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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Prawn & Asparagus

MamaFaMi was busy as a bee yesterday. And behaved well too. I didn't spend much time in front of the laptop. Surprise surprise.... not to your surprise but to mine! Hehehe...

In the morning I prepared the tart shells dough for orders and kept it in the fridge. Then with the endless house chores, cleaning, washing, cooking so on so forth. In between, sent and fetch Syahmi from tuition. From the tuition place, went to do the groceries at a nearby shop, with Syahmi's assistance.

After Zohor, drove to the post office to drop the Express Mail envelope into it's box and straight to the clinic to get my monthly medication. Then off to The Summit, just me and Fatin, no Kak Ana this time. We had to drive round and round, for I forgot how many times, to find an empty parking. I almost gave up but then, if we're meant to be there, then we will. Above all, I am very happy that I am able to park my car nicely in the parking lot, both at the clinic and The Summit.
You know what, ask me to drive to where ever, I think I will manage, but then, when I think of the parking, that normally puts me off! Hahaha... I still need to work on my parking huh?

At The Summit, we went to MPH Bookstore first, to collect the story book that Fatin had ordered. Then off to Popular Warehouse Sale on the 4th floor. I didn't buy anything. Not that I don't want to, but when I think of all my one whole cupboard full of books and magazines, I'd better not add more! But Fatin bought a basketful of novels and surprisingly, plus this one....

Will I be tasting her pasta soon? Let's just wait and see....

And this is Mr Alex Goh's latest bread book that I bought at Popular Bookshop at Sunway last Sunday....

Anyway, let's move to the recipe I wanted to share. Got it from Rinnchan's Fotopages . A simple recipe this time. I had never cooked asparagus before and this is my first time. It was Syahmi who actually makes me want to try cooking and eating asparagus. Thanks Rinn for the very simple yet yummy recipe....



2 bunches asparagus
200g prawns ~ cleaned
2 cloves of garlic ~ chopped
1 fresh red chillie ~ sliced
1 tablespoon oyster sauce
1 teaspoon ground blackpepper
cooking oil
2 dashes of sesame seed oil
salt to taste

Method :

1. Heat the wok and add in oil. When oil is hot, add in garlic and fry till fragrant.
2. Add in prawns and fresh red chillie. When the prawns changed to lighter color, add oyster sauce and ground blackpepper.
3. Add salt and a bit of water if necessary.
4. Add in a few dashes of sesame seed oil.
5. Last but not least, add in the asparagus. Stir for a few minutes and remove from heat.

Have a nice day everyone!


  1. ohh, sedap.. sedap..
    the books as well as the udang bersama asparagus.
    oh asparaaaaagus! kurp krap krup krap :D

  2. vavavavavaaaa.... nih yg tk sabo nih nk tunggu roti power mama dr buku tuh!!

  3. mama kOi dh cuba cendawan goreng kari mama tuh sedap..sedap..wah dh ada buku baru pasnie byk la menu baru tuk dicuba..hehehe..selamat menyambut adil adha tuk mama sekeluarga dari kOi yg kesorgn huhuhuh

  4. Çok güzel ellerine sağlık...

  5. || syazwaniadnan || :
    Memang sedap pun. Tapi ma sorang je yang makan sebab warga rumah ni tak berapa suka makan sayur dan tak suka udang.... Pstt... mama dah cuba pudding Wani.. nanti ma letak kat entry ye...

    hana :
    Hehee... saborrrr saborrr... lom habis khatam baca lagi...

    kOi :
    Alhamdulillah kOi suka ye cendawan goreng tu. Gembiranya mama dengar...Memang ada buku baru, tapi resepi baru dari buku? Hehehe... wallahualam...

    cahide :
    Thanks for dropping by....

  6. salam mama..selamat menyambut raya aidil adha wat mama sekuarga ye!!mana foto2 kak ina kl dating kt umah mama?? hehe..

  7. What a great photo! very colorful and well captured.

  8. Those are perfectly cooked shrimps..

  9. Selamat menyambut aidiladha buat mama n family..masak syedap2 taw.

  10. Salam mama! ini mmg peberet kita nak2 ada asparagus ni sedapnyer! lama tak wat sayur mcm ni ;-)

  11. As Salam mama...arini kite nak try recipe mama ni. Beli asparagus tak tahu nak masak camner. So arini leh masak utk dinner nanti :-)


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