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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cerita 3 Bab


In case you don't know, I was on a 'no-rice diet' for a month, for the whole of May to be precise. Alhamdulillah I managed to fulfill my mission. It wasn't easy I tell you, especially during the first week. Imagine, you are the one preparing the meals and rice. Then you have to sit at the same table but only to watch others enjoying their rice! You have to make do with bread or cereals or quaker oats! Being an Asian, that does not help at all! But since MamaFaMi loves challenges and she had boldly accepted HER OWN challenge, so by hook or by crook, she has to go for it... hahaha...bolehlah eksen cakap cam ni sebab dah berjaya kannnn... ahakss...

Okay mama, enough blabbering... we want to know the result!
The result? Well, sorry to disappoint all of you... but MamaFaMi still can't wear Kebaya and she's not even close to that size! She's still a size 50! Hahaha... but that never puts me off. Maybe a 'no-rice-diet' on it's own is just not the right way for me to loose weight. It has to go with excercise as well and yes, I didn't do it. Challenge myself again? Hmmm... not in this near future.... hahaha.....

Okay Lee Lin , I hope this answers your question ya... don't worry, mama tak ngelat tau, janji tetap janji... hihihi....


Let's forget about food, just for this entry okay. I'd like to post the award given to me via my comment column by Datin El quite sometime back. Thank you dear.


Last May, we sent 4 pieces of trousers material to a tailor somewhere in USJ. Hubby had kindly paid more than half the amount. He said he purposely paid more with hope that this guy will sew the trousers at good time. After the promised date of 3 weeks, we went to collect the trousers but the tailor said they're not ready just yet and had asked for another week. So yes, we gave him another week. Still not ready. Everytime we went there, he'd say the button holes are not ready. After another 2 trips there, he finally told us that he had sent the materials to another tailor to sew them and they still haven't come back! Why must he lie? Why can't he just tell us the truth instead of us having to travel all the way there and not only once, twice or trice... I think it had been more than 5 times! I lost count!! We wasted our time and fuel going that side for nothing! My patience has it's limit. After the third visit, when I followed hubby to the shop, I will stop a few shops away from his shop as I am afraid my blood will go upstairs!!! And gosh, I thought I have loads of patience!!!!

But what surprises me is hubby's patience towards this guy! After all these trips and all the tailor's lies, hubby can still take it where else I am boiling inside! Now let me ask you guys a question, if you were in our position, what will you do?

Thank you....
...perghhhhh lega giler dah ni... dah luah perasaan geram yang terbuku!


  1. chayo2 mama..don't give up easily..

  2. hehehe...buat ma jgn tak wat...

  3. Salam ...
    wah betul2 Mama bersemangat NO RICE..tapi kakliza x leh la...kalau setakat seminggu 5 hari tu OK la...

    Bab ngan tailor tu mmg takleh sabo la..mmg akan naik hangin..naik darah punya..
    tapi biasalah...kakliza takkan mengamuk...cuma itulah last akan deal ngan tailor tu..
    apapun sabo jela...mmg manusia ni macam2 hal adaaaa...

  4. jun x sanggup! ari2 nak kna makan nasik..hehehe. tabik la kt mama!

  5. mmg nak kena cekik tailor tu... i'd prbbly ask for my money back, kalau dia takmo kasi, mogok n tak tanya² lagi sampai dia rasa bersalah and try to contact you back... akhirnya, dpt dgr cerita no nasi mama. tu la kan, nak diet kena ada geng, kalau kita masak, org makan, kita tgk... mmg seksaaaaa!

  6. wa....gogo chai yuk mama...pssst...raya da tinggal berapa bulan je la masa nak melawa...bior tersembul mata sedara mara tgk mama dah piweeiiitttt....hehe...hidup mama!

  7. mama..
    minum jer teh kurus..heheh..semoga berjaya ma! ;)

  8. Part 3...
    of course i would feel very frustrated having to face such an irresponsible and unreliable tailor! ya, ur hubby sure has patience not to mention perseverance:) you could perhaps call the tailor first next time to avoid making wasted trips there again... poor mamafami, hope you have better luck at the next visit.

  9. hi... suka blog mama ni sbb byak makanan yg sedap2...

    anyway just want to share experience.. sy dlu pn try 'no-rice' diet nih, tp x berkesan sangat sbb tubuh x dpt cukup kalori.
    kawan ade cadangkan ambik produk HPM. maybe mama pernah dengar kot.. Jus Diet Mate 5...
    alhamdulillah dalam 8 hari saya berjaya turun smpai 7 kg.
    yang penting, kena displin skit, dan untuk pengetahuan mama, saya still take the product to achieve my ideal weight...

    klu mama berminat, just email me k...

  10. Akum Mama,

    Sy tabik sungguh kat Mama, coz kuat semangat. 1 bln tarak nasik. Sy seminggu tak dpt nasik pon, dah mcm nak meroyan. Isk, nih kena kuat semangat mcm Mama gak la.

  11. Akum Mama,

    Sy tabik sungguh kat Mama, coz kuat semangat. 1 bln tarak nasik. Sy seminggu tak dpt nasik pon, dah mcm nak meroyan. Isk, nih kena kuat semangat mcm Mama gak la.


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