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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kuih Bakar (K.Joayee)

How is your week so far? Busy? Relax? Bored? Exciting? For me, it had been such a busy week so far. Now I am pretty sure that the pattern of my week will normally follow how my Monday turned out to be. So I pray hard that I won't be having Monday Blues but Monday Rainbows! Hahaha...

Yesterday, our neighbour Kak Dah had a 'kenduri' at her house. She's leaving for Hajj today....

Kak Dah, semoga akak sihat sejahtera di sana dan moga mendapat Haji yang mabrur... selamat pergi dan selamat kembali. Doa kami sentiasa bersama akak....
I made some fruit tarts to bring along...

At 4 pm, sent Syahmi to his tuition class and straight to The Summit with Kak Ana to collect Fatin's story book that we ordered recently from MPH. And that was the first time I drove to The Summit and parked my car down there! To go to Summit is not a problem to me now, but I was a bit tense to think how to park the car. And how am I going to go up the slope! Hahaha... silly huh? Or more like, not confident actually. But with Kak Ana's confidence, I made it and wallahhhh I parked beautifully! Hahaha.... masuk bakul angkat sendiri la wei.... I'm not bragging but I am just impressed with myself... hahaha...

Recipe to share with all of you today is this easy kapeasy Malay kuih. Got it from Hana in Japan . But I made a slight change to the recipe to suit my laziness... hahahaha... nevertheless, the taste is still superb! Thanks Hana and K.Joayee of MyResipi


Ingredients :

1 cup sugar
1 cup screwpine (pandan) leaves juice (I mixed water with pandan essence)
2 cup flour
2 1/4 cup coconut milk (I used fresh milk )
2 tablespoons butter
3 eggs
1/2 teaspoon salt
green food coloring
sesame seeds

Method :

1. Place sugar, screwpine juice, flour, fresh milk, butter, eggs, salt and green food coloring in a food processor and blend till well mixed.
2. Add a bit of cooking oil into the mould and heat it in the oven.
3. When the mould is ready, pour the mixture into the mould.
4. Sprinkle some sesame seeds on top. I didn't roast the sesame seeds.
5. Bake at 180 C, about 40 to 45minutes or till brown and crispy.


  1. mamafami...i dah lama follow blog u. Minta izin link ur blog with mine ya...feel free to singgah kat rumah I.....

  2. Salam mamafami!!! kita asyik lupa jerrr lah nak add link mama.. ni dtg lagi nak add terus ya :D kuih bakar mmg peberet kita, nak yg atas2 tu ya hihihi... kerak2 dah hilang sapalah yg makan tu ya :D

  3. salam mamafami,
    wah! cantiknya kue bakar mama fami. jelesnya. hihi

  4. salam rindu mama!! ni ha baru berkesempatan nk jenguk umah kengkawan setelah lama x updet blog! kita suka sgt kuih bakor nih..xleh berhenti makan!!cedaapnye!!!

  5. hai mama..
    i am your silent your blog very much..i can't help myself from visiting your blog everytime i'm online..i've tried the fried mushrooms for lucnh today..hubby likes it very much..thanks a lot.

  6. 3E :
    Terima kasih banyak-banyak sebab sudi follow blog mama ye. Senang-senang, datanglah lagi ye...

    ijayuji :
    Waalaikumussalam. Esh, tak de sapa yang makan, dia 'hilang' sendiri... ahakss.. leh percaya ke?

    nurindah :
    Waalaikumussalam. Kuih bakar tu terkerepot gak tepinya tu... tak licin macam Hana punya. Agaknya Hana guna foundation bagus punya, mama guna yang cap ayam punya je... ahakss....

    inahar ali :
    Hi Ina... tu la sama busy macam pengantin! Hehehe... Sib baik tak naik bersanding lagi sekali dengan cik abang! Hehehe...

    Zab :
    Hai Zab... Thank you so much for visiting my blog. It's nice to know that somebody else is 'peeping' into my house through the opened 'window'. *wink* *wink*. Wow that's fast. I am really glad to know that your hubby likes the mushroom. You know why? Because it was prepared with love, a wife's love! That makes everything tasty! Take care!

  7. ni pun bukan fav mak teh....ku masih menunggu saatnya...

  8. waaah....Melaka Mamas.... kalau cheq suruh nyanyi macam Destiny's Child ada boley ka? I loike!!! Jangan marah ya, kita gurau saja....lari!!!

  9. MAK TEH :
    Alamak... apalah agaknya favourite Mak Teh niiii.... Donnnnn tolong auntyyyyy.....

    Muna :
    Ala, kalau takat Destiny Child tu, no hallah... wah... eksen! Muahahaha...

  10. Hello MamaFami, first time I read or see or know about this beautiful cake.
    Love the colour.
    I think easy 4 pieces will go down with me, ha ha.
    You have a great weekend MamaFami, best regards, Lee.

  11. Uncle Lee :
    Hello Uncle Lee..Not only this kuih's is simple to prepare tapi sedap juga tau. Alamak, I only made 1 loyang saja, if you take 4 pieces, that means, we only have another 4 to taste la... one each.. jaaddilahhhh....

  12. Salam.. sy dah try resipi yang akak buat ni.. menjadi gak lah.. syok sangat.. pas ni nak try lain plk ek..

  13. salam.. mamafami, sukanya jumpa blog awak yang meriah dengan pelbagai resepi ni!!.. Minta izin jadi follower ya.. ada masa singgah2 la kat rumah saya ..

  14. Salam..trm ksh yg teramat sgt dgn adanya blog mamafahmi nie..saya tlh mencuba pelbagai resepi di blog ini..alhamdulillah menjadi..yg amat membanggakan anak remaja saya yg berusia 16thn yg x prnh memasak tlh berjinak2 baking dari ur recipe dan happy teramat ..siap masuk facebook lg. Couple of times gak my daughter bake utk charity sklhnya..bravo n thks again. Luv n Salam Maal Hijrah..zetty London.


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