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Friday, October 9, 2009

Masak Lemak Cili Api Udang & Cendawan Tiram

A week already? ....dengan mimik muka yang terperanjat poyo..... Wow, time flies!! That's how long I've neglected my blog! But what can I say, I just can't get myself to write something as nothing comes to mind. I do cook, did try a few recipes but just can't get anything out of the brain to write. Whats more, that one week period is pretty hectic for me. Sooooo many things happened, so many events took place, leaving me....exhausted but happy most of the time.

I don't intend to have an open house but since last Saturday, quite a number of friends wanted to come over, so I prepared some dish for my guests... tak sedap mana pun... tapi asal ada hidangan tu, okaylah tuh!.... My old time best friend in Sek Men Teknik Melaka (batch 1982/83) Haslinda Hj Noah came over with her family. It had been more than 10 years since we last met but still in touch. It was great to see her again after all these while. We had a great time chatting and updating stories, not gossiping ya.!!! Mind you... Thanks Linda for coming, and now that you've already know my house, please feel free to come again....

After they left, our friend, Noraya and family, whom we get to know when we were in Sri Lanka came over. Kak Jamaliah was supposed to join in the group but can't make it as they were stranded in Malacca due to the rain. It was En Mus's (Kak Jamaliah's hubby) birthday that day, 3rd October, and I thought of decorating one cupcakes with a birthday wish on it, just for him. But since they didn't make it, so I just decorated the cuppies with the Eid theme. Thanks Nor for coming and Kak Mal....I'll be right here waiting...........

When Noraya left, another three of my friends dropped by with their families. Ida, Azie and Zai. That was the most happening gathering where everything's like came to live. It was a full house which left the host, stunned, like the house had been seized by them. The good thing about that is, less work for the host! Hahahaha.... Gals, it was fun having you around....

These were some of the simple dishes that I had prepared recently....

Cupcakes order from Jid for her nephew, Faiz...

My 'sort of' open house menu....

Cupcakes for Ijah on the birthday...

The simple recipe that I'm going to post here today is a recipe from 'the mission to empty the fridge'! Haha... Here goes my cebur cebur tipu tipu recipe....


Ingredients :

Prawns ~ cleaned
Oyster Mushroom ~ washed and tore to half
Fresh tomatoes ~ halved
Bird eye chillie ~ amount depends on how hot you want the gravy to be
Fresh turmeric
2 shallots
Enough coconut milk
Enough water
Salt to taste

Method :

1. Mince bird eye chillie, fresh turmeric and shallots to form paste.
2. Place it in a pot together with thin coconut milk (thick coconut milk + water).
3. Let it boil then add in fresh tomatoes, prawns and thick coconut milk.
4. Add salt to taste and lastly, add in oyster mushroom.
5. Leave to simmer just for a while and remove from heat.

Have a nice and safe weekend everyone! Take good care of yourself and each other... Till we meet again....


  1. eh eh, terperanjat kita ada cupcake bergerak kat blog ni! hehehe

  2. amboi.. lawanya kapis tu semua... seronoknya gi umah mamafami... tapi sedih tak dijemput... huhuhuhu

  3. ptt ler lama x update...renovate umah ghopernyerrr....
    tgk menu pya la banyakkkk....x jomput ponggggggggggggg!!...uwaaa!!....slamat ari raya ma....

  4. pergh... nampak kalau tak pndai msk mcm mamafami jom business.. tumpang letak ad bole : tambah pendapatan secara online

  5. Salam Mama,
    Best kan bila kengkawan lama datangkan. Letih tapi seronok dapat berjumpa terlerai rindu. Hihi cuppies tu menarik le cara hiasan tepi kena dengan gambar spongebox tu.

  6. Hello Mama Fami, wow! And you mentioned you only made somethings simple?
    Now I wonder when you really make something special? Ha ha.
    You are good with cakes.
    Love your prawn and mushrooms. Boleh dapat the lovely scent here, ha ha.
    Have a great weekend, Lee.

  7. mama, huh cantik cuppies! rumah pun dah revovate...lawa, sapa 'contractor' nya?

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  9. ah tu Lemak cili padi is my favourite!! biasanya letak ikan.. nanti I senang I buat ni... >D

  10. Alamak !

    Rasa nak pitam tengok juadah2 tu.... Tie tengah mengidam soto ni, tapi asyik terlupa nak beli ketupat instant tu, hu hu.. Kes malas nak buat sendiri nasi himpit .

  11. Mama...sedap nya....haish..dah habis bulan puasa pun still terliur lagi ni mcm mana? hehe

  12. Maaaaa...ambooihhh x ajak kita pun makan2...byk menu yg buat Ummi terliur tu tau..Kapis semua tu dah habis lgsung ke? Hulur maii sikit.. :D Lain kali habaq naa nk wat open house..nak terjah..hehe

  13. mama, selamat hari raya...nape tak jemput kita open house mama?? heheh

  14. kucingorengemok :
    Macam-macam kezutan adaaaa.....

    mamazieza :
    Ma, kita tak de buat open house apa pun. Itu semua adhoc plan je. Dah kebetulan ramai pulak nak datang hari tu, so kita masak ler sekali harung. Masak pun bukannya ada special apa pun... biasa biasa je....

    Jasmeen :
    Hari tu terrajin sket, tu yang buat pengubahsuaian rumah tu... hehehe... kalaulah rumah betul ni leh renovate cenggitu cenggitu je, rasanya dalam sebulan, entah berapa kali la mama renovate rumah ni... hahaha....

    Noor :
    Waalaikumussalam Kak Noor. Memang best dapat jumpa kenkawan lama setelah bertahun tahun tak jumpa... Deco tu, adhoc je Kak Noor... taram je...

    Uncle Lee :
    I never make anything special la Uncle Lee.. All biasa biasa one. You can smell the prawn and mushroom eh Uncle Lee? Must be your neighbour cooking la... hahaha...

    makcikkantin :
    Terima kasih Makcikkantin... Kitalah jadi contractornya. Nak upah orang, manalah mampu...

    IMCurtain :

    Cynthia :
    Buat Cynthia, jangan tak buat, very easy, tutup sebelah mata also can cook tau...

    Tie :
    Sabar Tie sabarr... jangan pitam... nanti tak de orang nak tolong angkat, cemana!

    nizaa :
    Cobaaa annnnnnn

    Ummi :
    Seganlah hai nak ajak Ummi. Ummi masak debomb debomb.. mama masak sempoi sempoi ja....

    ila de cute :
    Hi Ila... ala tak raya pun leh datang, I will open the door bila Ila datang... ahaks....


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