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Friday, January 15, 2010

Udang Cili Madu 3

There are a few meanings to this word in Malay. One of it is HONEY, produced by the bees and most enjoyed by Winnie The Pooh. Hahaha.. just kidding. All of us likes honey and it seems, honey contributes something towards health care. If you've been following my fotopages when I first started, then you surely have read the goodness of "Cinnamon and Honey" in there.

Another meaning is second or maybe third or fourth illegal* legal wife. (*Thanks Lin for pointing out my mistake. Taip lepas tengah malam, manalah tak keyro!) This, for sure, is not to the liking of most women. Everytime when this Madu 3 is being mentioned, I will always remember a film directed by the most talented artist in Malaysia, Allahyarham P.Ramlee, MADU 3. I love to watch all of his comedy movies but not the sad ones. When watching Madu 3, I can never fail to smile, not only because the movie is funny, but also, I can never forget my hubby's reaction when he watches this movie, especially the part when the second wife said," Saya kooooorek biji mata awak"... Hahaha....

Why am I writing about madu today? It's because I wanted to post this dish that I had tried a couple of days ago. Dug it out from Ummi's 'garden'. Ummi's garden is full of juicy stuffs, always ready to be plucked! Hahaha... Thanks Ummi and Kak Mon for this lovely prawn recipe. Thousand apologies if the photo doesn't do justice to your recipe, but that's the best that I can do.... at the moment...... Allow me to translate (though with broken English... hahaha) the recipe and re-post it here so that hopefully, many more will be able to try it....


1 kg tiger prawns ~ I used whatever prawns available in my freezer

To be blended :
5 shallots
5 cloves of garlics
1/2 onion
5 fresh red chillies
1 piece candlenut (buah keras)

Ingredients for sauce :

3 tablespoons Thai Sweet Chillie
3 tablespoons Lingam Chillie Sauce (I used Life chillie sauce, from the KFC sachets)
5 tablespoons chillie paste
1 tablespoon oyster sauce
3 tablespoons honey
juice from 2 limes
salt to taste
cooking oil
spring onion for garnishing

Method :

1. Heat cooking oil in a wok and add in the blended ingredients. Fry till fragrant.
2. Add in all the ingredients for sauce and continue cooking on medium heat.
3. Add in prawns, honey, line juice and salt. Cook for 5 minutes.
4. Remove from heat and onto the serving plate.
5. Sprinkle with some chopped spring onions and ready to serve.

Have a nice and safe weekend everybody!


  1. mamafami... 2nd, 3rd or 4th wife legal kann, yang tak legal kalau tak nikah, hehe

  2. Wahhh..Resipi udang yg patut dicuba...

    Ha ha ha..Saya pun selalu masak guna sos KFC tu tp biasanya sos tomatolah...Pasal sachets Cili Sos digunakan utk bekal...mudah nak pack

  3. udang bermadu 3 takpe! jgn org! hishhh! selisih!!! kekekeke

  4. waahhh ini madu i liokeee!!!

  5. tang petua cinnamon n madu tu ada2, siap print lagik masa tu, masihhhhhhhhhhh lagi tersimpan indah...lama dah tu kan. Resipi menarik ni Mama, kena cuba ni, wajib..eheh walopon taleh mkn udang.

  6. salam mamafami,
    apa khabar,kak? bila tgok udang terus hop ke sini. heheh.
    oh, udang ngan madu. lom try lagi tuh.

  7. Ma..whatever it is, MADU is best to whom/what it may just cook and wait till your hb and kids finish it...just wait and see okaayyyy...Ma nak gambar membujur kan...hahaahaa..(*psstt..hanya rahsia kita..wakakaka) Be strong Ma cayang..*wink*

  8. uhhuhhh...madu..sedap..jun suka ape2 yg org yg bermadu, siannn..heheh. 3 jek madu..awat x cukup 4 trus ma?...sure lg sedap..ekekeke...wah, pinggan tu ma..nostalgia jugak tu....

    lately ni jun dh x brape suka mkn udang, sotong...dah tua kot ma? hehhe, sabo j la..

  9. You do not need to apologise for the photograph. I am here thinking that if only I had some roti now...

  10. Hmmm.. ada udang kat harimau kat fridge tu beli dgn kawan. wajib cuba nih huhu!

  11. teropong punye teropong,seperti telur ikan ya disebelah ikan tuuu...aduh sedapnya..betul ke?mak teh pong masak asam pedas ,ikang kembong je + lots of terung n bendi.


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