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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tahu Brintik

FACEBOOK.... do you have an account in there? How do you find it? Interesting? Boring?

I don't have a Facebook account and not planning to have one at the moment. By the way, thank you to all who had invited me to join Facebook. Appreciate your kind thoughts. Even though I don't have an account, my dearest sister gave me the 'key' to her Facebook. So I will browse from there. I have tried to find my friends, but to no avail. Those that I found, are those that I am still in touch with. I am a person who will try to keep in touch with all my friends. To me, friends are for ever and not just when you're with them...

The oldest (not in terms of age) friend that I am still in touch with is a friend from my Kindergarden years! I went to CHIJ Kindergarden in 1972. I am at CHIJ Melaka from 1972 till 1975 (Standard 3). And my best friend that time is Noor Aishah Noor Hashim. I lost contact with her when we moved to Seremban. I guess that time, I was too young. I didn't think of asking for her contact address and number. But I heard she is a doctor. And oh, the Kindergarden friend that I am still in touch with is Maznah Ahmad aka Alang, now residing in Russia with her little family.

We moved to Seremban where I went to King George V Primary School, just for 2 years (1975 till 1977). When I think of this school, it brought back some funny and unforgettable memories. Mmm... maybe will write about it if I am up to it, someday...Over there, my best friend cum my neighbour is Noor Isham Yaacob. We lost contact when I moved back to Malacca. She continued studying at Tun Fatimah and then to ITM....

Back in Malacca in 1977 and went to Sek Ren Dato Palembang Bukit Baru Melaka. Over there, Lovely and fearful memories there too... Oh gosh, I think my life had been so happening after all huh! I was closed to Rosiah Minhat that time... where is she now? I wonder.....

1979 was when I started my secondary education at Malacca Girls' High School. Lovely years best friend is Hafiza Abd Hamid. We lost contact for a while but somehow I managed to get in touch with her again before my wedding. She came and then I went to her wedding a few years later. After that, it's history. I really really wanted to get in touch with her again....

In 1982 I was accepted to Sekolah Menengah Teknik Melaka. And over here, I have a group of buddies. In class, my 'gang' are Maznah (my kindergarden pal), Momtach Begam and Zalinah Ramli. In school, I hang out with Noor Ashikin Abd Majid and in the hostel, Haslinda Hj Noah. Of all the names mentioned above, the one that I am still in touch is Haslinda and I hope our friendship will last forever dear....I can still remember all those happy moments we had together ... Wishing you a safe journey to Mekah. Take care.....

Whoa whoaa mama....I guess I've written enough for one entry! Anyway, reason behind this entry is I hope to get in touch with all my buddies especially those listed above. Whoever knows their whereabouts or better still, if you, my friends, happened to read this post, please do contact me through my email address. Thank you...

All right, let's move on to the recipe. Since the above entry is long enough, I guess I'll post a very short but nice and easy recipe that I've tried a few weeks back. Got the recipe from Intanzariza's Blog. Thanks Intan for sharing it with all of us...

Source : Intanzariza

Ingredients :

Egg ~ lightly beaten
Kentucky Flour
Oil for frying

Method :

1. Cut the taufu to bite size.
2. Dip the taufu into the egg and then roll it in the Kentucky flour.
3. Fry till golden brown.
4. Serve with mayonaise and chillie sauce.

Have a nice day!


  1. nmpk sedap tu mama, good idea!

  2. wah mama punye tauhu cantiknye... thanx ye!

  3. Salam mama!! waaaa...tauhu2 ni mmg cedap!! masuk list!!! hihihi..

  4. salam mama
    wah saya rasa teruja ni nak cuba.

  5. Am-flora :
    Simply sedap... hehehe...

    -intanzariza- :
    Thanks to Intanlah yang introduce resepi ni... mama follow je...

    ijayuji :
    Waalaikumussalam Ika. Waduhhh... makin panjang listnya tu!

    um.masyitah :
    Waalaikumussalam Um.Masyitah. Cubalah nanti ye. Kot sesuai pada selera...

  6. Sypun barupun baru ada akaun Facebook setelah lama kawan2 invite...tupun ramai kawan Fp jugak..saja sembang bila ada keluangan.
    tauhu berintik ni mudah bahan2nya. tp berkenan dgn roti serikaya mama tu...cantik elok naiknya.

  7. Aunty mamafami....
    Fb I pun my hubby yang tolong createkan...n i tersangat la seldom buka that Fb....

    by the tahu brintik u ni menarik la...nak cuba buat la....then where the "brintik" name came from ya??????

  8. Ma, Ummi x terlayan la kot kalu ada FB pun, takut ramai lak yg kiciiil hati tgk Ummi tarak layan..hehee...apapun kalu taufu ni Ummi layan..hehee..muaahhhh!

  9. Maisya ada jugak account FB..thru FB dapat jugak menjejak kasih dengan beberapa org kawan lama.

  10. is very informative. The article is very professionally written. I enjoy reading every day.

  11. Mamasya :
    Mama pun ramai juga yang invite tapi very sorrylah sebab terpaksa turn down those tempting invitations. Cukuplah berfp dan berblog. Ni pun tak tercatch up dah ni....

    3E :
    La... baiklah your hubby yang register FB dia sendiri... hehehe.. that's why mama malas nak register for one.
    Brintik? Mama pun tak tahu sebenarnya. When I came across the recipe, the simplicity yang attracts my attention sebenarnya...

    Ummi :
    Betul betul betul......

    Maisya :
    Untunglah Maisya...matlamat FB tercapai.... mama ni tak jumpa sesaper, that's what puts me off..

    Anonymous :
    Thank you for you kind words, whoever you may be....

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