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Monday, January 18, 2010


Hubby got all excited when he saw the advertisement in Astro about the Astro Beyond, featuring the High-Definition thingy in the television technology. He called Astro to subscribe. And yes, we had our Astro Beyond last Saturday. The picture quality is really awesome. If only they are showing the movie AVATAR at HBO HD, I will try not to miss watching it. It would be lovely and mama will once again venture in her own world of fantasy! Hahaha....

Just now, while I was doing my 'work' on my laptop, they, hubby and Syahmi were watching National Geographic HD. They were showing about SNAKES! Of all the four channels that Astro Beyond is offering, why on earth these two boys chose that channel to watch and of all the creatures in the world, it has to be snakes!!! Just imagine how the snakes look like on HD channel..eeeyouuuu.... I had to put on headphones and played some music at high volume to distract myself from thinking of that slimy thingy they were showing on TV. I hope none of the boys will have nightmares tonight!!!

The above paragraphs were composed yesterday night. Had to stop, around 11pm to go out dating with hubby, just for a drink. Ooo I'm loving that! It's not what we had, but it's the precious time together. *wink* *wink* Anyway, if you're wondering, I had limau nipis ais and hubby had teh-o limau panas.... no food, just drinks...

Enough said, let's move on to the next topic. Recipe! For this entry, I will post the recipe of another pau which I came across when visiting Along Roz's Blog. And she got it from Baking Mum's Blog. Thanks to both ladies for this simple and nice recipe. Allow me to re-post it here for others to try.


Ingredients :

400g Hongkong flour (pau flour)
200g water (I added more)
70g sugar
a pinch Salt
10g double action baking powder
7g instant dried
30 g shortening

Method :

1. Place water in the bread maker pan. Top it with Hongkong flour, sugar, salt, baking powder and instant yeast.
2. Set the bread maker to Dough and let it knead.
3. When the dough is combined, add in shortening and let the bread maker finish it's job of kneading and proving which will take about 1 1/2 hour.
4. Remove from pan and punch the air out. Cut the dough weighing 30 g each. Make it into round balls and leave to rest for 10 minutes.
5. Flatten the dough and wrap the red bean filling.
6. Place each pau on a piece of paper or small piece of banana leaf.
7. Arrange in the steamer and let it proof again.
8. Steam for 15 minutes.


  1. Maaaa...cantik rumah baruuuu, sekejap je Ma touch-up eh? Kalu Ummi ntah laaa...amboiihh suka ijo ke Ma? Org kata, ijo tu tandanya kuat cemburu, betul ke Ma? heheee...xpa gak la, dh veteran ni makin cemburu, makin sayang la tuhh...hehe..apapun pau mu itew yg Ummi nak kecek..hehe..

  2. Double action baking powder ? Tak pernah dengar pulak ?

    Kak tie suka yang inti daging atau ayam.. nanti buat 2 bijik, ekk, hehe...

  3. HD tu..pakej Astro yg lain dari selalu ke mama... kalau kat rumah TV Sony biasa je..boleh ke dapat kualiti gambar HD tu.. saja tanya...he..he..
    Pau..pau ni suka sangat..lebih2 kalau dapat inti ayam dan sayur.

  4. ♥peachkins♥ :
    If only it's possible, I wouldn't mind passing a plate to you dear.

    Ummi :
    Terima kasih Ummi.... ma pacak gerai burger je, tu sebab cepat siap renovationnya. Kot kalau mama buat mansion, mau berzaman tak siap. Kalau nak ikut kaler, mama suka semua kaler... abih macam mana tu? Kejap ma cemburu, kejap ma romantic, kejap ma garang... cam tu eh? Hehehehe... I am who I am je la Ummi...senang citer.... hehehe...

    kayteeze :
    Adalah double action baking powder tu Kak Tie. Rasanya kat certain supermarket pun ada jual. Rupa dia sama je macam baking powder. Cuba tengok kat label dia ye. Kita pun suka inti savory, tapi dahnya, inti kacang je yang available that time...

    Kmal :
    Ha ah Mal, HD ni pakej yang terbaru dari Astro. Bayar lebih RM20 je dari Astro yang biasa tu. So far dia baru offer 4 channel dalam HD. ! channel ESPN tu coming soon. Tentang kualiti gambar kalau guna TV biasa tu, tak pasti pulaklah Mal. Kena tanya orang Astro la tu gamaknya ye....

  5. Salam Mama...
    Nostalgia betul tgk pau tu..Best ni buat minum petang

  6. pun berangan jugak nk dptkan astro HD tu tp kena kuarkan ribu riban plak nk beli LCD.. huhuhu.. :P

    siokk arr mama dpt g dating memalam gitu.. kalo kita.. sumer dah krooohhh.. hehehhe.. sok nk kije!kije !kije!.. :)

  7. Sue @ Nenie :
    Waalaikumussalam Sue... Kenapa ye nostalgia? Menggamit kenangan lalu ke?

    masz_73 :
    Tu la pulak eh.... tak pe la, nanti menabung ye. InsyaAllah mudah-mudahan tercapai impian Mas. Mama dan hubby, masa bercinta dulu tak de keluar dating, cintun dalam fon je. Dah kahwin lagi lama ni lagi nak pi dating... ahaks... kira tengah qada dating la ni....

  8. ma i date with hubby everyday, coz that's the only thing that keep me pau tu macam ghupe org baru lepas picit jerawat...tapi lawalah kedut2...hemmm reminds me of my wrinkle..(where is my anti-aging cream??)

  9. salam mama..wah cantik banget umah baru mama ni...kita berkenan dan suka...pau ada lagi mama..nk seketui

  10. salam mama,tq sbb sudi drop by kat my fotopages,selalu datang sini tapi tak pernah tinggal kan kesan jejak..hehehe..apa2 suka sgt dekat blog mama...

  11. Uih mama layout baru, cantiknya.. terus lupa kat posting Pau ni hehe

  12. MF.. nanti tak lama lagi.. gambar2 yang MF posting pun boleh nampak mcm gmbr AB tu hehehe... dasat ooooo....

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  14. Salam mama. Wah, mama pun dah cuba pau ni. Senang tapi sedap kan. I've just tried your kaya balls. Come & get some for your munch-munch...hehe awesome! I love it! TQ for sharing.
    p/s canik rumah baru.
    pp/s comment takda lah kat bawah posting, melalut-lalut along nak cari, last2 klik title je lah baru dapat, may be you can try to fix it.

  15. i wish i could have one bread maker.. senang nak uli menguli sebarang doh kan?nak main uli pakai tangan cukup cerewet bagi saya ni. huhuhu.. (mahal tak breadmaker ni ek mama?)


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