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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Apom Potong

Salaam Maal Hijrah 1431 to everyone....

It was raining heavily just now.... and I have this verse singing repeatedly in my brain...

Rain rain don't go away
It'll be nice if I can sleep the whole day....

Hahaha.... I wish!!! I am in my L.A.Z.Y mode at the moment. It's been a while actually. But if I show you what I've ended up cooking (without any plans or whatsoever), you will definately say... mama is a liar. How can she cook all these when she's lazy. I don't really know how to explain it but it's true I am feeling lazy and I am tired of it makes me feel lousy!

Yesterday, I had hoped thought we'd eat out. But hubby was so into his programming mission and showed no sign of leaving his laptop. I got the message! So in order not to let the household go into the starving mode, I had to do something. Ended up cooking these....

The same thing happened this morning. Before going to bed yesterday night, I was thinking of having nasi lemak for breakfast and would go out with hubby to get them. When I said to him, lets go buy the nasi lemak, he said ok but he didn't move an inch from his laptop! And me, just felt lazy to go on my own. So, like it or not, I ended up preparing the breakfast in my kitchen! Didn't snap any photos just now. We had, Nasi Goreng Belacan (I used the Seri Aji Perencah), keropok lekor goreng, Cheesey Chicken Rolls and Kuih Apom Potong. There you go... hahaha.. and mama said she's lazy! Hahaha.... Well actually, I wanted to clear the fridge as much as possible...

After Zohor, hubby had asked me, where shall we go. Told him that I wanted to go to IOI Mall to get something. He said okay. But then, neither of us moved a centimeter from our laptops. And now, the clock is showing 16.30 and we're still stuck at home! I guess we'll be stuck at home the whole day today. Why am I not surprised! Hihihi.....

Anyway, let me just share this recipe that I had tried recently, again, using my steamer. I am loving my steamer very much now. It's Kuih Apom Potong. Came across this recipe when I visited Kak Rusnah's Fotopages. It's so easy to prepare and tasted nice as well. Thank you Kak Rusnah for sharing the recipe. Allow me to translate it and post it in my blog so that many others could give it a try....


Ingredients :

For the syrup :
1 cup sugar
3 1/2 cups water
screwpine leaves ~ knotted
food coloring ~ I chose orange color

Boil the above ingredients till sugar dissolved. Leave to cool.

For the yeast :
1 1/2 tablespoons instant dried yeast
1/2 cup lukewarm water
1 teaspoon sugar

Mix the above ingredients and keep aside till the mixture bubbles.

To be sifted :
3 cups flour
1/3 cup rice flour

fresh grated coconuts (just the white part)

Method :

1. Pour the yeast mixture into th flour.
2. Add in the syrup. Stir well and let it stand for one hour in a container covered with damp cloth or clingwrap.
3. Pour the mixture into a baking tin.
4. Steam for 40 minutes or till done. If you're using the small cups, then 15 minutes will be enough. Leave to cool.
5. Steam the grated coconuts for 5 minutes. Add in salt and mix well.
6. Toss the cut apoms into the coconut and ready to serve.


  1. WOW!! Ur dishes are simple tempting lor! That apom too! hehex...

    Can I try some? ;)

  2. Salam maal hijrah mama!! sowi ya lewat sikit sampai sini :D.. waaaaa.... lauk2 mama yg ada tu mmg kita suke sume sekali pastu apam itu haih! mmg suke dgn apam sedap kan kalau dpt mkn dgn kelapa parut yg putih bersih tu :D

  3. apam potong?? dotter n hubby's feveret tuh..

  4. salam mamafami...
    tuu dia apam sudah mari, feberet ceq tu, segala apam aku suka...boleh ke pantun pasal apam pulak?...


  5. Mama cakap malas2 pun masak macam-macam... kite kalau masak pakai guna yang frozen jer. heheheh ... syok nye tengok lauk pauk mama tue.. lapar nasi pulak dah rasanya ni :)

  6. Makan apam tu masa musim ujan ni mmg sedap hehe..

  7. Salam Mamafami,
    Betul cakap ijan tu. Dalam malas malas pun, ha berderet menu keluar.

  8. I'm sure your husband loved this hearty meal!

  9. simple tp sodap :)


  10. Dear mama, apam ni reminds me what I used to enjoy in hometown...sedaaap! Bila lah rajin nak cubaaa..

  11. Mama malas? keh keh boleh caya ka? but believe me ma..i know u.. *wink**wink*

    adehh sedap lee apom oren..yis abih stok lak..ish camno? pi umah buatkan aci? hihih..tata laling..windu lers nak sembang2..


  12. mama ni walaupun kate LAZY, but still ada masa dan semangat nak masak ek.. bagusnye lah..

  13. whre got lazy kok sih !!!! berderet2 makanan yang di masak tu !!! hehe .. miss you so much dear mama fami ... lama tak pok pek dengan awak kat kedai ....

  14. Wah.. maintain 2 blog tu.. Kat mana uols jawab soalan2 mereka yg tanya kat blog nih, iols pun curious gak nak tau jawapan... hehehe (nyebok)


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