a muslin cloth. Squeeze the grated tapioca. Keep the juice for 20 minutes to seperate the tapioca sagoo and water. Keep the sagoo and discard the water.
3. Heat the oven to 180 C. Grease the baking tin with margarine and line the tray with foil. Since I used the silicone trays, I only grease the whole tray and it works just lovely!
4. Mix the tapioca sagoo with the tapioca. Pour the coconut milk mixture through a sieve, into the tapioca mixture. Mix well. Add in brown coloring.
5. Pour the mixture into the prepared tins and bake for 1 1/2 hour, depending on the size of your trays. Enjoy!

Have a safe and great weekend ahead..... keep well...


  1. salam mama! comelnyer acu mama! yg munga2 tu canteklah! lg sedap kalau dpt mkn binga tu !!! uuuwaaaaa..sedapnyerrrr ma dah terasa rasa dia punyer kenyal2 lembut dia tuuuuu.. telan air liur jer la ni nmpknyer.. sob sob

  2. maaaaaa...wahhhh rjinnya dia membingka tuuu...siap buat cumil2 lagi...ptut la bau wangi smpai ke putra permaiiiii...muahhhh...

  3. Korokke bikin leleh ayo mata
    Bingka ubi disaji pula
    Bila nak mencuba entah la bila
    Ma buatkan syiok lagi rasanya..

    hahahha..haa jawab jgn tidak..


  4. Salam mama.. lama tak singgah...
    bingka ubi kayu...kmal suka sangat.. nampak cantik mama bakar dalam acuan comel tu.

  5. Wadussss Mama, bingka mu itewww cantik sekali, leh wat hantaran ni..pengantin xnak makan, leh bg mertua/tok besan yg makan..hehee..Ma, ni yg terasa nk memarut ubi nih..malehnyaaa..haloo, halooo..ada x sesiapa leh tolong parutkan ubi tuk akak..huhuuu

  6. ala mama ni buat benda yang mengoda my appetite pulak..tengah diet ni..makan manis-manis kan..buncit la poyot ni..huhu2.

  7. siap ada shape lagi binga ubi mama ya..! brlekuk-lekuk..!

  8. eeeee cumilllllll!! dapat ngap masuk mulut nih bestnyerrrr.. suapkan ma! huhuuu sini payohnyerrr la nak jumpa ubi! nyampas btol! huh!

  9. lau kOi xrasa main nengok jer tobat xtaw jgk benda apa nie..cumel sungguh..mkn rajin nk buat malas..tunggu mama hidang aje la..

  10. dear ma...
    sepanjang ketiadaanku (sedih ni)
    ma dah begitu hebat skill fotografinya.....tahniah ma...
    i know u memang terer..sebab tgkla sapa ticer nya....

    Ma...take care ya...kenang daku dlm masakan mu dan kameramu...

    doakan kehadiran ku semula dalam arena fotografi di dunia maya ini....



  11. Salam Mama :)

    mengancam betul bingka ubi ni..tak tau la pulak boleh buat macam2 shape..biasa tgk yg dlm loyang bulat/4 segi je hehe..

    i dah try resepi roti2 u..alhamdulillah jadi :) thanks for sharing!

  12. comel plak bingka ubi mama ni.. nak makan pikir sepolo kali sbb comel sangat.. kikkikikiki


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