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Friday, August 7, 2009

Pau Kacang Merah (Zanaz)

Yesterday, when I was blog hopping (not like a kangaroo though...hahaha), I came to Zanaz's blog and fell in love with her Pau photo. Looked for the recipe in her blog but can't find it. Just then, I guess luck is on my side, she came online. I didn't let the luck just went by like that. I buzzed her and asked her if the Pau recipe is classified or share-able (does this word really exist? Oh me oh my, I just hope my English teachers do not read my blog! Muahahahaha!)?

Her answer was,"Jap nak pi amik kitab kat bawah yek' Translation : Hold on. Let me go downstairs and take my book.

She went off for quite a while and then her name was signed off at Yahoo Messenger. Hmm I thought she's not giving it to me that time as she might be busy with her chores. Then my instinct says, just re-visit her blog once again, and yes, my instinct was right. She had already pasted the recipe there. Copied it and straight to the kitchen to try it out. It wasn't disappointing at all. My pau turned out to be so soft and yummy. Out of one recipe, I managed to get about 17 pieces. Gave to Kak Ana, 2 pieces, 7 pieces for my brother and the rest, for us. Since I can't taste it right away, I served to hubby when he came back from work and he finished two at one go, which I assumed, it must be good. And true enough, it was good! So thank you Zanaz for sharing this recipe with us.....


Ingredients :

300g pau flour
3 g instant dried yeast
50 g sugar
1 teaspoon ovalette
1/2 teaspoon bread softener
30 g corn oil
+- 160 ml water

Filling : Red bean paste

Method (bread maker) :

1. In the bread maker pan, add water.
2. Top with sifted pau flour, yeast, sugar, ovallette, bread softener and corn oil.
3. Set to Basic Dough setting and let the Bread Maker does it's job.
4. When the dough is double the size, remove from the BM.
5. Punch to let the air out. Divide dough into 30g each. Round it and leave to rest for 10 minutes.
6. Flatten the balls and place the filling. Cover it and arrange in the steamer.
7. Leave to prove double the size.
8. Steam for 10 minutes on high heat.

Note : To avoid water from dripping onto the pau, wrap the steamer lid with clean towel.

Jumaah mubarak...


  1. Mengepau pulak dah !!!!
    Kita nak "pow" sebijik...ada belen lagi ka???

  2. ishhhh teghase nk mengepau jugak la!

  3. Gebus...pau mama...untungkan dapat kawan yg tak lokek dgn ilmu...boleh berkongsi2 resepi kan...

  4. Tadi baru je makan pau ayam...yummy3x

  5. rinnchan :
    Cemanalah Rinn nak pow sebab semua pau dah selamat landing dalam perut!

    hana :
    Rajin tol Mak Yong sorang ni...

    Kmal :
    Tu la, bersyukur dapat teman-teman yang baik hati dan tak lokek ilmu kan Kmal.

    ♥peachkins♥ :
    Do give it a try!

    ana :
    Tengoklah pulak orang yang membuatnya! Hahaha...

    Mr aMin :
    Mama pun suka pau yang pedas pedas sebenarnya. Tapi pau kacang ni favourite hubby.

  6. nak kena cuba juga ni..tak pernah buat pau 'seumur hidup'

  7. Salam Mama..
    nampak kembang molek pau tu...anak2 suka mkn pau tp dah lama tak buat...nak mkn beli beberapa ketuii kalau buat dpt bykkan...jimat.
    S'mat berhari minggu...

  8. makcikkantin :
    Buat jangan tak buat!

    Mamasya :
    Waalaikumussalam Mamasya...hubby mama yang suka maan kuih pau ni. Mama suka buat je...hehe


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