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Friday, October 30, 2009

Basic Bread (Wendy Kor) + Coney Sauce = Coney Dog!

Who's afraid of thunder and lightning, put up your hand keyboard!!!
Can you see an XXL lady behind there putting up both her hands and trying to put up her legs as well? That will be me! Hahaha... I am really scared of thunder and lightning...that's my honest confession! I remembered once when I was still a teenager, I was in my room upstairs studying doing homework. It was raining and suddenly there was a loud thunder. I jumped out of the chair and ran all the way down and straight under the table, where my mom was marking her students' book. I just stayed still under the table near my mom's leg! Mom had a good laugh when I told her what happened! Hahaha... Now that I am married and with kids, they are my 'victim'! The kids will always say,"Apalah mama ni...." Hahaha...

Yesterday evening, when I reached home after sending Syahmi to his tuition place, it rained heavily with lightning and loud thunder. That time, how I regretted sending Syahmi to tuition... hahaha teruk punya mak macam ni... I was all alone with all that loud sound. Closed all the curtains and I stayed put upstairs at the hall. Why there? Because there's no windows. Therefore, I won't be seeing the lightning! To distract myself from the fear, I went through my SAJI and RASA magazines, plus my printout recipes. And yes... I came up with something that I can make for dinner. Well then, the lightning did good to me, in a way.....

I told Syahmi that I'm going to make some Coney Dogs for dinner and he agreed. Since it was still raining and I was just too lazy to go to the shop which is just a few steps away from my house, I decided to bake my own rolls. Furthermore, I have this new bread book that I haven't tested it's reliability. Started in the kitchen at 6.45pm and Syahmi only had his dinner at 9.45pm. But it's worth the wait and the effort! Syahmi enjoyed his Coney Dogs... yes, with an 's' because he not only had one but three of them plus scrambled eggs. All polished. And what did he say about it, "Mom, your Coney Dogs are simply delicious, better than the ones we bought". See how clever my son can 'kipas' me... hahaha... no la, he is sincere, I know. Because for lunch, I had cooked Masak Lemak Cili Api Ayam, and he didn't enjoyed it that much. He said, it's not to his liking. Maybe I put just a bit too much bird eye chillie and he can't take it...

Since it'll be a weekend soon, let me just post both the recipes here....

Source : Bread Code (Wendy Kor)

Ingredients A :

500g high protein flour (I just used multipurpose flour)
1 teaspoon instant yeast

Ingredients B :

60g sugar (I lessen it to 50g)
1 teaspoon (5g) salt
1 teaspoon (5g) milk powder

Ingredients C :

1 (50g) egg
250g water

Ingredient D :

50g butter

Method :

1. Put ingredients A in mixer and blend at slow speed for 1 minute. Then add in ingredients B, blend for 1 minute.
2. Add in ingredients C, blend at slow speed for 1 minute than use medium speed to blend 5 minutes till dough-like.
3. Add in ingredient D and continue to blend 10 to 15 minutes, till dough is shiny and springy.
4. Use cling wrap to cover the dough, allow to leaven for 40 to 50 minutes till dough is doubled.

That is the method, copied straight from the book. But I used my bread maker to get the job done for me. What I did was...
1. Pour in the water and the slightly beaten egg into the BM pan. Add sugar.
2. Add in the dried ingredients into the pan, making sure the yeast is not near the salt.
3. Set the BM to basic dough programme and let it do the job it knows best. That will take about 1 1/2 hour or so.
4. Take out the proofed dough and punch down to let the air out. Cut using the dough cutter and weigh about 60 g each.
5. Make into round balls and leave to rest for about 10 minutes.
6. Shape into oval and arrange on the baking tray. Let it proof double the size.
7. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 C for 20 to 25 minutes. Oven temperature may differ.
8. Once out of the oven, brush with butter.

I've made this Coney Sauce once when we were still in Malawi ...nostalgic Malawi..huhuhu.... But yesterday I made a few adjustments. So I'm going to post the version that I had modified from Sandra of Allrecipes dot Com. Thank you so much for sharing it with us...


Ingredients :

1/2 pound (225g) ground beef (I used Ramly's brand)
1/4 cup water
1/4 cup chopped onion
1 clove garlic, minced
1 cup fresh tomato ~ blended to paste
2 tablespoons tomato sauce
1 tablespoon chili sauce (more, if you like it hot)
a bit of zeal (optional)
salt and sugar to taste

Directions :

1. In a medium skillet over medium high heat, add a bit of oil and saute the ground beef for 10-15 minutes, or until well browned.
2. Break up the meat with a fork until fine.
3. Add the water,onion, garlic, tomato paste, tomato sauce, chili sauce, zeal, sugar and salt.
4. Allow to simmer for 10 minutes or until heated thoroughly.

To assemble into Coney Dogs :

1. Boil the sausages for a few minutes. Remove from the pot and onto a kitchen towel.
2. Cut the hotdog rolls in the middle, and place the sausages.
3. Spoon enough sauce on top. Sprikle with some diced onion.
4. Pipe whatever sauce you like. For Syahmi, it's just the Thousand Island. For me, I added a bit of mustard.
5. Enjoy!

Our lunch yesterday....

Have a nice and safe weekend everyone!


  1. Macam senang je nak buat roti tu. Tapi kan, nape roti saya hari tu jadi lembut sangat? Terlebih ape ye?

  2. i wanted to say i've minced meat so boleh try buat ni... tapi soalan wafaa mengkagumkan - 1st time dengar orang komplen roti lembut sangat! hehehe...

  3. May I know, what is the brand of your breadmachine? Also after the 1 1/2 hr , does your dough reach the membrane stage? Thru my experience my dough will appear still sticky. Hope you can advise me. Thank you.

  4. Linda dah lama tak wat roti..mama punya Coney dog gravy tempting sungguh la..klu dpt semanggkuk lagi la tempting..hehehe

  5. Kita buat lah pulak "Coney Cat" maa... lepas tu kita offer kat KOG keh keh keh.......

    Me tooo....lama tak meroti !!!!

  6. bila kitarang dtg, buat le roti terer wat roti..terliur ni tau..

  7. yummy yummy post! Is that chicken curry?

  8. salam mama,apa khabar..?uwaaa tak tahan tgk roti mama,lama betul kita tak mengguli roti..

  9. Salam ma,
    Ha tu ada rinnchan tu, mana dia menghilang heh?

    Rinn kat mana skrg?

  10. Hi MamaFami, wa, big girl like you afraid of thunder and lightning? Ha ha.
    Alamak, your ayam lemak again torture saya....
    ada lagi ke? Tiga nasi pingan no problemos.

    Mama Fami, bila you senang not hiding under the bed from the thunder, drive over in your BMW to my place.
    Have something for you, *wink*, Lee.
    PS, go buy ear muffs, or those target shooting ear protectors for bila ada thunder, ha ha.

  11. Salam .. I pun takot dgn thunder n lightning (see? I dah angkat laptop dah ni as asked). I fobia cos ada anak jiran kena PANAH and meninggal (happened decades ago, kebetulan umur kita sama). Yg terlebih takutnya sebab nama dia sama dgn I.

  12. Salam mama...kalo lah ade roti tuh lebey2..kite nk mintak barang dua ketui nak cicah ngan ayam masak lemak cili api tue.hehehe

  13. esok boleh buat utk Don ni,tapi mak teh pass the roti ye..I never get tired of yr pot don't please ever stop...hari2 stopped by here,kdg tu tak leave a print pun..teresak2 mak teh membaca kisah jubah tu...hey...give me anyone not afraid of L n T...shhh..u're not alone

  14. Wahaha...Ma, loor nasib baik Ummi xduk sebelah rumah Ma, xpun mesti Ma jerit pggil Ummi nk sumbunyi bwh ketiak kot..wakakaa..Kalu Syahmi ada, mesti Ma msuk dlm baju dia..wahahaa..Ma, lain kali kalau kilat petir camtu, Ma pejam mata jeee..hehehe, bayangkan dancing Cha Cha or Samba..hehee...Jom Ma, U.Lee dah ajak tuh..hehee

  15. I think it's high time i take the BM out fr the closet! lol. Mama, next bagi recipe ayam masak cili api ye? TQ and happy weekend! Happy Halloween too!

  16. wah mama, kilat nya roti tu...malu nak bagitau, roti makcik selalu tak melepasi piawaian...last last bersekongkol ngan mamak/gardenia gak. salam ahad

  17. Wafaa :
    Buat roti kalau ada BM memanglah senang Wafaa. Hah. roti jadi lembut sangat. Bagus tu! Mama kalau wat roti kantoi, selalu keras berdengkang!

    kucingorengemok :
    Tu la pasal! Hehehe... kena suruh dia share resepi ni kan KOG!

    Anonymous :
    My bread maker's brand is Empress and I got it from Cosway (hai, tolong iklanlah pulak haaa). After 1 1/2 hour, the dough shoud have double the size and not so sticky. At times, I'll sprinkle a bit of flour to make it easier to remove the dough from the container.

    Linda :
    Ala Linda, bukan susah mana nak buat gravy tu. Tutup masa sebelah pun leh siapkan! Roti tu, kalau rasa macam kurang rajin nak buat, beli je roti hotdog Gardenia tu, sedap!

    rinnchan :
    Hehehe... mesti KOG gumbira ria dapat Coney Cat! Hahaha... Hah, dah lama MIA, ni baru muncul balik ye... lepas ni berderet-deretan la entry makanan dia keluar... maka tersiksalah mata mata kami semua ni....

    maklang azie :
    Takut nanti, bila korang datang, mama buat tak jadi lak... ada dolat...

    ♥peachkins♥ :
    Not really. It's Hot Spicy Chicken in Coconut Milk. It's yummy for the tummy!

    aureanayz :
    Waalaikumussalam. Mama sihat je. Wah dah muncul kembali ye setelah lama menghilangkan diri dari alam cyber ni...

    QueenJah :
    Waalaikumussalam QJ. Nanti QJ tanya Rinn sendiri ye...

    Uncle Lee :
    Hello Uncle Lee. Haa la... my size only big but my hati so tiny one. Takutlah Uncle. Nampak the cahaya lightning saja sudah prepare myself to hear the thunder tau. I went to your blog already, just belum sempat put a comment there. Thank you for the bouquet and also the black baju. Bolah bagi saya nampak sikit kurus! Hahaha... Take care Uncle Lee...

    somuffins :
    Thank you sebab teman mama, sama-sama penakut thunder and lightning. Mama tak adalah pulak fobia or whatsoever... just penakut.. nak wat cam no!

    blogresipi :
    Hihii.. mana matching, roti cicah ayam masak lemak cili api. Cicah kari ayam la baru best! Roti dah abis aa... Cowey!

    MAK TEH :
    ~Thank you Mak Teh. It's not everybody who likes my pot pet tau. Ada yang pernah cakap, stop merabanlah... sedih kan? But then again, I write for my own reading pleasure sebenarnya. But all are welcome to readlah kalau sudi, kalau tak, tak payahlah penat penat baca, kan Mak Teh kan.....
    ~Yes, that jubah story memang very touching especially to me sebab kita ni dolu dolu garang cam rimau gak.. la ni dah hilang taring dah.. dah jadi rimau pencen! Hahaha....
    ~Eh Mak Teh pun penakut eh? Gamaknya if we stay together in the same house, we'll stay put together under the table la kot... hahahaha...
    ~Thanks Mak Teh, for cheering me up!

    Ummi :
    Eee ketiak Ummi wangi ke asyam? Kalau asyam, tak mau aa... lebih rela nyorok bawah katil kat rumah ni ha. Ala, wat pe masuk baju dia... ma peluk peluk je la dia, sambil peluk tu, cium la sekali... ahaks.. manja manjaaa gituuuu.... Ma ni kalau tutup mata, tak dan nak bayang apa pun, terus zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... hahaha...

    Salt N Turmeric :
    Wahhhh BM Farina masih belum menjalankan tugas ye... kena kerah tu!!! Hehehe... Ayam masak cili api tu tipu-tipu je.. edisi perabiskan benda dalam fridge... hehehe... if you insist, nanti mama boh ye... How are you dear? Lama sungguh tak update both your blogs.... Hope all are well...

    makcikkantin :
    Kilat roti, mama tak takut. Jangan kilat kat langit dah! Hahaha...

  18. Aduhai sedapnya ayam lemak cili api. Memang terbakar hatiku melihat ayam itu. Terbakar sebab tak dapat makan, dapat tengok je.

  19. Sungguh berkilat dan cantek roti mama.....buang duit saja dok beli moisturiser mahal-mahal, sat ni malam cheq nak lumoq muka dengan butter!!

  20. salam mamafami...dah pernah cuba buat coneydog resepi lagi satu..kalau terrajin lehlah cuba buat ikut style kamu pulak..

  21. mama, nak tanya ni; ZEAL tu apa?

  22. geraugebang :
    Hihihi...sabar gerau sabar. Bukan payah bobonar nak buek lomak cili api ayam tu.... daripado mombakar diri, baiklah masak lomak tu kek dapur... :D

    Muna :
    Hang cuba try test tengok jadi ka dak? Kalau jadi, habaq mai...

    kak ina kl :
    Waalaikumussalam Kak Ina. Resepi kali ini, kita ubah ikut selera kita je... hantam sajalah labuuu

    maisya :
    Zeal tu, serbuk perasa atau aji no moto la Maisya... tu sebab mama letak kat situ optional. Ada orang tak guna aji no moto.

  23. anything mamafami post mesti bwat saya craving...tak sabar nak try.yummy!

  24. miss capricorn :
    Hihihi... ya ampun sebab buat you craving! Tanpa niat okkkkkk... hehehe...


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