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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lemak Cili Api Ayam


This morning, I received a text message from hubby's niece, Azie, asking if I have any extra tart casings that she can buy for her mom. Since she and her hubby, Ewan are in Kuala Lumpur, they thought they'd drop by and collect the tart casings if I have any in stock. And they are in luck as I have one extra container of 50 pieces tart casings to spare them. Since they'll be reaching our place around noon, I told hubby that I am inviting those two for lunch. Just as I've said out my intention to hubby, Iddin, Syahmi's friend came by our house with his mom Saey, with a container full of fettucine in white sauce. Alhamdulillah. I haven't even started cooking for hubby's niece and hubby, but ALLAH already 'paid' for my good deed. ALLAH HU AKBAR!

Thank you Saey for the yummy fettucine.

These were what I had served for Azie and Ewan. Thank you for dropping by Pak Long's and Mak Long's house and for the lovely water chestnuts that they've brought along and that will be well enjoyed by me, of course! Hahaha...

Thanks to Zai for being my 'talian hayat' when trying to cook this following recipe. To some, it's not a big deal to prepare this meal... as easy as ABC but not to me! Hahaha... Here's the recipe....


Ingredients :

1 small chicken, cleaned and cut to small pieces
9 red eye chilie (more if you like it hot)
2 inches fresh turmeric
sea salt
thin coconut milk
thick coconut milk
2 stalks lemongrass ~ bruised
2 fresh tomatoes ~ halved
2 potatoes ~ cleaned and quartered
1 piece dried tamarind slice

Method :

1. Blend red eye chillie, fresh turmeric and sea salt to a paste.
2. In a pot, add in chicken, potato, blended paste, lemongrass and thin coconut milk.
3. Simmer on medium heat. Stir once in a while until the chicken is almost cooked.
4. Add in tomatoes, thick coconut milk and the tamarind slice. Let it boil till the chicken is fully cooked.

Thank you Ummi for the awards. So if you are my Online Friends, then please don't hesitate to bring back these awards to your lovely 'homes'.


  1. Salam, Selamat pagi. Sedapnya Fettucine tu. Fattt lagi laaa gerau kalau dapat makan ni.

  2. ma, lawa umah baru renovate! suka olive green..rezki ma..datang dr Allah..tapi sungguh ku tak tahan tengok udang mu..why lately everybody is cooking that creature..yummy love anyway!guess, i have to search for that udeng today as well!

  3. yeaahhh.. fettucine... sllrrmmm... nak sikit...!!

  4. geraugebang :
    Waalaikumussalam gerau. Hihihi... Fat tapi abang sayang, okaylah tuh!

    ♥peachkins♥ :
    Thanks dear.

    mokwonik :
    Terima kasih mokwonik... Tak sia sia mama terbongkok bongkok cat rumah! Hehehe... Tu la pasal kan... agaknya tengah musim creature tu kotttt.....

    MULAN :
    Alaaaa naper ngecek lambat sangat... abis dah... kena gi ting tong rumah Saey kot dia ada lagi spare...hihihi...

  5. Salam mama,

    Ooo... kak tie tak pernah rasa fettucine tu... kolot sikit mokcik ni, hehe...

  6. ohhhh I love pasta in white sauce! I'm sure your visitors loved what you served for them!


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