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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fried Mushrooms (Mak Chu)

Me : I wanted to update my blog yesterday, only to find out that hubby was on leave yesterday....
Q : So what has that got to do with not updating the blog mama?
Me : Well, if Mr Hubby is at home, then I don't have much time to spend on the internet...
Q : Why is that so?
Me : Because we'll be in and out of the house the whole day as hubby wants me to tag along with him, just to anywhere!
Q : Are you complaining mama?
Me : Don't be ridiculous. Of course I AM NOT COMPLAINING....
Q : How come?
Me : Because I LOVE IT! Hahaha... if only we could do that everyday... oh heaven on earth!
...The End...

In the morning, accompanied hubby to the dentist. From there we went to the supermarket to buy our groceries. Wanted to get some Tenggiri but there was none available, so we settled for 3 pieces of Red Snapper and a bit of these and that. Came back and straight to the kitchen....mama's being a good girl yesterday... no curi curi to be infront of the lappy! Hahaha.... These were what we had for lunch.... the fried mushroom below....

Since I have a few things that I wanted to do today (don't ask if I get it done or otherwise ya... I can always plan but whether it'll come to reality or not, only time can tell... hehehe... biasalah mamafami ni...... I'll go straight to the recipe that I've tried recently. Ppsstt... actually I can't decide what to post first... In a way, I am saying that I have tried a couple of recipes these few days.... ahaks.... eksen nya! Sabor je la....

Okay, I think I'll post this easy recipe first. Why this one? Because it's the shortest recipe! Hahaha... mama is getting lazy now..... Mak Chu is the one who taught me how to do this. Only thing, when Mak Chu cooks, it tasted much better than mine yesterday. Not only mine is a bit way too salty, but mine wasn't crunchy as well. When I asked Mak Chu why is mine not crunchy, her answer was... the crunchiness depends on how long we fry the mushrooms and how thick we tore the mushrooms. Mine was chewy but still I enjoyed it to the most, except, I have to take it with rice to reduce the salty taste! Thank you Mak Chu, darling honey bun sugar pop lollipop for sharing the easy and yummy recipe....

Source : Mak Chu

Ingredients :

200 g Oyster mushrooms - tore to small pieces
2 shallots ~ minced
2 garlic ~ minced
1 tablespoon curry powder (I used Baba's)
salt to taste
Oil for frying

Method :

1. Wash and rinse the oyster mushrooms. Squeeze hard to remove all the liquid.
2. Mix well all the ingredients above, except oil.
3. Heat oil in a pot and fry till golden brown.
4. Ready to serve.

Till then...


  1. salam mama..nmpk sedaprrrr gile la mushroom tuh...mau perut bernyanyi tengahari gini neh..nnt nk try jgk la...asam pedas mama calu mengoda kOi..tapi bile la nk uat nyer....

  2. Kmal pun sama...hubby tak selalu ada rumah..sesekali ada ...nak pi manapun dia ajak ikut...he..he...kalau kena masa mcm tu..mmg intenet kurang sikit nak jengok..
    Cendawan goreng mcm tu lum pernah lgi buat selalu celup tepung je.

  3. waaah.....kalau semalam cheq nak YM or skype dengan Mama, for sure tak dilayan...he he he....

  4. asam pedas fav pak teh,mushroom pulak ewann punya,x de ka I punya...sob..sob.hi there

  5. asam pedaih pulak ma ni..tak abis-abis menggoda tekak kita tau...nanti nk pi umah ma jgn lupa jamu asampedas ikan tenggiri dan asam pedas ikan merah naa..

  6. MamaFami, Now you know why I use to date Malay ladies, ha ha....they all can cook.
    And I love Malay food, not to mention the girls too, *wink*, ha ha.
    Waaa, hari ni a few of you all cooking asam pedas....must be the season or what? Ha ha.

    MamaFami, that asam pedas merah is a sure tiga pingan jemput makan....for me I mean.
    Saya suka that kobis goreng too.
    By the way, da lupa buat sambal belachan? Ha ha.

    MamaFami, you are outstanding!
    Have fun and have a great week....okay, pass me that plate of rice, please. Lee.

  7. Waaa...sikalang ini mamafami manyak rajin update lauk2 dia masak hali-hali laaaa.... Rajin-rajin !!!

    Itu cendawan goleng pun ala manyak sedap wa tengok . Kita buleh ciuba ka??..

    Kita pon ada shilupa sama itu kAmal, abang selalu tatak lumah punya. Itu pasal laaaa...kita manyak lama ilang itu hali... Kita punya abang tatak pi jauh2. So, kita hali-hali ikut dia juga..pigi sana pigi sini. Intanet sulah kasi lupa ho ho ho....

  8. mama, nampaknya pinggan2 mama dah bertukar ye skrg ni, dah pakai balik pinggan2 lama...skrg ni nabu pun tengah cari pinggan2 lama...sib baik kat umah mak ayah ada lg pinggan2 tu, dah amik pun, pastu ayah siap jd supporter cari pinggan2 tu lg...slmt memasak...

  9. mama... kalau sy kan.. asam pedas hari2 pun takper... tp tulah.. takut mr hubby lak jemu.. hehehehe... sy mmg suka asam pedas.. yummy...
    cendawan grg tu pun sedapp... any cendawan sy mmg 'berantu'.. termasuk cendawan tahun yg tumbuh kat busut dlm kebun sawit or getah.. hehehe (tingat masa budak2 dulu mak blk dari kebun penah wt blk cendawan busut/tahun bila time musim hujan) sedapnyerrr.. manisss..

  10. semua2 manyak sodappppppp!! tp kita nk amik resepi cendawan goreng tuhh!! eee cedapnyerrrrr!! maceh ma!

  11. arohamizwa :
    Waalaikumussalam kOi. Jangan asyik tergoda je kOi, kena buat tu... senang je buat mushroom tu...

    Kmal :
    Best kan macam tu KMal... leh gi jenjalannnnn je... kalau hari hari cam tu pun best kan... hehehe... Cendawan stail ni lagi senang, tak yah celup celup... main cebur je semua masuk kuali. Habis crita!!!

    Muna :
    Ha ah... boh la yan... ahakss.. tapi kalau tengah boring, kita dok kacau orang... orang pulak buat donoooo je... hehehe...

    MAK TEH :
    Hi Mak Teh...Mak Teh nyer favourite apa pulak? Habaq mai, nanti kita tayang lak... hihihi...

    easy recipes :
    Frankly speaking, I haven't tried using other mushrooms besides the oyster. Perhaps you'd like to give it a try and please let us know the outcome. After all, sharing is caring! Take care!

    ana :
    Sib baik tekak hang ja yang tergoda no... hehehe... Hamboih... nak kena jamu asam pedas tenggiri lagi ikan merah, bila masa hang nak pulun cik oi...

    Uncle Lee :
    Hello there Uncle Lee...thousand apologies for not yet appearing in your comment box. Will try to pop in soonest possible. I've read both entries, only belum letak my chop mohor there! Hehe... Asam pedas is very common and not to mention very popular la Uncle Lee. But then, cannot deny also la, if one blog started to post the very mengancam lauk, then you'll see it berjangkit here and there. I am saying this because I have the same 'penyakit' also. Hahaha... this is what I call, speaking through experience! About the sambal belacan thingy aa... I am not so good at that. Kena belajar some more la. Nasib baik dah kawin. Otherwise, if one of the requirements to be a wife is to be able to prepare good sambal belacan, I'll be 'single and desperately available' till today la... hahaha.... Take care Uncle Lee...

    rinnchan :
    Lajin kalau angin lajin mali la... tapi itu angin selalu aa... ala laluuuuu sajaaaa... .hehehe...

    inabu :
    Pinggan pinggan tu, sepupu hubby kat kampung yang bagi masa mama ngecek dengan dia hari tu. Jadinya untuk membuktikan yang mama akan gunakan pinggan-pinggan tersebut seperti mana yang telah mama cakap kat dia, tu yang amek gambar tak hengat tu... hahahaha...
    p/s : Inabu... mama tak leh masuklah 'rumah' awak.... tak mau pelawa ke?

    MaDiHaA :
    Tu la kan MaDiHaA. Kalau mama pun, hari hari asam pedas, memang hidup! Mmm cendawan lain selain cendawan tiram, mama makan cendawan butang je... yang lain tak berapa nak reti makan sebab tak de orang yang offer suruh rasa... nak masak sendiri, tak reti...

    hana :
    Siaplah kalau si Hana ni yang buat, mesti tayangan dia blockbuster punya nanti... tak percaya, tengoklah!

  12. seedapnya mushroom tu. Asam pedas ikan merah lagi sedap. menyengat kalau makan. Bertambah-tambah nasi kita, awak.

  13. geraugebang :
    Sabar awak... nanti dah bertambah tambah nasi, berat bertambah tambah, nyesal pulak nanti.. hehehe..

  14. He ehhhh..... Resipi I masuklahhh.... :D


Please feel free to drop a comment or two... much appreciated... thank you!