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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jimi Asmara

Some things are just too good to be true that you can't believe it's happening right infront of your eyes!!! Last Sunday, we went to KLIA to meet up with Naseem and family who flew in from Penang after a 3 days holidays there. I was so excited plus nervous plus impatient and everything, combined into one. It's like meeting your heart throb!! *wink* The moment I saw Zahra, Naseem's elderest daughter emerged from the Arrival Hall followed by the rest of the family members, I am pretty sure I wasn't dreaming that time. Until we hugged, a long hug, then only I am 100% sure I am not dreaming! Had to pinch myself in order to confirm it!

How can I not be excited. Thought I would never see them again because Malaysia and Malawi is very far. And for us to go there again, it's like almost impossible. Unless, somebody is willing to sponsor the whole family just for the air tickets, we will be more than happy!!! Anybody???? It had been two years since we left Malawi behind with loads of wonderful memories treasured deep in our hearts. And two years I had been without my close friends there whom are now just like my brothers and sisters. And to be able to meet at least one of them is such a blessing. But I got to meet the whole family. Syukur alhamdulillah......

We met up with them, just for a short 15 minutes as the hotel bus was waiting for them. But 15 minutes is better than never. Maybe hubby saw that it wasn't enough for me, he told Ishmael (Naseem's hubby) that we'll visit them at their hotel tomorrow. So yesterday, after hubby's niece and hubby left, we went to where Naseem and family are staying. Had a long chat (was it long mummy? Ummmm... I think 2 hours is nothing huh? We still have loads to talk about, things to catch up with huh?) and we left their hotel at 11.30 pm. That was because, we saw that they are tired after the KLCC tour and had to wake up early the next morning to get ready for Sunway Lagoon. Anyway, it was lovely meeting all of you again. InsyaAllah we'll try to meet up with you guys at least one more time at the airport. Oooooo I just dread that moment....wish it doesn't have to happen.... meanwhile, enjoy your time here and bring back lovely memories to Malawi.....


Since I have a long list of chores to do, will go straight to the recipe for the day. It'll be a very short, easy and lovely recipe to share. Thanks to Ummi Kuantan and Mak Lang Azie for sharing the recipe with us.... It really quench the thirst and if you're familiar with F&N Fruitade, well the taste is similar minus the gas hence more it? Hahaha... lu pikirlah sendiri......


Ingredients :

4 tablespoons sugar
1 1/2 tablespoons Orange Sunquick
1 teapsoon banana essence
few drops of green food coloring
Enough mineral water
Enough ice cubes

Method :

1. Dissolve sugar in a bit of hot water.
2. Add in the orange sunquick, banana essence, green food coloring and water. Stir to mix.
3. Add ice cubes and ready to serve.

Have a nice day!


  1. terus dahaga bila nampak jimi asmaradana nih :D

  2. salam mama...
    kOi dh tukar layout tuh tapi yg mama bg aje la nnt baru kOi adjust2 len..wah air jimi asmara ne makin glamer yek..nnt kOi plak nk try buat...thanx mama muaaaaahhhh....

  3. Uh...Love want some Jimi Asmara too...hehex!

  4. yes... minuman ni mmg sedap... saya dah cuba... skrg ni makcik2 saya di Ipoh sibuk buat air ni...hehe

  5. Salam Mama,
    Waaah seronok eh dpat jumpa semula geng lama di Malawi dulu...mesti byk nk gossip2..hehee...Apapun, air Jimi Asmara tu, boleh x pas sini segelas...nak makan dgn Apom Potong tu...ngeeee...Mama cuti2 Malaysia jugak ke duk terperap kat dapur je siapkan tempahan? :D

  6. Salam Kak,

    Panas2 cam gini, dahaga pula nengok air Jimi Asmara Mama itewww

  7. Alahai hari ni puasa...sedapnya tgk air ni....ishk..ishk..

  8. mmg seronok...dapat rasa keseronokan n ke xcited kan mama tu..kikiki...sekejap pon jadiklah kan, mengubat kan mama..air ijo tu mmg menggude kalbu ku...

  9. Salam mama, nk buat juga air ni, thanks ye

  10. ish ish mama.. resepi sesempoi ini boleh menghasilkan air yg nampak semarveles itu.. huh, wajib cuba nih!

  11. Mama.. bukan kaler kuning + biru ke baru jadi ijau?? hehe ntah tak tau le

  12. mama where are u...sunyi sepi je kOi dtg neh...mama kOi dh tukar layout tuh lg..nnt mama tgk ler..

  13. Totally in agreement with cikMat Gebu... Santa Claus would very much prefer Jimi Asmara over cold milk

  14. zarin :
    Kenalah bancuh dan minum, barulah hilang dahaga tu...

    kOi :
    Waalaikumussalam kOi...nanti buat ye... memang tak nyesal...

    Haa this one very easy to do ok. Tak sampai 2 minit, you can enjoy your Jimi Asmara... *wink*

    Hezrin Ahmad :
    Tu la kan, memang best dan tak nyesal cuba...

    Ummi :
    Waalaikumussalam Ummi. Tu la, it's so nice to meet them again. Kalau boleh, nak suruh diorang pindah sini je. Tak de la gossip tapi catching up dengan apa yang dah ma tinggalkan...ada berita gembira, ada berita sedih. Cuti ni ma dok terperap kat rumah je.... enjoying the comfort of my home....

    Sue@Nenie :
    Waalaikumussalam Sue..... Kalau tak panas pun, mama nak minum gak... hehehe...

    Maisya :
    Oppss sorry... Maisya masuk wrong timing la pulak!

    Jun :
    Tu la tu, kejap pun jadilah... bukan senang nak suruh diorang datang lagi. Bukan dekat dekat...tambang pun mahal gilos!

    Azura Suhaimi :
    Waalaikumussalam Azura... dah buat lom?

    ♥peachkins♥ :
    Try it. You won't regret!

    CikLiz :
    Garenti tak nyesal!

    ziedazzle :
    Memang ler kuning campur biru jadi hijau.... kenapa ye?

    mizwa :
    Very sorrylah kOi...mama sibuk sangat this week....

    Muna :
    Ni Santa Claus negara panas la ni sebab nak Jimi Asmara. Kalau Santa Claus North Pole, rasanya dia nak warm milk... hehehe....

  15. Hahahaha!!
    When I saw the name of this post,
    I tot I'd be seeing that twirly haired fella with flowery shirts from Humor magazine ages ago.

    It's a drink, you really got me at it. :)

  16. wah.. air jimi asmara.. mesti sumber asal resepi nih sama dgn ann.. dulu makcik kantin skolah ann ajar cara buat air nih.. dia pun panggil air jimi asmara.. air nih mmg best


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