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Monday, November 23, 2009

Roti Tawar Warna Warni

Mak Chu and Pak Chu came by our place yesterday afternoon. They took us to IOI Mall to watch 2012. Hubby didn't tag along. He went golfing early in the morning. When we reached at the counter, the tickets for 2.30pm and 4.30pm were sold out. We were there at around 1.30pm. We've got no other choice but to choose another movie to watch. We opt for A Christmas Carol. Not a bad choice after all. We enjoyed the movie and this time round, our concentration were fully on the screen. No popcorns munching, no soft drinks sipping...nothing. Why? Because, before we entered the cinema, we've stuffed ourselves at A&W! Thank you so much to Mak Chu and Pak Chu for a lovely day out......

Let's move on to the recipe to share today. Another bread recipe and another recipe from Si Manis Ayin . Yeah right, until I had enough with her blog, then maybe I'll take it easy. Hahaha... Her bread recipes are just so lovely that I can't resist. And oh... Rinn, I bought the latest Chef Alex Goh's Bread Book yesterday. Saw it quite sometime back, but only managed to buy it yesterday. So expect to see some Alex Goh's recipe in between Ayin's okay... *wink* *wink*. Ayin, thank you so much for sharing the recipe with us....

Note to Che Mat Gebu
Mat, mama dah beli buku roti Chef Alex Goh yang baru terbitan Seashore kat Popular semalam. Ada 20% diskaun lagi tau, without Popular Membership Card sebab buku ni comes under Featured Titles. Bila lagi nak rembat Mat? Beli Mat jangan tak beli... lepas ni, meroti ler kita.... ahaks....

Note to Rinn...
Tukang pukul canang ni dah beli ke lom? Jangan tunggu lama-lama,
nanti lama-lama, buku Alex dah habis! Hehehe... Opps... kalau gi makan angin kat situuuu tuuuuu... jangan lupa mama punya acuan T*k*y*k* tu yek

I added colors to the recipe. I think I have to get myself one proper loaf tin, in order to get a lovely bread loaf. The shape of my loaf is very funny. I've baked the loaf in a homemade tin. Got the tin made at a tinsmith back there in Malawi. And I gave him a slightly bigger measurement for a loaf tin. So it's actually my fault then. I'll be posting the cross-section of the loaf from both sides, left and right as I've rolled it in two different ways for a more colorful effect! Me and colors huh? Hehehe...

Source : Si Manis Ayin

Ingredients :

250 g high protein flour (I used all purpose flour)
30 g sugar
20 g milk powder
6 g instant dried yeast
1/2 teapsoon salt
1/2 teaspoon dough softener
2 egg yolks
130 ml fresh milk
30 g butter
Food coloring : pink, yellow, green

Method : (Breadmaker method)

1. Pour fresh milk into the breadmaker pan. Add in salt, sugar and egg yolks
2. Top it with sifted flour, dry yeast, milk powder and dough softener.
3. Set the Breadmaker to Dough function.
4. Once the dough is just combined, add in butter and leave the Breadmaker to continue doing it's job. This process will take about 1 1/2 hour including prooving.
5. Remove dough from BM and punch down to release the air. Cut the dough to 6 portions. Add a bit of food coloring to the dough. 2 doughs for 1 color. Make into round balls and leave to rest for 10 minutes.
6. Roll the dough flat. Place one color on top of the other to form 3 layers. Roll like a swiss roll and place in the well greased tin. Repeat the same procedure with the other 3 balls.
7. Leave to proof till double the size.
8. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 C for 40 minutes or so.
9. Once out of the oven, brush with butter.

Thank you Ila for ordering the tart shells. Hope you like them....

This morning, Kak Ina KL came to my house to pass the gift that I had won, being the 98765th visitor. You can check the entry here. Thank you very much Kak Ina for the lovely presents and the lovely time spent. Datang lagi ye, jangan serik....


  1. salam mamafami...adusss dah tunjuk ek kat blog..alahai malunya....hadiah yang tak seberapa tu..
    tak jadi gi umah alang dia..imran merajuk...mana sempat...kang tak masak lagi kat umah..

  2. Waah tahniah la Mama, k.ina siap hantar ke rumah lg hadiah eh..hehe..cantik roti berkaler2 gitu..wah, tart shell pun cantik, kmas jek..bagus gak order eh..pastu balik letak je filling..hehe...emmm good idea..

  3. Just nak tanya mamafami tinggal kat area Puchong ke?

  4. wahhh kalerpul roti ma arini, cam rainbow lak..

  5. Salam mama!! waaaa..santek3!!!! suke nak mkn roti2 mcm ni eh? dulu2 kan ada roti jenis mcm ni kan kat kedai2 tp dia manis sikit sedap!

  6. wooooi sonoknya dapat adiah, lepaih ni bole la mama wat kek 5tkt aniversari, kan mama kan???

    hikhikhikhik windu awak *big hugs*

  7. amboi mama, rajinnya jual tart shell tu.. cikliz nak wat utk makan sendiri pun dah makin malassss..

    & rotimu itew sungguh gebusss... daku tirrgoda..

  8. mama, sya jenguk2 je selalu tp xtinggal jejak, hehe.. nway, mama nak acuan takoyaki kah? hehehe... my advice, buy the one yg xguna electric, unless if u have a transformer laaa. mine dok tesadai dlm cabinet, along with her friend the ice cream maker. arghhh...!!!

  9. Kalau tak kaler-kaler..tak mamafami lah namanya. Rainbow colors yg sungguh lembut dan menawan !!!

    Itu buku arrrr..... saja lah mama nii suka provoke org !!! Rinn n Mat Gebu gak yg kena ekkk. Tak pe 2, esok lusa kalau rinn terlajak ke Popular akan ku sambar jugaklah jawabnya. Kat Tesco baru bukak kat SP ni ada kedai popular gak. Dah check, stok ada berlambaaaaaaak heh heh heh.....

    Pasal acuan, rinn dah jwb kat sms.. :-)

  10. adohaiii lawonyer kaler roti nih! nnti nk wat jugaklah!! nk try wat yg pesen baru roti ma skrg nih ader water roux tuh! fuhhh semangat nk buat! tp ntah bila nk rajen! ngeeeee...

  11. What on earth is this, its simply taking my heart away...whoo, gorgeous one:) Awesome, lovely color(s) piece of bread I have ever seen:)

  12. kak ina kl :
    Waalaikumussalam Kak Ina. Mestilah dah tunjuk, excited tuh! Thanks ye kak for everything.

    Alahai shiannya Imran. Tu la, akak gi janji wat pe!

    Ummi :
    Thanks Ummi.... best oo sembang dengan Kak Ina... sampai terlupa masa! Hehehe... Tart

    shells tu sesuai untuk orang yang sibuk dan tak punya masa nak gentel sendiri...

    AZIAN :
    Mama dah jawab kat email Azian ye..

    K.Nor :
    Mama memang suka kaler kaler ni... sib baik rambut tak wat kaler kaler cam rainbow, kalau

    tak, sah rupa clown dah! hahaha....

    ijayuji :
    Waalaikumussalam Ika. Mmm ada ke roti macam ni kat kedai? Mama tak ingatlah... cari tak jumpa tu makanya mama buat sendiri...

    Nina Suria :
    Memang seronok dapat hadiah. Tapi kita tak pandailah nak buat kek 5 tingkat. Setingkat pun dah mencungap! Hehehe.... Windu Kak Mon too.... *bear hugs*

    CikLiz :
    Saja suka-suka buat tart shells ni. Kebetulan ada yang nak....

    Sya Annur :
    Hi Sya....thanks for coming. Terima kasih juga bagi mama tips tentang acuan tu ye. Mama dah beritahu Rinn dan she understood what you meant. InsyaAllah dia tolong belikan yang terbaik. Thanks again....

    rinnchan :
    Hihihi... tahu, tak pe!
    Beli Rinn buku tu, rugi tak beli... hehehe...lepas ni mintak komisen kat Chef Alex la... promote baikkk punya.... Tapi kalau dah beli, jangan simpan dalam lemari ye... sampai terlupa...
    Thanks for the sms... *wink*

    hana :
    Wat Hana jangan tak wat. Hana kalau buat mesti debomb punyalah.... garenti punya!

    ♥peachkins♥ :
    Thanks for your kind comment.

    Malar Gandhi :
    It's bread dear... just added color to the dough to attract my attention... hahahaha... don't know about others, but I just love the way it turned out to be... Thanks for coming!

  13. salam mama, nak ucap tima kaseh banyak2 atas semua resipi roti yg mama share tu.. ngee.. (x tau mana nk chat kat sini ok kan?) :) especially basic sweet dough tu.. mmg lembut & gebusss... sedappp!!

  14. Hello MamaFami, hey, I love this buns and its lovely colours. I think if I add Marmalade with margarine, sure tiga will go down fast.
    How you add those colours with them getting mixed up. Waaa. macham rainbow, outstanding! MamaFami.
    With a lovely wife like you, who needs bakeries, ha ha.

    By the way Mamafami, later kalu senang, nothing better to do, after your shower, drop by my pondok...
    You have a pleasant evening, Lee.

  15. Selamat hari Raya AidilAdha, buat mamafami n family :)

  16. salam mamafami :)

    selalu dtg sini tapi tak tinggal jejak, hari ni nak tinggal jejak, hiks.

    mama, kalau nak oder tat shell tu kira camne? kira seketui ke kira camne?

    selamat hari raya aidiladha utk mama ya :)

  17. Your colored bread is unusual and fantastic !

  18. masz_73 :
    Waalaikumussalam Masz. Mama memang suka cuba resepi roti. Kalau hasilnya baik, memang mama nak share dengan semua. Ilmu yang sedikit, yang ada pada mama ni, biarlah lebih ramai dapat memanafaatkannya.

    Uncle Lee :
    Hi Uncle Lee. You are so clever in making something simple sound deliciously yummy! Marmalade and margarine....Gosh I can taste the sweet sour and lemak masin... mmmm... Have a nice day Uncle Lee....

    indahhouse :
    Terima kasih...same to you...

    ayumkay :
    Waalaikumussalam. Alahai naperlah malu-malu nak bertegur sapa... Tentang tart shells tu, please email mama di ye. Thanks.

    carolina :
    Thanks for your kind words.

  19. Salam mamafami,

    Dah lama saya follow mamafami nih, since kat fotopages lagi.

    err.. nk tanya, tart shell bole order ngan mama eh, kira mcm mana yer? rasa mcm nk order je, sbb malas nk buat sendiri.


  20. Hazlina :
    Waalaikumussalam Hazlina. Terima kasihlah sudi follow mama punya fotopages dan blog ye. Terharu mama. Gembira. Tentang tart shells tu, boleh saja nak order, tapi please email straight to me ya. My email address is Thanks...


Please feel free to drop a comment or two... much appreciated... thank you!