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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Donut Lela

Human changes. They don't normally stay the same throughout their life span. We need changes, to bring more colors, more excitements so that life won't be dull and boring. But hopefully we change for the best not otherwise. I am one of them who had transformed from someone SO QUIET to someone who is so bubbly and so talkative. Those who knew me personally will surely be surprised to know that I had once been SO QUIET. They will surely have question marks in their heads..... boleh percaya ke mama ni SENYAP orangnya???...hahaha..... Well, that was who I am before I started doing my tiny consultancy agency back then in 1989.

My relatives used to say, it's like I have loads of diamonds in my mouth that I dare not open it. Fearing that all the diamonds will fall out of my mouth. And during semester breaks, my next door neighbours do not realize of my presence at home until I came out to throw the trash. And I had been in the house for almost a week! See...that's how quiet I am! Even my clients can see the difference. They said it themselves..."Ini amoi, dulu talak manyiak cakap. Sikalang sudah manyiak pandai cakap!" (Translation : This lady used to be so quiet before but now she talks too much!) Hahaha... I'm not offended but I take it as a nice compliment! Because I think positively... to me, that's a good change.. at least to my clients. They no longer feel like they are talking to the tree or to the wall! Hahahahahahaha.....

Yesterday, Syahmi's best friend Iddin, came to join him for a Bahasa Malaysia tuition class at our house. Since that was the first time Iddin's joining, so his mom came along. That was the very first time I met Saerah. They are our neighbour across the playground field. So near yet so far huh! Once the guys were settled with the tuition teacher, Saerah and me went into the kitchen as I was in the middle of experimenting a donut recipe. The way we chatted (of course, tried hard to lower the volume) made Cikgu Sherry's mind filled with a big question mark that she just had to ask us...."awak dua orang ni dah lama kenal ke?" (translation : Have you known each other for a long time?). Frankly speaking, that was just AN HOUR of knowing that she's Saerah and I am Syahmi's mom! Hahahahaha... After a while, we went out to Lea Oven's shop. I just want to introduce her to Lea's shop in case she wants to get any baking stuffs or maybe order some cakes in future. There, we were asked the same question by Lea...have you guys known each other long time? Hahahahaha.... See, how bubbly I can be!!! Anyway, I had a lovely day yesterday and it's really nice knowing you Sae. Next time we'll galavant somewhere huh.... *wink* *wink*

Recipe to share is this Donut recipe that I had kidnapped from Jun's Blog. Thanks Jun (psst I really love the song LOVE STRUCK on your blog. Makes me feel like wanting to do some aerobics! About time too I guess! Hahahaha) and Lela for sharing this recipe with us. Made the whole recipe and managed to distribute to 4 houses excluded mine! Allow me to translate it and repost it here so that many others can give it a try ya..... Thank you lovely ladies.....


Ingredients :

2 big potatoes ~ peeled, cut to small pieces, boiled and mashed
3/4 cup lukewarm milk
2 egg yolks
4 tablespoon sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla essence (I added)
500g all purpose flour
1 tablespoon instant dried yeast
3 tablespoons margarine

Method :

1. Pour the lukewarm milk into the Bread Maker pan. Add in mashed potato, egg yolks, sugar and vanilla essence.
2. Top it with flour. Sprinkle the instant dried yeast on top.
3. Set the Bread Maker to Dough. Once the dough is just incorporated, add in margarine and allow the Bread Maker to finish it's process which takes about 1 1/2 hour including proving.
4. Remove from the pan, punch down to let out air from the doh. Roll to the thickness of 1 cm and cut using the donut cutter.
5. Arrange on a tray lined with plastic for easy handling. Leave for half an hour, covered.
6. Fry till golden brown. Coat with castor sugar or dip in melted cooking chocolate and sprinkle with toppings of your choice.

Let's get shaking girls and boys!!! Ini semua Jun punya pasallah ni... cannot stop listening... kepala dan punggung badan pun dah goyang-goyang ni... peluh pun dah start keluar tawww!

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  1. alamakk! daku allegic ngan donut! nak nak yg gebu cenggini! seketui ma!

  2. wahahha.....cant wait nk masuk umah ma ni..once my last kid went to school, cpt2 masuk tenet..ekekke...yeah, goyang ma..goyang bg peluh kuar sket, pastu mkn byk lagi..(sbb tu yg jun selalu buat..badan naik supe tu gak, ahakks!)

  3. wah.. bestnye.. baca resipi sambil joget2.. hihihihihi...

  4. yes yes...confirm zana pun tak percaya yg mama ni dulu pendiam hehehe... peramah orgnya and baik ati lagik hehehe.

    tumpang iklan ma...boleh yek..
    umah dst utk disewa di bandar baru bangi. berminat hubungi zana @

    ZANAZ HOME BIZ akan mula operasi di Penang pada mid FEBRUARI 2010.


  5. about the 'diamonds in the mouth',teringat aku kat my bro -in- law...(heheh sama tuh..ngumpat lah nih...dulu , kini dok cam tuh gak) i agree that people can me..i expand just like the doughnut! hahaha..nak skit!!

  6. adoi, penat tunggu gambar donut tak keluar... internet menguji kesabaran bermain (as opposed to bekerja, hehe)

  7. Montok gilerr donut tu maaa!! X sabar nak ngap ni!!!

  8. kita pun dah try buat donat ni, mmg gebu & lembut gilerrrr....! sedappp....

  9. Ma, the first paragraph written mcam penah dgr jek..hehee...Now mmg Ma talkative n byk sungguh idea keluar kalu borak...mmg sah kena pasang jam loceng kalau borak dgn Ma..But I do love chatting with someone who always made my day cheerful, boleh lupa dunia n masalah kejap la Ma..or hilang terus sakit kepala dan kembali awet muda ...hehehee..Love you.. muaahhsss!! Ok, Ok, Ok, Ok, Ok..nak chow..hehe

  10. Salam Ma,

    Kita teruja nak tengok donut tu sebelum titon ni...takut ngigau
    tak dpt ngapppp

  11. hana :
    Seketui ja... apa barang! Celah gigi ja... alang alang mintak tu, biarlah sedozen dua! Hahaha....

    Jun :
    Goyang baikkkkk punya. Jangan tak tahu, mama download that song in MP3 format, savekan dalam memory stick dan pasang kat modulator dalam kereta. Tadi masa pi ambil Syahmi kat sekolah, dok pasang lagu tu... dengan kepala tergoyang goyang... nasiblah kalau orang heran tengok...janji ma bahagia! Kah kah kah! Tapi kalau dengar guna headphone baru bestlah Jun, bunyi base dia ngam soi!!!

    HiDEr :
    Habis baca, tergolek tidur sebab kepenatan. Resepi ke mana, kuih ke mana! Kah kah kah....

    zanaz :
    Hihihi... see... kan dah kata, mesti ada yang tak percaya punya! Tapi sungguh tau, ma tak tipu!

    mokwonik :
    Hahaha... expand like the doughnut! That's a good one. In that case, mama ni mengembang macam roti la kot... sebab lebih kembang dari donut! Ahaks....

    kucingorengemok :
    Gambar ma slightly big la Lin. Sorrylah kena tunggu lama sket baru nak keluar eh... ya ampun!

    E-na Zarina :
    Tak semontok orang nyalah E-na! Hahaha...

    Am-flora :
    Thanks for the feedback ye....

    Ummi...honey bun sugar pops lollipops.... :
    Mmmm pernah dengar ye? Tapi di mana ya? Hahahahaha....
    Ntahlah Ummi... agaknya faktor kematangan usia menjadikan daku seperti yang sekarang ini... wah... or maybe, sekarang ni macam bertih goreng, pasal qada dulu-dulu tak bercakap kot! Hahaha.....Thanks la sebab rajin melayan mama chatting ye... seronok sakat Ummi ni... Hihihi... 5 kali OK je dah chao eh? Wa saspek lu la.... kah kah kah.....

    Zai Aziz :
    Waalaikumussalam Zai. Selamat datang ke teratak ku ini. Nubhan tak ikut ke? Hihihii... sabor je la! Eh, kalau takat nak ngigau donat je, tak de maknanya Zai oi... ngigau lah benda yang canggih sket... seperti... err...mmmm... seperti apa eh? Hahaha.....

  12. Donut Lela dah ada. Donut Majnun? Nanti sorang-sorang je Lela.

  13. Hello Mamafami, how you doin'?
    I love your mention...."to someone who is so bubbly and so talkative. Those who knew me personally will surely be surprised to know that I had once been SO QUIET. They will surely have question marks in their heads...".

    Where were you when I was handing out my resume? Ha ha.
    I got questions, ahemmmm, ha ha. Just kidding.
    But I bet dating you will be fun, listen to you chat, or buka cherita.

    Wow! Donut! I love donuts! With iced coffee.
    Looking at your delicious donuts, agak2 6 pieces should be no problems to lichin the plate, ha ha.
    Hey! You ada Black belt in cakes and food, ya?

    Wayyyyyy to go Mamafami, ladies like you don't grow on trees.
    You stay young, stay beautiful and keep a song in your hati, Lee.

  14. Assalam MamaFami...nak donut gak....!!Eh! Lee dapat 6 ketoi....tak kan habih dah kot....Do I have to uli2 tepung ..buat sendiri???

  15. Ma, bnyk tul buat donut tu.. Boleh la bagi sepinggan kt sini hehehe..
    Kata buat apam eno.Tak nak tunjuk ker ma?

  16. alamak, segan plak mama tengok fp mai yg dah berhabuk dekat setahun tak update...actually memang dah tak buat personal blog dah...tak dan nak update...skang ni tumpu masa untuk anak2 yg sedang membesar...dan home biz yg makin tak larat nak kejar deadline....huhuh
    kite memang selalu ikuti blog mama ni...just silent mama still menjadi inspirasi dari dulu...hihih

  17. dah lama tak jenguk sini...dah berubah rupa blog and mama dah buka kedai online ye..tak sempat lagi pi jenguk situ.

    cerita mama masa zaman dulu tu sama macam maisya le...tapi maisya ni dari dulu dan skrg pun masih pendiam lagi...tak tau bila boleh berubah

  18. lapar bila tengok donat ni ,kalu air tgn you sis mesti kaw punya,ni mak teh nak habaq,seumur hidup ni donat paling sedap yg mt dah mkn ialah kat Jertih...oooo pecah kepala,org Jertih mesti second punya.kenapa latest entry kat atas tu xleh nak komen,frust betoi.

  19. Salam Mama,

    Finally, I tried your Rose Tarts recipe and it was a big hit in my office. Your recipes are wonderful to try when I am in a baking mode. Thank you and sincerely love reading your blog...


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